How To Use a Paint Sprayer with Air Compressor [2023]

Do you know, How to use a paint sprayer with air compressor? Air compressors are used for painting many things. With an air compressor, you can spray paint evenly on a surface. Also, an air compressor can save you lots of time, and it is effortless to use. Without using any spray, there is a chance of creating patches. But spray doesn’t create patches.

On the other hand, using a roller cannot be an alternative to paint sprayers. Rollers cannot be able to cover all space on a surface. Also, the roller leaves marks on the surface. That’s why you have to use an air compressor connected to a paint sprayer.

Here I’ll instruct you on how to use a paint sprayer with an air compressor. Get an air compressor and follow the instruction I’ll tell you. You can use it as a beginner as well as a professional pianist.

How To Use a Paint Sprayer with Air Compressor Easy 8 Steps 2023

Learning how to use a spray gun to paint a car with a compressor is a simple process. What you need is patience. Without your patience and willingness, you cannot be able to use an air compressor paint sprayer latex. So, follow the steps I am going to tell you now, and I am ensuring you would love the process.

Select and Make Ready The Paint Area

First and foremost, the thing before spraying is to make ready the paint area. Usually, painting brings a hazard around the painting area. And if it is about painting with an air compressor, that will come up with more mess. For avoiding catastrophe, you have to set canvas sheets around the painting area where you are going to spray. Do not expose the nearest area of the painting that you are not willing to paint.

Use Thinner To Thin The Paint

For spraying, oil-based oily enamels are used generally for a compressor air sprayer. You can also use latex and acrylics. You can use water as a suitable thinner. Thinner offers sticky paint to more dilute.

Paint Sprayer with Air Compressor

Before spraying, ensure that you have mixed thinner with the paint color. This will allow flowing the paint freely through the sprayer.

Ensure a Mask, Glass, and Gloves Before Paint Spraying

All the works need some security and safety to follow. Before starting to spray, you will need a respirator or mask, safety glasses, gloves, a compressor, high-pressure paint, or primer. You have to wear safety gear such as a respirator or mask, safety glasses, and gloves before working with any color, primer, or stain to avoid serious injury.

Start The Air Compressor

Let’s talk about the compressor. Before spraying, you have to turn on the compressor for using some air. As a result, you will be able to prime and test your sprayer. Building up pressure in an air compressor, it needs some time. Also, you can regulate the pressure of the sprayer by revolving the regulator of the air compressor.

Set Up The Regulator Compressor

The ideal pressure of the best air compressor for painting furniture is 12 to 25 PSI. For knowing the exact amount of pressure, you have to take a glance over the sprayer user manual. As it varies for different brand sprayers.

Join The Sprayer With Hose Coupling

Now connect the spray gun attachment to your compressor using the appropriate high-pressure hose, connectors, and regulators. Check the spray head for the volume of airflow needed in cubic feet per minute and make sure the compressor can deliver at least that amount.

Outpour a Little Paint Thinner and Unclose Metering Valve a Little

Now you have to pour paint thinner into the reservoir. Do not pour much paint thinner. Just ensure the siphon tube is liquidated by the paint thinner. Now revolve the metering to open up slightly.

Paint With The Air Paint Sprayer

To get the most delicate splatter pattern, you have to revolve the knob switch for adjusting the air. Now spray on the pattern for test painting. You should do this every time you paint.

Why You Need To Attach Air Compressor With Air Paint Spray Gun

Air paint spray gun with an air compressor offers low-pressure output, which means you can paint evenly with the air compressor on any surface. Moreover, you can paint through the sprayer quite easily. The compressor can pressurize the air, and you can spray more evenly and uniformly.

Attach Air Compressor With Air Paint Spray Gun

Also, the air compressor has some negative points. As the compressor has high pressure, it can break the glasses. Moreover, if the spray paint contacts your skin, it can damage your skin. So do not point the spray head toward your skin.

Additional Tips

  • Use the smallest tip sprayer you can to atomize the paint or primer for an even coating.
  • After spraying the first layer of paint, wait for 12-24 hours before repeating on the first layer.
  • Follow the way on the package to mix the paint with the solvent in the right proportions to get the correct density.


What amount of compressor do I need for spray painting?

  • You will need 12 to 25 PSI for spraying. But for knowing the exact amount of PSI, you can go through the user manual of the sprayer.

Why do I need to add thinner in the paint?

  • Generally, viscous paint is suitable for paint sprayers. For making it thin and suitable for spraying, you need to add thinner.

Is it okay to use my air compressor for painting?

  • Yes, it is. A Compressor helps to paint on any evenly by the sprayer. Just connect the spray gun with the air compressor and start your spraying.

Final Note

Painting with a sprayer looks very daunting the very first time. But by following the methods I’ve told you, it will seem easier. You can use a paint sprayer for different purposes, even the whole house. It will be better if you use a pneumatic paint sprayer air compressor for painting houses. Finally, do not forget to follow security and safety issues.

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