10 Best Autel Scanners Review 2021

Science makes our everyday life easier and more comfortable, we can say in the previous era and there is not much technology to use for our daily purpose. For example, we can say in modern times we can easily know our car condition.

In the 19th century if our car going through a problem then we were unable to detect the problem. But now in this modern times, we easily can detect the problem easily through a machine. So, we have to find out the Best Autel Scanner.

There are so many Autel scanners in online shops and markets to buy. But we should go to the best one. Autel Scanner is one kind of device that detects problems of a car and easily say the condition. It also helps to throttle, oil reset, and battery reset too.

Best Autel Scanner: Let’s Find Out The Best One & Discuss The Matter

There is a lot of Autel scanner to buy for your car to check your car condition. This comes with the features of oil reset, battery reset, airbag, throttle too. Also, this is a smart device that helps to check the car’s condition.

Image Product Name Price
AutelAutolink-Al329-Code-Reader-OBD2-Scanner-123x300 AutelAutolink Al329 Code Reader OBD2 Scanner Check Price
Autel-AL539-Scanner-OBD2-Car-Code-Reader-Professional-Electrical-Test-Tool-170x300 (1) Autel AL539 Scanner OBD2 Car Code Reader

Check Price
711a5OI0nKL._AC_SL1500_ Autel MaxiDiag Advanced MD808 All System OBDII Scanner

Check Price
Maxisys-MS906-Automotive-Scan-Diagnostic-Tool-with-Key-coding-Abs-Oil-Reset-300x300 Maxisys MS906 Automotive Scan

Check Price
AutelMaxisys-Pro-MK908P-OBD2-Diagnostic-Scanner-252x300 AutelMaxisys Pro MK908P OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner

Check Price
ABS SRS OBD2  Autel Scanner Maxilink ML619 ABS SRS OBD2 Autel Scanner Maxilink ML619

Check Price
Autel-AutoLink-AL319-OBD2-Scanner-Automotive-Engine-Fault-Code-Reader-CAN-Scan-Tool-230x300 Autel AL319 AutoLink OBD2 Scanner

Check Price
MaxiCOM-MK808-OBD2-Diagnostic-Scan-Tool-with-All-System-Basic-300x279 MaxiCOM MK808 OBD2 Diagnostic Scan Tool

Check Price
Autel AutoLink AL519 OBD2 Scanner Autel AL519 AutoLink OBD2 Scanner

Check Price
Autel-AL619-Autolink-Scanner-OBD2-ABS-SRS-Airbag-Warning-Light-Scan-Tool-264x300 Autel AL619 Autolink Scanner OBD2, ABS & SRS

Check Price

1. Autel Autolink Code Reader OBD2 Scanner

Autel Autolink Code Reader OBD2 Scanner


  • Features of auto VIN mode
  • Clear and check CEL Codes, VIN, CIN, Sensor Data
  • Shows live PCM data
  • Store and record data for future

This is one of the best Autel code reader and it comes with a feature of auto VIN mode. Autolink Al329 helps to clear and check CEL Codes, VIN, CIN, Sensor Data, reset, and reads monitor. This will also show you live PCM data.

Also, this device capable to read generic specific codes and manufacturer codes through DTC. You can also store or record your data for your future use. Let’s know about its pros and cons.


  • Lifetime free update
  • It is slightly waterproof too
  • User is able to listen to the codes
  • Performs faster than the same price range of code readers


  • Unable to understand the German language
  • Sometimes shows linking eros
  • It has a short cable

2. Autel AL539 Scanner OBD2 Car Code Reader

Autel AL539 Scanner OBD2 Car Code Reader


  • Professional electrical test tool
  • Allows to test charge of a battery
  • Provides onboard monitor test
  • Shows live data

This Autel scanner is a professional electrical test tool and allows you to test charge of a battery. AL539 can erase and read codes, record data, and show live data as well as provide onboard monitor tests.

You can also play your recorded data on this device. It is helpful in the charging test of a battery. You can see your charging result and percentage of charging. And it is a cheap device and the price starts at $86.

This device lets you do a circuit test and can test ac and dc voltage. But the saddest thing is it doesn’t support wifi or Bluetooth. But it supports all old vehicles from 1996 and new too. Let’s know the pros and cons of it.

Here are the pros and cons of this device. If you see the pros and cons you can easily justify the product.


