BlueDriver VS FIXD Comparison Which Is Better?

You must be frustrated seeing the engine light turn on in your car. The engine light indicates that it is time to stop by the mechanic or your car needs a full check. Well, it is a kind of hassle. But you can scan the car right away without a mechanic, just you need an OBD2 scanner to diagnose.

BlueDriver and FIXD are two prime models of the OBD2 scanners. These Bluetooth-enabled OBD2 scanners provide you with a thorough diagnosis report of your car system. You can make a quick check using these scanners and find out the reason for the engine light turning on.

But, which scanner will be best for you? This is really confusing. Check out the BlueDriver vs FIXD comparison and you can resemble their features and compatibility. Also, read the relevant question-answer about BlueDriver and FIXD.

BlueDriver VS FIXD Comparison Which Is Better?

If your car has a minor or serious engine problem then the engine light turns on on the dashboard. It may be an electrical problem that lays major problems over time. If you ignore the engine problem then it will cut your wallet. That is why the majority of people choose the diagnostic tool to keep an eye on car management.

How Does BlueDriver Work?

BlueDriver is an up-to-date scan tool providing deep information so that you can understand better. You will get depth and useful information just with your fingertip. Moreover, the build quality is durable and reliable. Many people asked if that is BlueDriver bidirectional. Of course, this scanner has the bidirectional capability. That means you can bestow the command to your car, read codes and erase them.

The scanner is synonymous with the bulk of the newer and older vehicles. It connects with your Android and iPhone via Bluetooth and you can quickly check out the vehicle’s condition every single time without consulting a mechanic. You need to download the recommended software from the PLAY Store or APP Store.

Then plug the BlueDriver scanner into the OBD2 port of the car. While the scanner and software will sync, you will get all the information your phone display. Thus you can always be aware of the internal condition of your vehicle.

How Does FIXD Work?

FIXD assists you to know everything about your car in a matter of a few seconds. It is a prime scanner that is suitable for car owners, DIYers, and professionals. FIXD has made an excellent combination between hardware and software that allows exact access to important information about your vehicle. When you consult mechanics, they provide the same information with a hefty amount of charge.

FIXD diagnostic scanning tool is straightforward to navigate. It has its own software that is compatible with iOS and Android. You need to connect the tool with Bluetooth and it is easy to find by the name “FIXD OBD2 Professional Bluetooth Scan Tool.” then plug the tool into the OBD2 port of the car. Once the setup is done, it will keep sending all the essential information to the software interface.

The great news is you can connect 5 vehicles with the tool and it delivers all the information simultaneously. In turn, the device keeps reminding you of the regular maintenance and notifies you when you need to go to a mechanic.

BlueDriver VS FIXD Comparison 

After glancing at the FIXD and BlueDriver review, it can be said that both scan tools provide superior performance. When it is time to choose the particular one, it gets complicated. Below we will correspond FIXD vs BlueDriver so that it can be a worthy investment for you. Here you can find out the similarities and differences between these two scanning tools.

  • Car Compatibility

FIXD and BlueDriver are compatible with a wide range of car models. You can connect the devices with older model-year 1996 to almost all newer car models, including Ford, Mercury, Toyota, BMW, Honda, Chrysler, Nissan, etc. Though the devices have wide vehicle compatibility, still, you need to check thoroughly if the device will match your car model or not.

  • Ease Usage

BlueDriver and FIXD both are excellent in their own segment. Both scanners provide quick and reliable information about your car in a single tap. You can easily use them without any errors. Moreover, the cordless device is more convenient to use.

The use process of both scanners is very similar because of their Bluetooth-enabled connectivity. Lock the tool into the OBD2 dock and connect it with the corresponding software application. Then you will get all the sensor codes and you can easily analyze all the critical parts with one click.

Whether you are a learner, amateur, or specialist, this will be a piece of cake for you. The software interface is very simple and easy to read and understand. Both scanners have multiple language settings for easy understanding. Both of them provide live data and vehicle health in real-time.

  • Operating System 

In the case of the operating system, both scanners offer the same level of compatibility. You can run the devices with your Android or iOS smartphones. Both devices can examine the OBD2-compliant vehicles.

  • Analyzing Features

BlueDriver and FIXD offer a wide array of tantamount features that helps you to diagnose the car thoroughly. Both scanning tools can allow one to.

  • Check Engine Light
  • TPMS
  • Airbag Check
  • ABS
  • Freeze Monitor
  • CEL Reset
  • Engine Transmission Codes
  • Confirmed Fixes
  • Pro Tips

Additionally, both car scanners work in a similar manner. Whatever you choose from them, you can get all of these above functions.

