10 Best Car Key Programmer Reviews of 2022

Customers become confused when buying car key programmer tools. Because it’s not an easy thing to buy a car key programming tool. These tools offer a wider range of efficiency. But you have to choose a unit consistent with the model of the car you wish to work on. You also have to make sure that the programmer is up-to-date and it also has the capacity to keep that in that way. We are going to share a review on the best car key programmer with you guys.

We have kept the review guide together to make the buying process easier. Due to ensure maximum versatility in the terms of vehicle compatibility and reliable function every car key programmers have been selected carefully.

For information at a glance go below and find out more about car key programmers. Continue reading, to know more about the reviews of our very well tested and selected car key programmers.

Best Car Key Programmer: Pick up the Right One for You!

We gave deep attention to function, versatility, and in total value points when discerning which top car key programmers to review. We also have been very careful to select fully upgradable units so that they can work on the newer model cars hassle-free.

For our search at a glance, go to the list which is given below. Continue reading, to know more details of our well tested and selected car key programmers.

Image Product Name Price
Carrfan CK-100 Car Key Programmer Auto Programming Tool No Tokens Limited SBB Upgrade Version Carrfan Car Key CK-100 Auto Tool Programming Check Price
Autel-MaxiIM-IM608-Professional-Key-Programming-Tool-with-IMMO-Key-Programmer-300x300 Autel MaxiIM IM608 Professional Key Programming Tool Check Price
Autel-Diagnostic-MP808K-Scanning-Tool-with-All-Systems-Diagnosis-of-OE-Level-300x300 Autel Diagnostic MP808K Scanning Tool Check Price
XTOOL Pad2 X100 Pro with Special Functions XTOOL Pad2 X100 Pro with Special Functions Check Price
Autel-IM508-MaxiIM-Automotive-Scan-Tool-Key-Programming-300x276 Autel IM508 MaxiIM Automotive Scan Tool Key Programming
Check Price
XTOOL-PAD-X100-Programmer-of-Second-Generation-300x260  XTOOL PAD X100 Programmer of Second Generation
Check Price
XTOOL-PAD2-X100-Auto-Key-Programmer-4-System-Diagnosis-300x262 XTOOL PAD2 X100 Auto Key Programmer 4 System Diagnosis
Check Price
CK-100-Auto-OBD2-V99.99-Car-Key-Programming-Tool-279x300 CK-100 Auto OBD2 V99.99 Car Key Programming Tool
Check Price
Drirect-FTA-Auto-Key-Programmer-300x242 WBTOOLS SBB Pro2 Key Programmer Check Price
APDTY-22733524-Entry-Remote-Key-Replacement-Keyless-300x281 APDTY 22733524 Entry Remote Key Replacement Keyless
Check Price

1. Carrfan CK-100 Car Key Programmer

10 Best Car Key Programmer Reviews of 2022 1


  • The name of the model is CK-100
  • 99 is the software version of the tool
  • The material of the tool is PCB+ABS
  • Grey is the available color of this tool
  • The power is 7W of the tool
  • The voltage of the tool is 12V
  • The size of the item is 8.85 * 4.33 * 1.57 inches
  • 39 inches is the length of the cable
  • The charger line length of the tool is 43.30 inches
  • 45 * 5.71 * 2.95 inches is the size of the package
  • Weight of the package is 1.76lb

This has become a more functional, stronger, and spanking quality car key programmer by adding more functions and peculiarity. There are various versions of CK-100 key programmers and some of the pros and cons of this fantastic car key programmer are given below.


  • This tool can program new keys
  • It can read keys from the Immobilizer’s memory
  • After deactivating keys it is no longer in the possession of the car owner’s
  • Operation through the menu guided programming
  • A new remote control can be programmed by this tool
  • A software of complete database of all the most important vehicle makes
  • English, Italian, Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish are the language which supports in the tool


  • The product provides no instructions for operating
  • The manufacturer needs to enhance customer service

2. Autel MaxiIM IM608 Professional Key Programming Tool

10 Best Car Key Programmer Reviews of 2022 2


  • There will be a free online update for 1 year. After that, the cost will be $1100
  • Warranty will be given for 1 year
  • There will be advanced Immo key programming in the tool
  • The tool is an OE-level service and diagnostic functioned as Maxisys pro
  • With MaxiFlash JVCI and xp400 is for ECU programming
  • The languages available in this tool are English, Spanish, and French

Autel IM608 MaxiIm is one of the best and developed and identical among diagnostic tools and key programming. This key programming tool is advanced and combines developed services and all systems diagnostics on one Android-based 10.1-inch touchscreen tablet. To supply full coverage of Immo and key programming functions it is decorated with the XP400 key programmer and MaxiFlash ECU programmer.

