Autel Autolink AL319 Review In 2023

For measuring an ideal OBD 2 scanner, one must go through Autel Autolink AL319 reviewFrom this point of view, Autel Autolink AL319 OBD2 Scanner is offering the simplest but most precise scanner. When the engine light comes up, every diver feels fish thorns stuck in the throat.

Since then, there has been an instability inside the driver’s head when they will be able to check the engine. Autel AL319 solves the problem quickly. All you have to do just park the vehicle. 

So, make sure you are reading every detail you are going to talk about here. The questions about this Autel scanner will be answered at the end. Hopefully, you can find out if this thing meets your needs after reading the writings.

Autel Autolink AL319 Review

Autel Autolink AL319


Plug and PlayIt comes with a Plug and Play function. Sometimes the interface of the OBD-II tool makes us flummox. By using it, one can take easily control the functions and easily find the reasons behind the blinking check engine light.

Turning Off CEL EnableThe AL319 can read DTCs, freeze frame, display live data, and one press I/M readiness. These functions will help determine the root cause of the engine problem and turn off the Check Engine Light.

User-Friendly Structureit offers a TFT color display, LED indicator, one-click I/M readiness, and a long cable. No battery is needed to run it. By connecting with the plug under the dashboard, you can scan the problem.

Provides Exquisite DataThis scanner is compatible with English, French, Spanish, and old OBD-II protocol vehicles like Toyota, Honda, Ford, Nissan, etc. it provides accurate data.

Visual and Audio Data: The scanner has a built-in high-quality speaker and bright LED. You can get vehicle readiness in which you want. Audio data helps others to hear the readiness. The TFT screen is 2.4 inches in size and provides clear visibility even on the outside.

Toleration of Temperature: This may seem unimportant to you, but it matters for OBD-II scanners. It can handle extreme temperatures like extreme cold and or excessive heat. The Autel Autolink AL319 can control 0-60°C temperature. You can store the temperature is -20 to 70 °C.

Vehicle Model Coverage: The scanner works great on most post-1996 OBD-II compatible vehicles and works perfectly on American, Asian, and European model vehicles. Supports on KWP2000, ISO09141, J1850 PWM, J1850 VPW, and CAN.

Service: It provides 12 month’s warranty. Also, a lifetime online update is possible if you can connect with your pc.

Operating: The OBD-II scanner has three buttons. For browsing, there have two buttons. And the other one is for one-click I/M readiness. Also, the Autolink AL319 helps to figure out the meanings of the codes, that’s why you don’t have to check the car manual or search in the engine to retrieve the codes.


  • Display: TFT color Display (220 x 176 dpi)
  • Freeze Frame: Enable
  • Dimension: 4.61 (L) x 2.83 (W) x 0.71 (H)  
  • Weight: 6.2 ounces
  • Operating Temperature: 32-140 F° 
  • Voltage: 12 volts

  • Adequate display size.
  • Understands multiple languages.
  • Works great on a large number of vehicles.
  • No battery, no charge is needed.
  • Offers varieties of functions.
  • The one-year service warranty and free lifetime update.
  • Readiness monitor status and auditable alarm compatible.
  • Very few users complained about its update.
  • Short cable.


Advantages of Autel Autolink AL319 Scanner

Here, you will get the information about This OBD 2 scanner’s advantages we won’t find any mid-range OBD-II scanner. 

I/M Readiness 

Yes, I/M readiness is something you can’t expect at such a low price. This is something other OBD 2 scanners don’t always provide. But everyone must understand the importance of having I/M readiness. A car’s computer uses monitors to examine the electronically governed components.

These monitors help the computer to know if there are any issues and the location of the problems. Monitors will test to detect problems, and after identifying any problems, the monitors will let the computer know about it. Then the computer would set a code that will turn on the check engine light.

If the check engine light turns on, the monitors will not be ready to run further tests to detect any issues until the required tests are done. That’s why you have to ensure after repairing whether the monitors are prepared to catch again. In most cases, the repair gets verified after the monitor gets ready again.

The Autel AL319 informs us if the monitors are ready. The color TFT display, built-in speaker, and the one-touch I/M readiness button help in the repairing process. Furthermore, the readiness monitors help in state inspections. Sometime your vehicle will need emission inspections.

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To make it ready, the monitor is part of the emission inspection. A not-ready system will never pass the inspection requirements. That’s why by using the scanner, you will get the idea of whether the required operation is ready before emission inspections.