  • Additional Features

Engine light checking, ABS system checking, reading, and clearing codes are basic functions of a car scanning tool. While you compare these two models, you will know about the differences. BlueDriver offers you a wide range of features that FIXD doesn’t.

BlueDriver provides you with rich diagnostic information, including climate control, repair report generated, and SRS airbags. Using this scanner, you can understand the codes in a professional manner. Another impressive feature is the price estimator.

This feature notifies you when you need to repair your can and how much you need to pay for repairs in a particular shop. Reading the information, you can financially be ready for the cost. Moreover, you will get all the vehicle information with the tool.

FIXD also allows enhanced monitoring of the car. But the features and perfection are high in BlueDriver. That is why a professional’s first priority is the BlueDriver scan tool.

  • Portability 

In the case of design and portability, the FIXD scanning tool wins the race. FIXD scanning tool is much more lightweight, leaner, and portable than the BlueDriver. You can hold up it in your pocket and make an instant examination. It is a handy tool for car owners. If you need a professional-grade analysis then go with the BlueDriver.

  • Multi-Vehicle Control

There is a major difference when comparing the number of supported vehicles. FIXD makes this difference. This scanner contains multi-vehicle control that can handle 5 cars at a time and simultaneously give you reminders of servicing. For those who have multiple cars and need to examine the overall health of the cars, then FIXD would be the best option. BlueDriver can examine one car at a time.

  • Price Range

There are many car owners who don’t need to pay more for a scanning tool. But it is worth your money in every way. There is a huge difference in the price range of these scanning tools. For an affordable pick, you can take the FIXD device. This device offers almost the same functions and it comes at half of the price of BlueDriver. If you don’t need an enhanced examination, then FIXD will be best. However, BlueDriver is the ultimate choice for professional work needs no matter the price is high.

Pros And Cons

BlueDriver FIXD


1. User-friendly interface Small and compact design.
2. Cordless operation Lightweight and easy to carry.
3. Provides a wide range of features Multiple vehicle support
4. Analyzes the vehicle in depth Affordable price
5. Easy to pair with Bluetooth Works with iOS and Android
6. Free update Effectively read data and clever it.


1. Doesn’t give an accurate performance in older car models. Doesn’t detect SRS and ABS perfectly
2. High price Poor in feature

Which One Is Better?

In this compassion article, you can now relate both scanning tools. FIXD OBD2 scanner is a Bluetooth-enabled device that quickly syncs with the software and hardware. The scanner offers so many features that you will have a clear knowledge of your car. You can take care of 5 cars at the same time. It is the best option while you are traveling a long way. It is very handy, lightweight, and compact.

BlueDriver is the first choice for professionals as you can enjoy a lot of benefits. The biggest benefit is that you can thoroughly diagnose your car. You will have all information about the small and major components. You can find more complex issues using the device. It also gives pro tips and fixes from professional database all over the world. So it is ideal for professionals and DIYers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there a monthly fee for BlueDriver?

You need to download software to use the BlueDriver scanner and you can see the information on the software interface. You will be satisfied to learn that there is no monthly or yearly fee to use the BlueDriver software. It is a totally free app and you will get the updated version free of cost. Just you need to buy the scanner.

  1. What is the best auto scanner for the money?

The auto scanner is a great portable device to diagnose the car’s whole system. There are many types of car scanners like corded and cordless. But if you have a tight budget, you can buy a corded scanner with basic functions. However, you can buy FIXD which is the best cordless scanner at an affordable price. It gives many functions to diagnose your car.

  1. Is the BlueDriver worth it? 

BlueDriver tends to be a pricy auto scanner. It is the price for the prime performance and many professionals love to work with it. This scanner helps to get a complete picture of your car’s internal condition. It is trusted by professionals as the scanner provides precise live data and shows vehicle health in real time. Moreover, you can easily use the scanner. You need to purchase any subscription and you will have regular free updates.

  1. What is the best diagnostic scanner tool in the market? 

The diagnostic tool is the only way to find the internal problems of the car. It quickly finds the problem and gives tips to fix the problem yourself. And it also recalls you when you require to consult a mechanic. Of these amazing features, people widely buy these devices, so their popularity is high.

There are numerous diagnostic tools in the market and getting a specific one is tough. So we prefer the most professional choice. You can see that BlueDriver is a professional-grade diagnostic tool that is trending on the market. It offers an ample amount of functions for proper care of your car. Though the price is high, the performance is worth it.

Final Words

In BlueDriver vs FIXD comparison, the BlueDriver proves its powerful performance. It provides proper diagnostic options. That is why the price is also higher than FIXD. On the other hand, FIXD is an affordable option and you can get almost familiar functions. If you have many autos, then you must pick the FIXD otherwise, BlueDriver will prove costly for you.

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