What Is Bidirectional Control On A Scan Tool? 

You are on a long journey together with your friends. Suddenly your car started making an irritating sound and stopped. You have a scan tool with you, but it doesn’t have the feature to receive information.

What will you do in this situation? You never know; it may happen with vehicles. For handling these situations, scan tools with bidirectional control are preferable. Having bidirectional control on a  scan tool can save both your time and money. It will help you to diagnose problems and even notify in advance which module will fail.

What is a bidirectional scan tool? What does a bidirectional scan do? What are the best bidirectional scan tools? So many questions and you want to know all, right? Then, don’t delay and hop into the content.

What Is Bidirectional Control On A Scan Tool?

Bidirectional control on a scan tool is an up-to-date feature for automobile users. It refers to a device having the feature of sending and receiving information. In other words, bidirectional scan tool.  This has specialized hardware that allows information to pass between tools and vehicles. For this, you can command your vehicle to perform various functions using it.

But in traditional scanners, you didn’t have a way of sending information. In a word, they were similar to read-only types.  But with bidirectional, you can do both. Not only that, you can run different types of tests, and it has the feature to send you commands about your vehicle’s condition from time to time. So, professionals like to use it.

However, this made the tiring work of mechanics smooth. They don’t have to sit in the driver’s seat to find any car problem. They have to do is give commands over vehicles by bidirectional tools and see how the car responds.

What Is The Benefit of Using a Bidirectional Scan Tool?

There are many valuable benefits to using bidirectional scan tools-


-Using a bidirectional scan tool can save both your time and money. Plug the scanner with your vehicle and figure the problem in no time.  It saves time amazingly. Again you don’t have to go to the mechanics if you have it. You will then be able to diagnose your car’s problem by yourself. It saves your money.


With up-to-date features, you will get to see all the necessary information on the display. For better understanding, it shows colorful information. Even sometimes graphs and charts are shown.


Any time of problems, continuous or intermittent,  your vehicle is facing or will face can be detected easily by bidirectional scanners.

As a bidirectional scan tool works in both directions, you can input information while driving.

How To Choose The Best Bidirectional Scan Tool?

If you have decided to buy a bidirectional scan tool, it is a wise option. But for getting a wonderful experience and good results, you have to choose the right one. Choosing the best bidirectional scan tool may seem handy. But don’t worry. We have mentioned certain facts to look at before purchasing one-


Strong brands will offer inner peace. For bidirectional scan tools, it is more crucial to check the brand. Strong brands will give you an incredible experience and provide you with frequent software update features. Launch, Autel, Foxwell, etc. brands are well-known.


Before buying you must know what you are buying. A bidirectional scan tool is obviously a life safer. But all of the tools don’t offer advanced functions. For this, you have to buy a scan tool providing- ECU programming, Wireless facilities, a Quality processor, a high-quality display, covering multiple countries, warranty period, etc. Last but not least, price range.


Compatibility is another crucial issue to check. If you have purchased one and later found out that it didn’t support your car system. Then, it will be a great loss for you. There are different types of Bidirectional scan tools available based on compatibility. If your car is of OBD2, then you won’t face many issues.
So, keep these 3 things in mind while purchasing any bidirectional scan tool.


  • What does a bidirectional scan tool do?

Traditional tools can only run a system test. In contrast, bidirectional scanners can both read the OBD’s input and give diagnostic information. Moreover, it can output to diagnose other molecules of the car, such as  –

  • Temperature detectors,
  • Battery state
  • Door and window lock system
  • Engine function
  • Anti-lock braking function and so on.

After testing all the modules, the scanner will provide “no problem found” or present an error message. It also has a feature to notify you about future car failing issues.

  • What is a bidirectional test?

The bidirectional OTDR test or Bidirectional test is a method of testing characterizations and loss of optical fiber. This test is conducted from both ends of the fiber run. This OTDR test includes two cables named launch cables and receives cables.

  • Is Ancel X7 bidirectional?

Yes,  Ancel X7 is a top-rated manufacturer of OBD2 automotive problem diagnostic bidirectional scanners.   It is widely used by automotive technicians and DIY mechanics all over the world.

Is Autel 808 bidirectional?

Yes, Autel 808 is an OBD2 bi-directional scanner. Autel Mp808 is a fast, smart, and ideal choice for technicians, engineers, and overall automotive lovers worldwide.

Final Note

We want all automobile lovers to enjoy their long drives without any kind of hassles.  However, bi-directional scan tools are costly, but you are not often purchasing them. In fact, purchasing for once will give you the coolest drives ever.  Again, you will get the benefit of diagnosing vehicle problems easily.

Well, it is a great pleasure for us to have you till the very end. As you have gone through the whole content, choosing the best bidirectional scan tool will be simple. So are you ready now to have the greatest fun of long drives with bidirectional scan tools?

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