Bluedriver vs Torque Pro In 2023

Do you want regular maintenance of your vehicle? Or, you want to check your car’s condition before a long drive. You need a maintenance tool, more specifically an OBD scanner, which will scan your whole vehicle perfectly and show you the faults and problems that you can not find with your eyes.

So, to diagnose your car or other vehicles, the OBD2 scanner is a great scanning tool. And today I will compare BlueDriver vs Torque Pro to find the best Bluetooth OBDll scanner for you.

Bluedriver vs Torque Pro

You will find many Bluetooth OBD2 scanners in the market, but from them, BlueDriver and Torque pro are very handy OBD2 scanners to examine your vehicle quickly and perfectly.

This article will describe their strengths, weakness, functions, similarity, differences, and lots more in detail.

So, go through it till the end and choose the best one for your vehicle.


BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro OBDII Scan Tool


BlueDriver OBD2 scanning tool can scan like a professional scanning tool used by professional mechanics. BlueDriver can read all the codes of your vehicle and clears them. Moreover, its dedicated app is suitable for the android and ios platforms.

This app will help you to run an enhanced diagnostic and monitor your vehicle’s condition. And using this Bluetooth OBD2 scanner is quite simple. You need just to set up your app on your mobile.

Advance Features

  • Identifies the specific problem and gives solutions that are verified by professional and certified mechanics in the Repair Report.
  • It has a freeze-frame option.
  • BlueDriver can capture any live data in which vehicle supports and share them.
  • You can use this scanner for smog or emission checking. And this gives you helpful data before smog/emission test.
  • Dedicated free app for both android and iOS platforms.
  • It has mode 6 for enhanced diagnostics (ABS, Airbag, Transmission, Climate Control, etc.) and advanced test results (misfire counts) for brands Ford, Toyota, GM, Nissan, and many more.


  • Advanced test results and includes misfire counts.
  • Read the codes of ABS, Airbags, Climate change, etc. This enhanced diagnostic scanner system supports many brands.
  • Gives Repair Reports with verified fixes. And you can share these with your mechanic.
  • Small in size, and you can carry it in your pocket.
  • Blue Driver has a dedicated free app, and it is user-friendly.
  • The scanner connects with the dedicated app quickly via Bluetooth.
  • This OBD2 scanner tool can read all of the codes. You can also see pending and permanent CEL codes.
  • You can check voltage issues, engine oil temperature, speed sensor, steering sensor.
  • It has both a freeze frame and live data mode.
  • You can use this scanning tool in all newer vehicles, including post-1996 vehicles, and works in the USA, European, and Asian regions.
  • Customer care support 24/7, you will get.


  • You can not run the app in the windows phone or windows operating system.
  • Sometimes, Bluetooth or wireless connection drops.
  • You can not save live data in your app or in the sensor. Moreover, if you turned off the engine, you will lose all the live data.

Torque Pro

Another fantastic Bluetooth OBD2 scanner is Torque Pro Elm 327. It is a Bluetooth fault code reader. You can easily monitor the real-time condition of your vehicle and fault codes data. This scanning tool is quite friendly, and you can understand the working method in your car by using it two or three times.

Torque Pro also clears warning lights and diagnose vehicles problems quickly. Moreover, this OBDll scanner is quite like a professional tool used by professionals. And you can solve your vehicle’s problem with the help of it forever.

Advance Features

  • You can easily install it any car (in the last twenty years) without any problem.
  • You may see the light is blinking in your dashboard for some problem. You can clear and fix the problem.
  • You will find its dedicated app on the google play store and can easily connect with the scanner by giving the required codes.
  • Supports any kind of android device like a phone or tablet.
  • It can easily clear codes in the engine control unit of your vehicle.
  • You can see real-time data and can store them for future purposes.


  • This scanner reads codes and reset them and take you to a website where you can find the solution of fault codes.
  • Shows real-time information.
  • You can easily fix your vehicle’s issue by seeing trouble codes and doing simple research.
  • You can do a lot by purchasing its dedicated app than downloading the free app.
  • Easy to use and install.
  • You can easily set up the android app on your android phone or tablet.
  • You can record your data by torque recorder app. Moreover, you can see shift light, air-fuel ratio, rpm of your vehicle.
  • They are giving a FREE 12 months guarantee!


  • You can run the Torque Pro app only in the android system.
  • In some cases, it fails to connect with an android device.
  • This scanner can not clear codes in some brands.

These two products are quite the same in their working method and performance. So, it’s really a difficult task to compare them. But before comparing them, let’s see their similarities.

Similarities Between BlueDriver and TorquePro

Connection Method

Both of them connect via Bluetooth. And you need a compatible application in your android or iOS device. Both these units’ connection capability is strong enough, and they do not disconnect with your mobile/tablet except in some major cases.