  • While checking the voltage it shows a wave diagram
  • Provide at least 1 or 2-year warranty
  • With a TF card, you can update it
  • Cheap at price
  • Capable of showing information through scanning the code


  • Doesn’t suit in German cars
  • Limitation of voltage checking and check maximum up to 30 volts
  • Slower than other devices

3. Autel MD808 (MD808 Pro) All System OBDII Scanner

Autel MD808 All System OBDII Scanner


  • SRS, ABS, Checking trouble codes, Oil reset
  • Car steering sensor correction
  • Shows data through the graph and freezing frame

This Maxidiag Advance is a professional tool and it allows you to use SRS, ABS, Checking trouble codes, Oil reset. If you ever feel your car steering sensor is not in the correct position. Then this will help you to your steering sensor.

This one is helpful for vehicle owners because they love to use this and check abs and so on. Also, it allows you to see data through the graph and freezing frame. You can also record your analyzing data and see it later.

The amazing part is it supports old and new cars like Land Rover, Skoda, Audi, Honda, and Benz too. Let’s know about its pros and cons.


  • Provide 1 or 2-year warranty
  • Detect Auto VIN
  • Advance feature of checking ABS, Steering sensor and trouble codes
  • Waterproof device
  • Able to print data through pc connection


  • Software updating is annoying that other device
  • TFT and some advance option are missing

4. Autel Maxisys MS906BT Automotive Scan Tool

Autel Maxisys MS906BT Automotive Scan Tool


  • Powerful chipset
  • Smart device
  • Samsung chip

MS906 Maxisys is an advanced device and comes with a powerful chipset. Also, it is a smart device too and it has a touch panel. This one looks like a tab and runs with an Exynos Samsung chip.

You will get an inbuild1.7 GHz dual-core ARM Cortex-A15 that helps you to run the device fastly. MS906 comes with a big display that shows a lot of information. you see more information because it’s a big display. Also, you get a powerful batter of 5000 mah and easily run-up to 5 days.

There is another helpful feature and that is Auto VIN. And as a result, you can find your vehicles easily. Anyone can easily understand and use the device because it has a user-friendly interface.

You can perform professional functions like ECU coding, ABS, SRS, and Oil reset. But the saddest thing is it only works for BMW and Benz. Now let’s know about its pros and cons.


  • Comes with 32 GB internal storage
  • Provide longer battery life
  • Faster than other devices
  • User-friendly interface


  • Prices are too high to buy
  • It takes almost $495 to update the device every year

5. AutelMaxisys Pro MK908P OBD2 Scanner

AutelMaxisys Pro MK908P OBD2 Scanner


  • The good quality diagnosis tool
  • ECU programming
  • Android operating system
  • 64GB onboard memory
  • 2GM ram
  • Rear camera
  • LED monitor

If we talk about the automotive aftermarket, then we should think about Autel which is one of the leading manufacturers in the world. This company works for developing professional diagnostic tools. The Maxisys Pro MK908P is a good quality diagnostic tool & ECU programming is also available for BMW, Mercedez Benz cars. This is one of the best Autelscanner for BMW. The Android system is used in this scanner. The scanner is suitable for professional mechanics and automotive stores too.

64GB onboard memory, 2GM ram is available in the device. The device also has an 8.0 MP rear camera and an ultra-clear LED monitor which is 10.1 inches. This electric machine is preferable for a wide range of vehicles for the professionals. You will be happy after using this machine because of the battery support and performance.


  • Advanced level ECU program
  • Super quality hardware is used
  • You will find updated and comprehensive functions as a user
  • Wide range of the vehicle can use this device
  • You can use the multiple add-ons
  • Battery performance is amazing
  • This device has a lightweight which makes this more easily usable
  • You will also get some gift item with the device


  • The customer service needs improvement
  • You may face some programming issues

6. ABS SRS OBD2  Autel Scanner (Upgraded Version)

ABS SRS OBD2  Autel Scanner


  • Corded device
  • Handheld device
  • ABS or SRS flaws scanner
  • Saving and printing data
  • Micro SD card slot
  • Easily read basic codes

To diagnose any problems of vehicle, Maxilink ML619 is a good option. The ML619 is a corded device. This machine is easy to operate which is handheld. The device is better for detecting any types of flaws in ABS, SRS, etc. This scanner is the best option is this Autel scanner category. For saving data and printing data the device comes with a micro SD card slot which is 16GB.

You can easily read and clear the trouble codes which are basics. This will also help you to know the drive cycle readiness. The most updated function of this machine is that the device has a warning light for ABS and a warning light for SRS. You will get the full information about the error with that device.  