IM608 provides you all the special and advanced key programming functions with the capability of quickly diagnosing modules of the majority of the makes and the model in the market. This is one of the unprecedented key programming and diagnostic tools you ever wanted to utilize.


  • A processor of powerful Cortex-A9
  • An LCD capacitive touchscreen display of 7”1024×600
  • Internal reliable memory is 32GB
  • An Android Operating System for fast multitasking, boot-up
  • A strong merge of key programming and all functions
  • The services have diagnostics and advanced maintenance
  • There is a smart Mode for automated key and guiding programming learning
  • It has an advanced key of expert mode programming learning
  • Read CS or PIN (all key lost), key learning, key generation, remote learning
  • There are more than 80 Asian, US, and European makes and models for powerful OE level diagnostic has developed defense services together with DPF, EPB, BMS, SAS, Oil reset, and ID relearn with PMS sensors


  • Some users have complained that the tool does not support all types of vehicles. So, we think you should do a proper search to find out the tool which is suitable for your car model.

3. Autel MaxiPRO Automotive Diagnostic Scan Tool

10 Best Car Key Programmer Reviews of 2022 3


  • A unique OE-level diagnosis coverage for all car electronic functions
  • There are some special service functions such as ABS brake bleed, oil reset, SRS, EPB, Bi-Directional control, DPF, SAS, Key Fob programming, transmission adaption, throttle adaptation, injector coding, and etc.
  • MP808K car diagnostic scanning tool comes with wider car coverage for more than 80 European, Asian, and US vehicle makes
  • MP808K auto scanner tool has Advanced Auto VIN technology

Autel is one of the world’s leading producers and developers of pro automotive diagnostic accessories, tools, and equipment. Autel has been founded 15 years ago. Since then it is committed to providing qualified artistic cutting edge car devices at a reasonable price for customers globally. We have experienced software engineers and automotive functions specialist in our team.

Autel MP808K is a professional diagnostic scanner. This can carry through OE-Level diagnosis on all obtainable car modules, Key Fob Programming, Active Tests, and comprehensive reset and service systems, such as Oil Reset, ABS Brake Bleeding, SAS calibration, DPF regeneration, resetting after replacing the brake pads for the parking, Transmission Adaptation, Injector Coding, Throttle Adaptation and etc.

Technicians and home mechanics choice is MP808K automotive diagnostic scanning tool because of its capability of codes, live data, active test, ECU information, adaptation, matching, etc.


  • It is a substitute for MS906 with effective cost and the best upgrade option for DS08
  • OE level diagnostics on every obtainable car key programming systems
  • This is also a maximum useful 23 resets & special systems
  • That has active tests. And it also has ABS brake bleeding
  • There is also an auto-scan, auto VIN
  • Unequaled car coverage
  • It has also 1 year of free software update


  • This tool is a little bit difficult to operate
  • The price is a little bit higher more than any other devices but the price is worthy

4. XTOOL Pad2 X100 Pro with Special Functions

XTOOL professional key programming Tool


  • The operating system of the tool is Android 4.4.4
  • The memory is 16GB flash, 1GB RAM
  • The CPU is quad-Core with 1.6 GHz processor
  • The display is the 8.0-inch multi touch screen of IPS 5-Point and the picture resolution is 1024×600P
  • The sensors are light sensor, gravity sensor
  • Inputs & Outputs are the microphones, 5.5 mm headset jack, dual speakers, mini HDMI port, TF card port, 2.0USB port
  • The battery power is 4000mAh, 7.4V
  • The WIFI speed is 2.4Ghz
  • The range of the Bluetooth is 100 meters
  • The voltage of the power is 12V
  • The consumption of the power is 29.6W
  • The temperature while operating is -20 to 50℃ (-4 to 126℉)
  • The humidity is less than 90%

XTOOL X100 Pad2 is a pro version of X100 PAD2. This tool provides professional key programming and it also supports special systems such as resetting service light of oil, tire pressure warning light reset, steering calibration angle, battery reset, and engine diagnosis of OBD-II.