And you do not need any extra things to connect them with the OBD port on your vehicle.

Live Information

These two scanning tools can collect the live data of your vehicle without any error. You can see real-time data and conditions. You can also share data through their dedicated apps.

Code Reading

Both Torque Pro and Blue Driver can read all the codes and also clear them perfectly. Moreover, you can get an enhanced diagnostic system by them.

You can easily detect the problem from trouble codes, and you will also get verified fixes from professional mechanics.

Checking Some Extra Codes

You can check the air-fuel ratio, airbag, and shift light with these sensors. They can retrieve the VIN of your car or vehicle. You can also use them to check the smog test/emission test. Both of them also can track your vehicle’s progress, MPG, and other driving data.

But you can not reset codes of oil indicators and EVAP codes.

Difference Between BlueDriver and Torque Pro

Ease of Use

The popularity of any device depends on its flexibility. These OBDll scanners are not different from them. And the engineers made these devices for doing your work easily. These scanners are quite sophisticated. But there is some difference in the app interface.

You already know that Torque pro is not suitable for iOS, but you can use BlueDriver on android and iOS. Moreover, the BlueDriver app is quite user-friendly rather to the torque pro.

Moreover, Installing and setting up BlueDriver is easier than Torque Pro. Reading codes are quite the same in both of them. But to me, Blue driver is quite easier in this case.

But tracking your vehicle is easy in Torque Pro, and it is more professional than BlueDriver in this matter.

Compatible Vehicles

Both of the OBDll scanners can work post-1996 vehicles. But there is some exception. You can get BlueDriver’s enhanced diagnostic information if you use the following brands: GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Mercedes, BMW, Honda, and Volkswagen.

You can not only use BlueDriver in the USA but also in European and Asian vehicles too. Actually, BlueDriver covers a huge range of vehicles.

On the other hand, Torque Pro can work in Ford, GM, Chrysler, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Nissan, Honda, Hyundai, BMW, Toyota, Seat, Dodge, Audi, Jaguar, Kia, Mazda, Lexus, Mitsubishi, Jeep, Pontiac, Subaru.

So, in this case, you will find a little difference. Actually, both of them are universal tools for vehicle scanning.


You can already know that you can BlueDriver app in the android or iOS operating system but Torque Pro is only in android.

This thing keeps BlueDriver a step forward than Torque pro. Moreover, the BlueDriver app is free on both platforms. But you have to pay $5 for the Torque Pro app. You can find a free app, but it doesn’t have all the advanced features. And you have to buy an android device if you have not any.


Price is really an important fact. You will always want to get anything with minimum investment and maximum output. And you do not need any expensive OBDll scanner for DIY vehicle maintenance.

Fortunately, both the scanner’s price is quite affordable with premium features. You need to pay around $15 for torque pro, including the app. On the other hand, you need to spend about $99.15 to buy a BlueDriver unit.

Actually, the difference in price varies for the app. BlueDriver app is more organized than Torque Pro. And BlueDriver is more professional.

So, if you want to do simple and effective DIY maintenance, you can choose Torque Pro without hesitation. But if you are wishing to use an OBD2 scanner for both DIY and professional use, then BlueDriver will be the best choice.

Comparison Chart

Features BlueDriver Torque Pro
Operating System Android, iOS Android
Interface Easy to use Quite complicated
Non-OBD2 Code Check Enabled Disabled
Freeze Frame Enabled Disabled
Smog Test Enabled Enabled
Application Quality Best Better
Emission Test Yes yes
Compass (GPS Based) No Yes
Repair Report Yes No
MPG tracker (Diesel and Gasoline) No Yes
Data Graphing Yes Yes
Code Reader High end Basic
Alternator/Battery test No Yes
ABS or Airbag Yes Yes
Price Costly Cheaper

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Blue Driver Any Good?

Of course. You can do many professional checks on it. You can run an enhanced diagnostic process through it. Moreover, you can use its dedicated app on both android and iOS platforms.

  • What Can Torque Pro Do?

You can scan your car properly and also check the air-fuel ratio, shift light, rpm, and so on.

  • What Is The Best Auto Scan Tool?

You will find many OBD2 scanners, but from them, BlueDriver is the best for both personal and professional use. This OBD2 scanner not only gives you error warnings but also guides you to solve the issue.

Final Note

In this article, I have discussed almost all of the Important information about both BlueDriver and Torque Pro. Actually, they are quite the same in quality. So, both of it perfect for you.

But if you do not want to spend more, then Torque pro is best for you. You can use almost all the advanced features in it. And if spending more money is not a big deal for you and you want to buy a medium-priced professional OBD2 scanner, then you can choose BlueDriver for your vehicle.

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