Super Useful Tips To Improve Water Heater Pilot Mode

New water heater consumers often think about water heater pilot mode. Fueled or gas water heater has a flame to ignite the burner. Pilot light is that small flame to heat water. It is visible through the access panel. You can not heat water in a tank without a pilot light.

Water Heater Pilot Mode

Consumers use water heaters for a long time; then, the pilot light may run out. Then you have to relight it. Because it is the central element to keep water warm in the tank, you can not relight it using a normal lighter or a matchbox but need a long lighter.

Water heater pilot mode is an essential factor to have hot water. You can turn it on or off. After repairing or relighting it can give you good service for a long time.

Water Heater’s Pilot Light Is Not Working Like Before

Your water heater’s pilot may not work for some valid reasons. The reasons can be –

Damaged Thermocouple

It senses whether the pilot light is lighting or not. If the pilot light is off, then the thermocouple shuts off the gas supply for safety. When the thermocouple becomes faulty, it stops the gas supply without any reason. Though pilot burning is working correctly, a damaged thermocouple may stop supplying gas to the flame.

Dirty Or Bent Thermocouple

Because of excessive dirt build-up on the thermocouple. May cause malfunction. A thermocouple can bend away due to flame. It breaks down the thermocouple system.

Blowing Out The Flame

The pilot light blows out due to solid drafts. It mainly happens because of not having a sealed combustion chamber. When a strong current happens near the unit, the pilot light blows out quickly.

Need For Combustible Air

A water heater may fix in a closet.  An explosive atmosphere and starving places create problems. It is one of the reasons pilots light out and produce carbon monoxide. Combustible air is a must for a water heater. You can put a water heater outside of the home or try room ventilation properly.

Water Heater’s  Pilot Mode Problems Easy Solution

Don’t be tense if your pilot is not working for the first time. By following some steps below, you can solve problems regarding the pilot by yourself.

  • Thermostat settings: To fix the pilot, you need to set the thermostat on the lowest setting.
  • Switch: There is a switch that offers you to turn out on/off/ pilot.
  • Panels: You should remove the outer and inner panels to access the pilot light.
  • Igniting flame: Holding the pilot button, take a long lighter to ignite the flame. You can also use a match instead of a long lighter. Old-version water heaters may not have any buttons.
  • Pilot button: Hold down the pilot button for the next 60 seconds after the flame is lit and burns bright blue.
  • Knob position: Turn on the knob with your desired temperature. Our recommendation is to set the knob on ‘A.’
  • Panels and temperature: After relighting, replace the board. Turn the thermostat back to its standard temperature settings.

Standard Colour Of The Flame Of Your Pilot Light

The flame color should be blue. It uses less gas to bring more heat. But your pilot flame can be yellow or slightly orange. It indicates wasting energy. Yellow or orange light may produce carbon dioxide.

It happens due to too much air mixture in your gas boiler, and it is an incorrect system. Switch off the boiler that supplies gas.

If you feel sick and see a yellow light, call your doctor immediately for a health check-up. Some signs of carbon monoxide are given below:


It causes extra air to come into your gas supply and turns the flame into a yellow or orange color. Currents are one of the common problems. You need to ensure draught-proofing of your property and a secured cover.

Adjust The Screw

There is a screw in the valve. Read the manual book from the manufacturer to locate that screw. Turn the screw until the flame turns out blue. Be careful while doing this activity.

Cleaning Pilot Tube

If nothing works out, then the problem is within the pilot tube. Dirt and grime clog up the pilot tube. It disrupts air or gas balance. You need to call a gas-safe registered engineer to repair the gas boiler. But you can also do it by yourself with the help of a nail, needle, or any other thin object.


  • 01. Can I leave my water heater tank in pilot mode?

Ans. It is not necessary to leave the water tank in pilot mode. The main burner remains off, and the pilot does not affect it. So eventually, you save nothing. You may turn your heater off. Generally, the pilot light can maintain a set water temperature.

  • 02. Does the pilot light go out on the water heater to create life risk?

 Ans. Yes, it is a life-taking risk. A water heater situated in a utility closet causes starvation of combustible air. Then pilot light may not work. Without proper air ventilation, there is less combustible air, and it causes carbon monoxide to build up in a room. It causes much harm, even death.

  • 03. Should I keep the pilot light always on the water heater? 

Ans. Yes, the pilot should always be burning on the water heater. To know whether it is working or not, open the access panel or try to look closely through the glass shield. There should be flames to see.


The water heater pilot mode is for the gas water heater. Many users think about the pilot light off and on condition. New users or old users who turn off the pilot light during vacation may want to relight it. It is not like regular firing. You need to maintain some precautions to avoid accidents.

Relighting the pilot is easy but a little bit risky. It would help if you had a manual book, and tools, and focused on relighting the pilot light. If you have doubts about yourself, don’t do it by yourself.

You can always get a plumber or helper to help you. Relighting pilots is essential to get a supply of hot water for your daily household chores.

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