This creative one-click oil reset is for Mercedes Seat,  Audi, BMW, Skoda, VW,  Volvo, etc. It also supports engine oil, air conditioner, back brake pads, front brake pads, vehicle checking spark plugs, coolant liquid, brake liquid, and many more.


  • There is a pin code reading option with EEPROM
  • OBD2 diagnosis has 4 diagnosis systems. These are read & clear codes for the engine, central electrics, brakes, airbag system
  • It has a function of steering calibration angle
  • This device has battery reset operation and DPF
  • That tool has a hexadecimal editor of Win Hex
  • This tool supports the newest cars with CAN bus signals and UDS protocol


  • The device needs more improvement to read the error codes

5. Autel IM508 MaxiIM Automotive Scan Tool Key Programming

10 Best Car Key Programmer Reviews of 2022 4


  • The display of the tool is 7-inch LCD capacitive touchscreen and the display resolution is  1024×600
  • The sensor of Ambient light for auto changing brightness
  • Charges through 5 VDC power supply and the battery is 3.7 V/5000 mAh lithium-polymer
  • Cortex-A9 a multi-core processor of 1.6 GHz

MaxiIM IM508 is one of the fastest, easier, and ultraportable immobilizer and key programming devices of all. This Android-based touch screen tab has a powerful quad-core processor and a straightforward interface. It also has an intuitive design. It is decorated with the XP200 key programmer tool. IM508 automotive key programming scanning tool has the capability of providing remarkable service functions for the immobilizer key programming system.

With the ability to quickly determine all the modules of most Makes and models on the market, IM508 gives you the best special function. IM508 is the best solution for shops and technicians who demand reasonable and strong IMMO and diagnostic services of key programming.


  • This device has a processor of powerful Cortex-A9
  • The touchscreen is 7” 1024×600 LCD with capacity
  • The internal reliable memory is 32GB
  • It has Android Operating System for fast boot-up, multitasking
  • A strong collaboration of key programming and all system diagnostics and high maintenance
  • For automated key, guiding, and learning there is a Smart Mode
  • There is an advanced key of expert mode programming
  • It has high maintenance services such as DPF, Oil reset, SAS, BMS, and TPMS sensor ID relearn, EPB


  • It’s not so good when it comes to navigation testing

6. XTOOL PAD Programmer of Second Generation

XTOOL PAD Programmer of Second Generation


  • It is a key programmer
  • There is oil reset operation
  • Tire Pressure Light of Warning Reset is a Manual Operation of the program
  • Light reset of the timing belt is also a Manual Operation
  • There is also EPB function
  • It has TPS which stands for Throttle Body Adaptation
  • It has steering calibration angle
  • There is a Battery Reset function
  • Read PIN Code
  • There is a Hexadecimal editor of Win Hex
  • This device has an OBDII Diagnosis

Placing VCI Box in tablet Is the meaning of the New Generation X100 PAD tablet programmer. Communication is more lasting than the first generation key programmer tool. The communication range is also faster than the first generation key programmer. It provides OBDII Diagnosis including strong special functions such as oil service light reset, tire pressure warning light reset,  timing belt service light reset,  throttle body reset, battery reset,  EPB reset, DPF reset, steering calibration angle.

X100 PAD 2nd Generation Key Programming tool provides two years of free online update and twelve months warranty. To confirm that the customer can use the tool always in new cars it can get the online update from the official website over and over and effortlessly.


  • There will be twenty-four months of the free online update through WIFI
  • It supports multi-languages. The languages are English, Russian, Portuguese, French, Polish, German, Persian, Norwegian
  • It supports different cars because of its multi-brand vehicle support and its unique key programming functions.
  • This is more lasting in communication than the X100 PAD first generation
  • That supports the newest cars with CAN-BUS Protocol and Unified Diagnostics Services


  • Some of the users have complained that they faced some complications while activating the tool

7. XTOOL PAD2 X100 Auto Key Programmer

XTOOL PAD2 X100 Auto Key Programmer


  • It’s a Key Programming tool
  • It has a powerful CPU
  • There is an Oil Reset service
  • It has a Tyre Pressure Test function

X-100 PAD2 is one of the amazing tablet key programmers. It is the best key programmer for cars. It provides customers with a professional key programming service. It also has special key programming functions for workshops. This tablet is able to perform different types of tests which are basic to advance level.


