What Does a Bidirectional Scan Tool Do?

Suddenly you heard irritating noise coming from the car’s engine, to check you opened the hood & looked around but found nothing, now what?

You took the car to an auto parts store or car mechanic & asked why is the disturbing noise coming & from where?

The first thing is likely they would hook up an automotive diagnostic tool with your car. By magic, they would know the exact location of the noise coming from by looking at that tool.

That nifty tool isn’t a tricorder for your car straight coming out of Star Trek. It’s a bidirectional scan tool with programming capability that is essential for repairing & diagnosing current vehicles.

What this bidirectional scan tool does, and how does it work? What benefits of using this tool? What to look at first before purchasing it? Check out below to know all about this innovative device!

What’s a Bidirectional Scanner?

Known as Coding Scanner, a Bidirectional scanner is an electronic tool used to connect with, diagnose & sometimes reprogram vehicle control modules.

Bidirectional Scanner Tool Benefits

Modern cars come with an onboard diagnostics chip (at least a basic model). Connecting the Bidirectional scanner with the onboard chip using the vehicle’s data link connector (DLC) will let you see its diagnostic information.

It will also tell what is & what isn’t functioning precisely & you can send commands to test various modules in your car’s ODC.
As a Bidirectional scanner’s primary purpose is to handle a vast array of problems that cars might have, it will give an additional way to find out & fix problems.

What Does A Bidirectional Scan Tool Do?

A traditional tool can perform system tests only. In comparison, a Bidirectional scan tool can read the OBD’s input & diagnostic information more. Not only that, it can send outputs to test other modules of your car, including –

  • Anti-lock Braking System (ABS).
  • Temperature sensor.
  • Transmission function.
  • Engine function.
  • Battery health.
  • Door lock system.
  • Oxygen & Air pressure.

After testing all those modules, the scanner will indicate that no problems were found or presented with an error code. More recent scanners’ models might notify you in advance when a car’s module might fail in the future, giving you the option of taking precautions.

*Note – Bidirectional Scan tools can only identify any problems you face with your car right now or will be in the future. Those scan tools can’t fix any of those problems, only identification.

If you are interested in diagnosing your car at home rather than taking it to a service center, you should get an affordable bidirectional scanner. These tools tend to run around $600. But, before purchasing a Bidirectional scan tool, there are some factors you need to consider first.

Bidirectional Scan Tool Purchasing Guide

As mentioned above, when you decide to purchase scan tools, some essential requirements must be met. Those are discussed below –

Bidirectional Scan Tool Purchasing Guide
  • Build Quality of the Scanner.
  • The ECU Programming.
  • The Fast Reading capacity.
  • Accuracy in detecting the error of Code.
  • Vehicle Coverage of multiple Countries.
  • Ease of Use.
  • Updated & Advanced Technology.
  • Wireless or Cord Cable Connection.
  • Regular Software Update surety.
  • Warranty Period.
  • High-Quality Display View for Perfect Information.
  • Quality of the Processor.
  • Affordable Price Range.

Try to follow those points; you will have a wise concept about purchasing the Bidirectional scanner tool.

Bidirectional Scanner Tool Benefits

Using a Bidirectional scanner tool at home has some valuable benefits. A scanner can save you money if you are good with mechanics or tools. As these tools give the info related to your car’s issues, it will be a head-up when looking for mechanical problems.

Since this scanner tool works in both directions, you can input specific info on the vehicle while working on the car.

  • Easy Readability Graphics
    This Bidirectional scanner tool is equipped with the latest technology. For that reason, you can view the most up-to-date information on the display.
    With easy-to-view ways, these scanner tools are capable of displaying colorful information. They are capable of displaying graphics & charts too. Download the software that comes with the device & observe when you are in bed or garage.
  • Helps To Save Time
    As our nature is not to waste time, using this tool will help to manage time efficiently. Plugging the scanner will help you find the problem quickly & accurately.
    When you search for an issue, these tools will give away the current starting point to look for the problem.
    This leads to our time saving & getting the problem resolved quickly.
  • Figuring Out The Problem Nature
    What kind of problem might your vehicle have or face – Continuous or Intermittent? This scanner will determine it after diagnosis. These tools are helpful to let you know the various causes of intermittent problems.


What is bidirectional control on a scan tool?

  • It’s a primary term used to describe receiving & sending info from one device to another. The engineers are responsible for designing a programmed computer control system. Also, they added a function so that a scanner tool can command a module or request information to perform specific tests.

Which Autel scanner is bidirectional?

  • There are several autel scanner available on the market. Not all models are bidirectional, but Autel MaxiPRO MP808 is known well for being the best-valued scanner tool.

Is blue driver bidirectional?

  • As Blue Driver has the capability & caliber to communicate with the ODC of the car, Blue Driver still doesn’t support Bidirectional. So the answer is – No!

Final Thoughts

Got the catch? After reading this article, “What does a Bidirectional Scan Tool do,” We hope – now you clearly understand what this scanner tool actually does.

The bidirectional scan tool is a unique handy tool for saving money & time in the repair process. It can tell exactly what the problem is & after learning about the situation, you are ready to take your car to the service center or mechanic.

Good luck & take care of your Car!

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