Joe Cross Juicer Review In 2023

Can’t even think of the morning without fresh fruit juice? And how if you can make it by yourself? If you are fond of producing fruits and vegetable juice at home, then I can share with you about the joe cross juicer review. As I am using this, so I can tell from the tip of the ankle. I believe it will give you the best juicer with the happiest experience ever. 

Joe cross is a name of loyalty and is reputed for high capacity service. In this guide, I have discussed the beautiful features of joe cross. As well as, I have covered why Joe is individual and best than other juicers. So, let’s know the details of the joe cross juicer. 

Breville Joe Cross Juicer Review

Breville Joe Cross Juicer


Highlighted Features

  • An efficient juicer best performer for daily juice making.
  • It arrives with a full chute, more considerable juice, and seal jug
  • Including a larger pulp container to keep the dirt
  • It is powerful for quick operation during juicing
  • The interlocking safety arm will save you from unexpected danger

Joe cross is one of the best innovations of the Breville brand. I think the user should be thankful to this brand for this attractive device. There had written a documentary and also a Joe Cross Reboot book. You can’t even believe how excellently it can make your task easy. Besides, it is quite loyal and lovesome to the enormous user.

It comes with excellent service, fantastic features, and a limited price. The manufacturing brand used its contemporary flair to make it. At the same time, highly developed technology has been used for its function. It is far better than Breville juice fountain plus. If you want to know about it in a word, it’s worth high praise. 

However, the joe cross juicer is of brilliant and contemporary design. The external design will perfectly suit other kitchen appliances. It is separated into three-part. A more massive jug for juice holding and an appropriate pot for depositing the residual dirt has been included with the primary device. Luckily, you are getting the most more natural access ability which will take you in the juicer world. 

 I liked more the 3” full chute. It allows me to be whole, the more abundant sizes of fruits or vegetables. Generally, very few juicers offer larger chutes. So, in this case, joe cross is the best one. Hence, good to know the cutting disc is of sharp stainless steel.

Most importantly, there has a micro-mesh around the cutting disc. So, the maximum minerals and vitamins can be absorbed from the fruits. Many have a common question on joe cross juicing vs blending. There has only one main difference between them. A juicer can keep separated the juice and pulp. On the other hand, a blender works for mixing all ingredients. 


  • Dimension: 14 x 8 x 16 inches
  • Weight: 8.3 pounds.
  • Chute size: 3” wider
  • Seal jug size: 60 oz.
  • Pulp container size: 2.5 liters
  • Material: Plastic
  • Hue: grey
  • The larger sizes of fruits and vegetable acceptance power.
  • Convenient Pulp and juice holding jug size.
  • Quickest juice making capacity.
  • Safety stopping mechanism.
  • One-year warranty from the manufacture.
  • The replacement of any part can be difficult.
  • A fewer customer has faced the problem of the smoothness of the juice.


In Which Factors You Should Give Priority When Buying a Joe Juicer

Here is a special consideration for you, which will help you to select the right Breville juicer. I have found these criteria in the time of depth analysis on this product. So, we believe it would be better for you. 


It refers to the efficiency of cutting vegetables and fruits. Choose a juicer that can handle all types of food like soft, hard, larger, or smaller. But, to get the highest efficiency and quicker operation, you will need a motor of 400 to 450 watts. 


Size is a great deal in the case of a juicer. You probably want to get a more considerable size juicer. It is good to buy a larger size device. Similarly, you have to think about the placement of this juicer. Because, if you need enough space to set it up and use it. So, you should keep in mind this matter. 


Everybody wants to get a durable and stable product. I have some suggestions about it. If you wish to use your juicer regularly, then you have to go with a highly efficient durable device. On the other hand, you can pick up a rough model. As joe cross is an overall performer, so you can think about it. 


Check out the warranty offered before buying your juicer. Joe cross comes with a limited one-year warranty. Which will help you to return or exchange the product.

Jug and Pulp Size

It is a crucial factor for a juicer. Here the joe cross is excellent. Because, it has a more massive seal jug, juice jug, and pulp jug. I suggest checking out these features correctly. 

Chute Size

In many cases, the customer has faced the chute size. I think chute size should enough more considerable to input large fruit. Luckily, joe cross comes with 3” chute size. 

Cutting disc

A good juicer should have a cutting disc with mesh. Because the mesh can absorb the maximum vitamins and minerals. 


  • How many watts this joe cross juicer?

It is of 700 watts which are good enough for appropriate efficiency to make juice quickly.

  • How tall? Can I fit under the cabinets on a standard countertop?

It is taller, approximately 17 inches. Yes, you can fit it under the cabinets or on a countertop. 

  • Is Joe cross easy to clean?

Yes, it is easier to clean. But keep in mind that there has an inner ledge. You may need to use a small brush to remove the pulp properly from the shelf. 

  • What is the model of juicer which joe cross used?

A large number of people ask what juicer does joe cross use? Ok, for your convenience I am saying joe cross was using the Model JE98XL for his 0 days journey. 

Final Word

Hopefully, this joe cross juicer review has a significant impact on your mind about the best juicer. If you are staying a too-busy life research a lot on the juicer. Then you can rely on me to consider the joe cross juicer. Because it has gained users’ hearts for a long time. Have you any more questions? Let us know. 

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