  • LED lights will indicate whether the test is successfully done or not
  • All the updates of the functions are free
  • This device is corded which means it will get power supply from the vehicle’s DLC
  • No extra battery required
  • Customer service is really appreciatable


  • Registering the updates may seem an issue for the users
  • Not a suitable scanner for the vehicle which is not the USA or Canada manufactured
  • The cord length is smaller comparing with others
  • You may find out the device is cheaper & it needs improvement

7. Autel AL319 AutoLink OBD2 Scanner

Autel AL319 AutoLink OBD2 Scanner


  • Plug and play option
  • Easy to operate for all types of users
  • Amazing code reading ability
  • More basic functions are available
  • Display the live PCM data
  • MIL availability

Autel AL319 scanner is like “Plug N Play” and the device is very easy to use for the professionals and the beginner can it too without facing problems. Different types of languages are supported in the device. This is an excellent code reader from Autel and is an affordable device that offers many basic functionalities. The machine is made for the people who want to solve their basic car problems.

Read Full Reviw Autel Autolink AL319

The device is able to clear and check (Malfunction Indicator Light) MIL codes. This also displays the PCM data which is live. Some other functions are available on the device. The device will let you print the data and you can see them in a future task. The device is corded so that few may face problems.


  • You can hear the codes through the device which is great for the people who have weak eye-sight
  • As a user, you will not need to ever pay for the updates
  • This device is really easy to use
  • Multiple languages supported in the device
  • It will help you to get real-time information


  • The cord is very short
  • This device will not be compatible with electric cars
  • TF card will be necessary for updating the functions

8. MaxiCOM MK808 OBD2  Diagnostic Scan

MaxiCOM MK808 OBD2  Diagnostic Scan


  • BMS, EPB, DPF, SAS, and oil reset services
  • Touch display
  • Good battery performance of 4.5 hours
  • Wifi network
  • Easy updates

This MaxiCom machine is a good quality diagnostic scanner tool. This device supports a wide range of functions which are BMS, EPB, DPF, SAS, and oil reset services. These functions will help you as a user to find all the errors and solve them properly. If you are crazy about the touch technology then this is for you because the device has a touch display which is 7 inches. The battery performance is amazing which will support you to continue to operate it for 4.5 hours.

An amazing fact about the device is that you can download the update over wifi network. The Android system is supported in the device. This is a perfect machine for users who want to do professional tasks.  


  • All the tests can be done very quickly because of the A9 processor
  • You will be satisfied with the technological support of Autel tech team because their service is very fast and reliable
  • The device is easy to use for beginners too
  • The device with 1-year of warranty


  • The device doesn’t support ECU programming
  • TPMS function doesn’t work properly on the few models cars of Toyota
  • The IMMO function doesn’t work in Benz models

9. Autel AL519 AutoLink OBD2 Scanner

Autel AL519 AutoLink OBD2 Scanner


  • Supports 10 modes of OBDII test
  • TFT display
  • Built-in speaker for the users of low eye-sight
  • O2 test available
  • Fast boot-up

Autel AL519 scanner is a great tool that supports 10 modes of OBDII test which will help to complete diagnosis of the errors of a vehicle. The device has a TFT display and a speaker that is built-in. This is not just a machine that only read and clear the codes but it is more than that. It also can conduct the O2 test as well. This tool will not only show the codes but also shows the actual reasons behind the problems too. So, you will not need to google any codes.

The one and only drawback of the device is that you cannot update or register the device after buying. But, you can use this scanner for almost all the cars.

Here are the pros and cons of this device. If you see the pros and cons you can easily justify the product.


  • 6 feet long cord will be helpful for the users which makes the task easier
  • It will show you the real-time graph data
  • The device operates really fast
  • It takes 10 seconds to boot-up


  • You may face a problem due to registration
  • Attaching the OBD2 connector is a little bit daunting with the rubber case
  • The notifications sometimes stay for 2-3 seconds

10. Autel ABS & SRS Airbag Warning Light Scan Tool

Autel ABS & SRS Airbag Warning Light Scan Tool


  • Semi performing scanning device
  • ABS, airbag, other functions like SRS
  • ABS and SRS warning lights available
  • All the basic functions are available
  • Supported in most of the cars

The AL619 is another semi performing scanner from Autel. This machine is able to let you do the ABS, airbag, other functions like SRS. Like other scanners, in this scanner, you will get the basic functions which are needed to be built-in in a scanner. As an advanced level function, you will see warning lights of SRS and ABS. You will see all the errors in the machine with details.

The flaw of the device is that the scanner is not compatible with some models of GM cars. But, this machine is supportable almost in other car models of different brands. This device is a corded scanner. 


