What Is The Difference Between Autel AL619 And ML619?

An ODB2 scanner is a significant tool for automotive mechanics or car owners. This tool helps to access the mechanical data of your vehicles. After connecting the machine, you can see the essential information like the vehicle’s VIN number, speed, engine RPM, etc.

In the automotive field, you must have come across an Autel scanner. Autel is the leading brand in the market for producing the best diagnostic scanners. The Autel AL619 and ML619 are quite popular among users.

Buying a particular one may be confusing for you. So it is crucial to find out what is the difference between Autel AL619 and ML619. Read on further to know the details. Also, get all the answers to the related questions.

What Is The Difference Between Autel AL619 And ML619: Comparison Table

Autel scanners always deliver outstanding performance. Who is related to the car repair job, it will be a great companion. They show you accurate data without any errors. Let’s check out the comparison table between Autel AL619 vs ML619’s specs.

Autel AL 619  Autel ML 619
7.8″ x 4.1″ x 1.5″ 7.3″ x 10.2″ x 3″
2.05 lbs 1.95 lbs
All1996 and almost newer vehicles All1996 and almost newer vehicles
ABS, SRS Diagnostics
yes yes
Software update
Free online update Free online update
Check engine light
Yes Yes

What Is The Difference Between Autel AL619 And ML619?

Autel AL619 and ML619 are two models for OBD2 scanning. Both scanners are relatively similar. Below we will disclose the difference between Autel scanners.

  • Vehicle Coverage 

The Autel al619 vehicle coverage is extensive. It works with all domestic, Asian, and European vehicles made from 1996. The Autel AL619 compatibility is wide, so it will definitely work with your car or other repairing vehicles. Autel ML619 also functions to work with most vehicles of 1996 and many newer models like Ford, Volvo, Mercedes, Hoda, Toyota, GM, etc. So there is no difference in their compatibility.

  • Functions 

The AL619 is designed to diagnose the codes from the ABS/SRS systems of the vehicle. These two networks are vital in the car and these codes help to rectify the errors. It can erase the codes that may be the cause of the Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL)’s light on.

The scanner also can access all 10 different functions of OBD2 for example, live PID data stream, O2 sensor tests, DTC lookup, Module present, VIN, CIN, and CVN information.

The ML619 is an excellent scanner for both professionals and beginners. The functions of both scanners are exactly the same. There is no difference in features. Both scanners can freeze the view data, retrieve vehicle tests, and more. Whether you choose from AL619 or ML619, you will get the same features and compatibility.

  • Easy Usage

Both of these Autel scanners have a TFT color display with 320 x 240 dpi. The large screen is clearly visible to you while reading. All the recorded data can easily be read and erased. The hotkeys allow you to utilize the scanners.

Even they support multiple languages and you can select from English, Spanish, Russian, German, etc. So mechanics from different countries can use these scanners.

  • Design 

Though the features of these two scanners are similar, you will find differences in their design and build. Instantly, you can see the AL619 is red in color and the other one is black and gray. Further, the AL 619 has a 7.8″ x 4.1″ x 1.5″ body weighing 2 pounds.

On the other hand, ML619 contains a 7.3″ x 10.2″ x 3″ chassis and the weight is 1.95 lbs. That means ML619 is slightly smaller and lighter than the AL619 scanner.

The lighter and compact scanner is easy to hold and operate. Both of these scanners carry accessories like 16 GB of SD card, main cable, reference guide, and the main cable.

  • Price Segment

Both scanners offer excellent and accurate performance. The precise outcome is greatly helpful to the mechanics. But the Autel AL619 comes at a great price. Even AL619 is much cheaper than ML619 code reader. If you buy the AL619, you can get similar features like the ML619 at less price. The only advantage that you will receive from ML619 is its compact and light design.

Autel AL619 Autel ML 619
1. The scanner shows accurate data. Compact and lightweight body.
2. It offers wide vehicle coverage. Easy to use.
3. Cheaper price Can be tested on multiple systems.
4. Big and clear interface. compatible with major vehicles
5. One year warranty. Free online update
Wider and heavier body than ML619 The Price is a little bit higher.


  1. Which Autel scanner is the best?

Most Autel scanners provide reliable performance. The above two scanners also meet your expectations. The features and functions are the same in both scanners, so you can choose from one of AL619 and ML 619.

  1. What is the difference between Autolink and Max?

Autolink and Maxilink are both reliable diagnostic scanners from Autel. There is hardly any difference between them except for the price range and design.

  1. What is the newest Autel scanner?

MaxiCOM MK808 is the newest scanner of Autel, launched in 2021. This car diagnostic scanner has up to 25 maintenance functions and diagnoses all systems.

  1. What Is The Difference Between Autel AL629 And ML629?

The AL629 and ML 629 are the updated versions of AL619 and ML619. These scanners should give extensive coverage. Like the previous scanners, there is no difference in features of these updated versions except the color and price.

Wrapping Up

Autel AL619 and ML619 are two handy scanners for the mechanic and DIYers. Here you can learn the difference between AL619 and ML619. You will get the same functions, features, and interface from both of the scanners. But the prices are different from each other. So whether you pick, it won’t affect your work and testing data.

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