  • Programming of keys
  • Diagnosis of 4 systems
  • Engine oil or oil Reset light reset
  • Adjustment of odometer
  • Light reset of the timing belt (Manual Operation)
  • EPB which stands for Electrical Parking Brake Adaptation
  • TPS that stands for Throttle Body Adaptation
  • It has steering calibration angle
  • Reset operation of Battery
  • It provides DPF service
  • It has Read PIN Code operation
  • There is a Hexadecimal editor of Win Hex
  • It provides OBDII Diagnosis service
  • That supports the newest vehicles with CAN-BUS protocol and Unified Diagnostic Services
  • This Updates through WIFI. It always has to ready up the device with the newest software


  • Compared to other devices, it seems to be very expensive

8. CK-100 Auto OBD2 Car Key Programming Tool

CK-100 Auto OBD2 Car Key Programming Tool


  • It programs latest keys
  • It can read keys from the immobilizer’s memory
  • After deactivating the keys it is no longer in the possession of the car owner
  • That is operated through the menu guided programming
  • It can program new remote controls
  • This has software with a complete database of all important vehicle makes

CK-100 V99.99 Auto Key Programmer is a new generation key programming tool of the SBB Key Programming device. It has every function and feature of the SBB V33.02 and it also includes many more features and functions. This device is more powerful and functional than its old version and its quality is excellent.


  • CK-100 Auto Key is a professional tool of Key Programmer of the new generation
  • It is a new version of the SBB Key Programmer tool
  • This has an alternative function and feature of the SBB V33.02. Key Programmer
  • That has extra features and functions.
  • It is more strong and functional.
  • This supports multi-languages. They are English, Turkish, Francais, Italiano, Portugues, Deutsch, Espanol


  • Some users complained that this device is not up to date

9. WBTOOLS SBB Pro2 Key Programmer

Drirect FTA Auto Key Programmer


  • The material is ABS
  • The display of the device is Backlit with blue screen of 160 x 160-pixel
  • 8~18 volts through DLC is the external power supply
  • -20 to 50 ° C (-4 to 126 ° F) is operating temperature
  • The humidity is less than 90%

The SBB PRO2 key programmer device copies the chip in accordance with the model. Its programming switch is not a clone switch. You only need to put on the SBB 16-pin connector into your vehicle OBD2 diagnostic seat. After that, you have to read the anti-theft lock pin from the car’s anti-theft dump or EEPROM. The code is written before the new blank key. It does not need any password when programming for the Ford.


  • 48.99 is the software version of SBB PRO2 Key Programmer
  • Languages available in the tool are English, French, Turkish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Spanish
  • This has no limited tokens
  • It supports Toyota G chip
  • It is a replacement version of SBB Key Programmer, It is a new generation key programming tool


  • “No cons found”

10. APDTY Entry Remote Key Replacement Keyless

APDTY Entry Remote Key Replacement Keyless


  • APDTY 112576 is an extra remote without the programmer
  • This programmer allows easy self-programming in 5 minutes
  • Its a new assembly
  • It is OE fit form & function

It is a brand new keyless entry remote key Fob with a self-programmer. This is a replaced version of GM key Fob part number 22733524. This tool is not gonna work on models with a different factory part number and will replace 22733524 only.


  • That is button remote for models with remote start system
  • It Includes programming tool & instructions and it allows easy self-programming
  • This suits 2005-2009 Buick Lacrosse
  • It does suit 2007-2010 Chevy Cobalt
  • This suits 2004-2012 Chevy Malibu
  • It supports 2007-2010 Pontiac G5


  • Some users complained that they face complications while programming

How to Program a Car Key Chip?

Electronic keys are advantageous. It will protect your car from thieves. Fortunately,  many of these keys and key fobs are easy to replace and program at home. Turn the ignition on and off with working keys to program a car key. Then use the unprogrammed key or press the switch. Your car key will work perfectly. If it will not perform properly you can take it to a locksmith or professional auto dealer for help.

How to Program a Car Key with Only One Key?

You start by turning off the ignition switch before you use a new key on the ignition and before you turn it on. After pressing that it is okay, you have to do the same for the second key to complete the procedure. When you will see the main menu, the program will show you that there are two recognized keys. You have to stay on the main menu till then you confirm this.

Can I program a car key myself?

Yes, you can do it but if you can’t then take help from professionals.

Our Verdict

In our review of the best car key programmer, we discussed all the facts about these car key programmers. In our writing, we brought all the information in detail. But, we will suggest, you should choose the tool according to your car model. We hope the discussion will help you to pick up the right one for your car. To know more, mail us or throw comments.

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