  • This scanner is user-friendly and you can easily move one switch to another very easily
  • You can operate the device very fast
  • The customer service of the manufacturer is very good
  • It shows multiple sensors functions at the same time
  • You will also get the real-time sensor data


  • You cannot update the device with the TF card
  • The scanner doesn’t work with some models of GM cars
  • It will not also work with hybrid vehicles

Types of Autel Scanner

As we get to know that Autel is a famous manufacturer in the aftermarket automotive industry. They have fame for their development of products and innovation. They invest 10% of their revenue for the development of the products and they do it amazingly. For their good service and products, they earned the trust of the consumers.

There are three types of scanner of the Autel brand. Here, they are-

Autel Code Readers: These code readers are very good at performing scanners and they are affordable too. You can do the basic test with this scanner like- MIL, CEL, and codes of DTC.

Autel DIY Reader or Scanners: The best DIY Autel scanner is a bit more innovative compared with the code readers. You will get some more advanced features like- the test of the O2 sensor and the clear SRS and ABS.

Autel Diagnostic Scanners for Professionals: They are the most advanced scanners of Autel. These scanners are for those people who are professional mechanics or home mechanics and have the interest to know all the information about every part of a car. Through the machine, you can get to know all the problems related to a vehicle and you can easily read any codes of a specific problem.

You will get all the basic and advanced level of functions in this type of scanners. These scanners are a bit expensive comparing with other scanners. This device will help you to solve the problem of your car immediately and you can save hundreds of dollars by that.

These three types of scanners are available in the market from Autel. You can pick up any of them according to your needs.

How to Use Autel Scanner?

How to use an Autel scanner? Basically, it depends and varies from the scanner to scanner how to use it. Not all scanners are operated in the same way. But, there is some basic operating manual that we are going to share. Here, they are- 

  1. Taking the preparation of using the device and finding the perfect place to connect it with the car
  2. After connecting the scanner to the OBDII port of the car, you will need to start the car. But, if the device has the codes in it from the past then you will not to start the engine, otherwise, you will have to start the car
  3. After turning on the diagnostic tool, you will need to access the diagnostic scanner then collect the codes of the problems and then record them
  4. When you have the codes then you have to interpret them. If your scanner can interpret the codes then do it or take help from the internet to break the codes
  5. If you get to know the actual problems by interpreting the codes, then solve them. You can take help from the professionals to solve it or you can solve it by yourself

Some Tips to Solve Problems by a Scanner

Here, we are going to share some tips with you which will help you to solve the problems with a scanner. They are-

  • If you use the internet then try to dig deep to get the perfect solution to the problem
  • Some scanning devices need to plug in the OBD2 port and it will help you to get the periodic update of the health of your car
  • After getting the codes, if you go to a professional mechanic then make sure that you have the codes with you
  • Don’t use any functions unless you have proper knowledge of it, otherwise, your car may face other problems too

Why Do You Need a Code Scanner or Code Reader for Your Car?

The answer to it is to save your money and time. A code scanner or code reader will help you not to go to a professional mechanic. When you have the code reader or scanner then you can easily interpret the codes to fix problems.  

As a user, you will be satisfied when you will use a scanner or reader because it makes your task easier. So, you should have an Autel code reader or scanner for your car.

Buying Guides for Autel Scanner

There are a few instructions that you should think about while you are going to pick up an Autel scanning device. Here, they are

  • Compatibility according to your needs
  • Functions available in the device
  • Connectivity or the available network functions
  • Price range according to the device’s capability
  • Available updates of scanner’s operating system
  • Warranty from the manufacturer
  • Apps available for the device
  • Try to take help from the professionals to know which device will be perfect for you vehicle

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use a scanner tool for my car which is an old model before 1996?

If your car has an OBD2 port then you can use a scanner, but, most of the models don’t have the port. You can also use a scanner if your car has an OBD1 port.

What issues or problems can an OBD2 port detect?

It actually depends on the device you are using. But most of the scanner are capable to detect the problems that trigger the malfunction indicators.

Can I use the scanner on a non-US car?

It depends on the country’s origin in your car. But, yes, you can use a scanner on non-US cars too.

Our Verdict

In our best Autel scanner review, we tried to help you guys to get the perfect information about all the scanning devices from Autel. We researched and collected the information and also collected the customer review as well to give you guys proper information. Most importantly, you have to know which device is perfect for your vehicle and which will make your task easier. Then according to your car model, pick up the perfect one for your use. And, the brand value of Autel is amazing which is really appreciable. 

If you have any other queries, then please don’t hesitate to mail us or throw a comment in the comment section.

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