How To Use an Air Compressor Properly : 6 Ways You Can Do!

To use any tool successfully, you need to how to use it first. If you know how to use a tool properly, you can then get the best output without any trouble. An air compressor is a modern tool and you should know how to use it before getting started. As it’s a complex tool and people want to know about it, we decided to write a complete guide on how to use an air compressor. So, let’s go to the discussion-

How To Use An Air Compressor

In order to use an air compressor successfully, you have to take time and prepare the machine for the best output without any trouble. Follow these instructions below to use an air compressor successfully-

Check The Machine

Not only air compressor, but you should also check any tool before start using it. It ensures safety.

Before getting started with an air compressor, take a few minutes, and check every part of the machine. First of all, check the dials and make sure the hose of the machine is secured properly. This part is very important but most people don’t do it.

It’s a mistake and doesn’t make this same mistake. Without a proper hose connection, you won’t get proper air pressure. And you will damage the hose and the air compressor if you use it wrongly for a long time.

After that, check the power switch and make sure it’s kept OFF when you plug it into the power source. Switch ON when the machine is connected to the power source, not before. Because if you do so, you’ll just damage the machine. And I’m sure that you don’t want to do that!

Be Prepared & Power It Up

After finishing the checking part, it’s time to be prepared and power up the tool. But you know what, there are 3 main types of air compressors and they need a different type of preparation. Mainly 3 types of air compressors are seen- Electricity-powered, Gas-powered, and Oil-powered.

If you have an electric air compressor, you should turn it on once the machine is connected to the socket. It’s quite simple. And if you have a gas-powered compressor, then you should check the gasoline level and increase it if needed. And finally, if you own an oil-powered compressor, then check the level of the oil and refill it if the level is under the recommended level. Make sure that the seal is tight enough. If not, the compressor will overheat.

Whichever air compressor you use, check it and prepare the machine at its recommended way. Once you’re done, you’re ready to step on to the next level and turn the machine on.

Adjust The Right Pressure

You’re all set up and it’s time to use the compressor. Once the air compressor is turned on (the machine will then start filling the tank with compressed air), alter the pressure gauge, and get the right air pressure that you need for the job. You need different air pressure for a different tool. So, you have to make sure that you know the exact required pressure measurement for the job and set the exact air pressure.

Please note that there are two gauges in an air compressor. The first one shows the air pressure of the compressor tank and the second one shows the pressure of the hose. These are also known as Proper Air Pressure (PSI) and Air Flow (CFM). Make sure you have adjusted these gauges into to right dials, for required pressure.

Additional Notes

Once the tank of the air compressor has been filled with the required amount of compressed air, you are ready to use the air. Close the gauge then and start using the hose for your job. You may need special hose attachments for different types of jobs.

It’s time to add the attachment to the tip of the hose. And while attaching it, make sure that you do it fast and securely so that no damage is caused to the machine, hose, or yourself. You should always be careful to avoid any unwanted situation.

Shut Down the Machine

When you have finished the job with the air compressor, it’s time to turn off the machine safely. Before shutting the machine down, turn the pressure gauge off first. After that, turn off the power switch of the compressor to shut the machine completely.

Once the machine is shut down completely, you’re free to unplug the air compressor from its power source. Remember, DO NOT cut the power source first before shutting down the machine completely. It harms the machine.

Once you have done all the following steps, it’s time to release the leftover air from the compressor tank. After releasing the leftover air, check the pressure relief valve. This valve shows the air pressure of the tank. Keep the valve open until all the air from the tank has been released. And you’re all set to pack the machine up.


Well, this is not a part of using the air compressor, but it’s important to keep the machine secure and safe. After finishing using it, you should store the machine in the correct way so that it doesn’t get any damage while not in use.

Store the machine in a secure and dry place and make sure there is no remaining air into the tank. If you do not store the machine in a dry place, it will then cause damage and erosion and reduce the longevity of the machine significantly.

Final Words

We’ve tried to make this air compressor using instructions very easy so that you can easily understand it and use your machine successfully without any trouble. Actually, using an air compressor isn’t too tough, you just need to know properly how to use it. And we just did that!

You now know how to use an air compressor correctly. We hope, you’ll find this guide helpful. Best of luck.

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