How To Assemble Joe Cross Juicer [Joe Cross 2023]

We all want to fuel our bodies with natural nutrients for a healthier life. When we follow a diet chart to fulfill all the nutrition we need, we often didn’t really meet the green nutrients for a day quota! So, here comes the green juicer recipe to resolve our problems in the easiest way. Joe cross juice recipes are most probably one of the best to fulfill a massive green dose into our day.

Therefore how to assemble joe cross juicer for ensuring healthy green doses easily is a priority in this article. You will get very easy setup instructions and some notable asking pieces of information throughout the whole writing.

Different Types of Joe Cross Juicer Machines

For reducing heart disease and other chronic illnesses, vegetables and fruits are the best and most effective options to choose from. But it is hard to pop out times for making a glass of green juice. That’s why many manufacturers make things simple by providing the best juicers like Centrifugal Juicer, Breville Juicer, Omega Juicer, Muller Austria Juicer, Aicook Juicer Machine, and many more.

Let’s find out some types of juicer machines that are perfect for making our juice and effective to follow joe cross’s recipes.

● Centrifugal Force Juicer: This is well known for its fast speed. It contains a flat cutting blade and spins the fruits or veggies at high speed (centrifugal force) to separate the pulp’s juice.

● Masticating Juicer: It is a slow juicer. It contains a single gear (auger) to crush the produce into smaller sections before squeezing out the juice. And the pulp is thrown through a separate chamber.

● Two Gear Juicer: They come in with two gear that spin and pulls the pulp/produce in and chews it up.

● Juice Press: It has referred to as two-stages juicers. At first, it has grounded up the produce into a pulp. And then extract the juice by pressing the pulp under thousands of pounds of pressure.

Joe Cross Juicing vs Blending

The main difference between Joe Coss Juicing and Blending is- Juicer extracts the juice and removes the pulp. On the other hand, a blender demolishes all the products in a container.

How To Assemble Joe Cross Juicer

When you are going to use any Juicer machine to follow Joe Cross’s recipes, you should have to remove all types of packaging materials or promotional stickers from the Juicer body. Before setting up a juicer machine, the switch must be turned off, and the power cord must be unplugged.

Joe Cross Juicing vs Blending

Moreover, you can wash the pulp container, juice cover, filter bowl, filter basket, etc. with soapy water. After cleaning, the things should be dry thoroughly with a clean cloth. Also, the motor base can be wiped by a damp clean cloth. Recently I have seen Joe Cross using a Centrifugal force Juicer to follow his recipes. So now I am talking about how to assemble this type of Joe Cross Juicer.

Most of the juicer machines are quite the same to assemble. The following setup steps are basic that can apply to assemble any Joe Cross Juicer.

● Place the motor base on a dry, flat surface such as a benchtop or counter-top. Ensure the motor base is turned off and unplug the power cord.

● Now set the filter bowl/pulp container on top of the motor base. The spout of the container should fit through the hole on the front of the motor base. The bowl should rest in the two complementary slots on the top of the motor drive.

● After that, set the blade basket in the middle of the pulp container.

● Align the arrows of the stainless filter blade at the filter/juice bowl base with the motor drive arrows. And keep pushing down the bowl gently until it clicks into the right place.

● Make sure the basket blade sits appropriately. You can gently rotate the blade basket to ensure that it turns freely. Moreover, it would help if you rechecked the condition by pressing down and spinning the basket blade again.

● After setting the juicer bowl and blade basket properly, place the juicer cover over the juicer/filter bowl. Now you should align the juice cover position as per the juicer shape. If there are clamps to hold the cover safely, press the bottom of the clumps in after placing it.

● If there is a safety locking arm, position it vertically and lock it up on the top of the juice cover.

● Now slide the food pusher down the food chute by aligning one of the food pusher grooves. You can continue to slide the food pusher down to the food chute to ensure it is working well or not.

● At last, place the pulp basket or juice jug sideways/behind the Juicer under the pulp spout. And make sure the juice jug fits in the appropriate position under the spout.


How Do You Put a Juicer Together?

  • You should take the juicing chamber first and place it on the top of the motor base. Then check the blade basket and blade to ensure it turns freely. After that, you should put the juice cover over the juicing chamber. Moreover, you should place the safety arm and
    pusher in their right position. And at last, keep the pulp container/juice jug under the pulp scout.

Which Juicer Does Joe Cross Use?

  • Joe cross used Breville Joe Cross Juicer, which is a centrifugal type. The similar type of Juicers is Nama cold press, Breville Juice fountain plus, Breville Juice Fountain Elite, etc.

How Do you Use a Juicer Step by Step?

  • In the beginning, you should gather the ingredients and wash them up. Then you should remove the pits and thick skins and slice or chop the larger ingredients. After that, assemble your Juicer machine and set the speed of your Juicer. Moreover, push the ingredients into the feed chute and after finishing with 1st one, move on to the next. The cycle goes on until all your ingredients extract the juice.

How Do I Prepare My Juice for a Week?

  • Preparing the juice is the same as I have answered just above. Just the differences are in the number of ingredients and storage. You may use a cold press juicer with a long jar and well-functioned machine to prepare your juice for a week. Moreover, you should store your juice in air-tight jars and put the jars in a freezer.


A vegetable or fruit juice boost our body and give natural green/organic nutrients. And a Juicer helps to make the juicing easier. At the end of the article, you should know how to assemble a Joe Cross Juicer, especially a centrifugal or a masticating machine, and the basic ideas to setup every modern Jui

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