Freeze Frame

In simple words, a freeze-frame freezes the data. The freeze frame can tell us about the condition of the engine when the check engine line is turned on. It also says about the RPMs, speed, and how much time has passed after the engine started.

Now the question is why it is so necessary to freeze the data. Freeze data will help to know about the condition of the fuel, the engine’s temperature, battery voltage, etc. Sometimes, you will get code that says the engine runs lean.

This means the ratio of the air-fuel mixture isn’t perfect or little fuel. The freeze-frame will allow us to see the data of that exact time. That’s why we can easily get a clearer idea behind turning on the check engine light.

Also, sometimes, for intermittent problems, check engine light turns on. But if you go to a mechanic, he won’t find trouble because it was an intermittent problem. So, you can get the data on why the engine light turns one in Autolink AL319.

Resetting The Trouble Codes

The check engine light will be blinking until the trouble codes are cleared. There’s no need to fix the problem again. Because the light is still blinking because the trouble code is still staying in the system.

That’s why the Autolink AL319 has a reset monitor option. By selecting the option, you can clear the trouble code from the system of your vehicle. As a result, the indicator light of the check engine will stop blinking.

Furthermore, resetting the trouble code allows us to know the problem is corrected. So, if the problem is still in the system, resetting won’t work. That’s how you can ensure you have done the right fix or not.

The AL319 allows us to get access quickly in the clear diagnostic trouble code, and at the same time, we can ensure the monitor has reset without any issues. The Autel AL319 will provide you with up-to-date data about the monitors of a vehicle’s computer system.

Larger Screen 

The LCD of this Autolink is the crucial feature of its body. The large display helps to provide an excellent and user-friendly interface. The colorful screen will comfort your eyes, and it is effortless to read code from the display. Also, the size of the screen is suitable for live data checking and bright sunlight outside.

Massive Range of Vehicle Coverage

Probably the first thing to notice before buying any OBD 2 scanner. No matter how smart how costly someone’s OBD-II scanner is, all scanners are not compatible with all types of vehicles. It is good to know the scanner for personal use and whether it fits your vehicle.

In this case, Autolink AL319 is compatible with post-1996 US-based, 2002 EU-based, Asian, and newer vehicles. In this favorable price, this is an excellent feature to talk about.


Already you have known about several premium-level functions of this OBD-II scanner such as I/M readiness, freeze frame, and clearing trouble codes. Besides, the scanner can retrieve generic, manufacturer-specific codes, and the DTC definitions. Moreover, you will get general information about the vehicle and read live PCM data from it.

AS the AL319 has no battery, there’s no need to of charge. It will run by taking power directly from your vehicle battery. The data link connector method makes it easy to operate. This scanner is entirely based on simplicity. 

Readily Available 

It would be a crime not to refer to anything about its price. It is not cheap but also a very high price, favorable for all types of consumers. It won’t be fair if you expect to get so much at this price. But it will not disappoint you at all. Here you’ll seek out all the functions that you cannot do without.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Possible To Clear a Permanent DTC?

The Diagnostic Trouble Code is memorized when the Check engine light has been illuminated. You can not erase DTC codes with a scan tool or a keep-alive memory reset or disconnect the battery. There are two ways of clearing the permanent DTC. Three consecutive accepted fault-fee monitoring cycles.

The Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) is mitigated, and at the start of the fault-free monitoring cycle, DTC gets cleared. Or you will get the “Clear DTC” request in your scanner after confirming one fault-free monitoring cycle. 

  • What Does I/M Readiness Means?

A car’s computer uses monitors to examine the electronically governed components. These monitors help the engine computer know if there are any issues and the problems’ location. Monitors will test to detect problems, and after catching any problems, the monitors will let the computer know about them.

The question is why it is so imperative to turn off the Malfunction Indicator light. If the check engine light turns on, the monitors will not be ready to run further tests to detect any issues until the required tests are done.

The Autel AL319 informs us if the monitors are ready. The color TFT display, built-in speaker, and one-touch I/M readiness button all help in the repair process.

  • How Can I Be Ensured That My Engine Light Has Been Cleare

Usually, the Malfunction Indicator Light is an icon of having an engine block sign. You have to wait for 20 seconds for the MIL to switch off. Five times blinking before completely turn off is the sign of reset monitor.

Final Note

From the Autel Autolink AL319 Reviewsurely you have got the idea of this decent OBD 2 scanner. Mostly, people purchase this mid-range OBD 2 scanner for personal use.

This device will prevent you from getting frustrated along the way if your vehicle faces any trouble. Do not get intimidated by the check engine light. Drive stress free and stay safe.

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