Does A Gas Water Heater Need Electricity 2023?

Before buying a gas water heater, a thought comes to the consumer “Does a gas water heater need electricity? The answer to this question is, ” Not really it needs electricity. But for some purpose, it uses electricity.”A gas water heater with an autopilot light can work continuously. Consumers think it works in a power outage.

The water heater is as essential as water running at your home because you would need hot water in doing some essential work. Gas water heater saves you from high electricity bills and accidents with wire. You can preset water temperature in the gas water heater.

Whoever doesn’t have or wants to avoid an electricity connection can buy a gas water heater. We don’t need to boil water in pots as we have a water heater. It is getting more popular and easy to find in markets near you.

Gas Water Heater

A water heater that is fuelled by gas is a gas water heater. It transfers hit by a fluid. It is actually of two kinds. One is with a tank, and the other is without a tank. A gas water heater with a tank saves money more than one without a tank. It is less expensive and low in trial cost.

Does A Gas Water Heater Need Electricity?

People use to warm water in pots. But now there are water heaters of different types such as electric or gas water heaters. The most risk-free winter water heater. Thanks to technology for inventing such a low cost and useful item. It is demandable in winter when we need warm water most.

One of the most common questions relating to the gas water heater is “Will a gas heater work without electricity? “.  I will describe the answer below, but we need to know how it works so nicely.

Gas Water Heater Operations


The process of installation depends on the type of water heater. There’s a difference in installing a gas water heater between a tank and without a tank. It is best to get a plumber to fix it.

Tank Type Gas Water Heater

The gas water heater consists of a sealed container. It is designed with a gas burner underneath.

Gas Burner

The pipe supplies cold water continuously into the tank. The water at the bottom starts warming slowly by a gas burner. Eventually, the water gets hotter. Water would start rising in the tank when a certain level is crossed by hotness.

Supply Line

As cold water is supplied regularly, so hot water remains in the upper level of the tank. Whenever you want warm water, the tank supplies it from its upper level.

The hot water discharge pipe is shorter than the cold water supply pipe because it reaches only the tank’s surfer level.

Using Regulator

A gas regulator controls the gas water heater, and a 5A regulator controls the gas burner to heat water as you want. The regulator is situated at the side of the tank.

It has a thermostat that helps you to know and monitor the temperature of the water. By thermostat, you can set and maintain the temperature as you desired.

Gas Water Heater Without Tank

To store warm water, it is not included in the tank. But it gives you hot water when you request by heating water. It heats water in the pipe as you need it.

Heat Exchanger

The gas burner heats water and the heat exchanger transfers to the flowing water through pipes. It heats water according to your preset temperature.

After knowing the gas water heater operation, get back to the question, “Does gas hot water heater need electricity?”

The gas water heater is not as dependent on electricity as an electric water heater. But it needs electricity sometimes to work on particular functions. Not all tank types of gas water heaters need electricity.

Some models need electricity for their pilot light burning, and gas water heater lights their igniter with electric starters. Electric current is indeed for heat exchangers. It senses hot water and transfers it to the pipe. For that process, it needs an electric current.

Digital remote and PC board powered by electricity. Hence, a gas water heater without a tank needs electricity to work. However, you don’t need electricity to operate a gas water heater. You can use a battery backup.


  • 1. Is there no need for electricity for a water heater?

Ans. Yes, if you own a conventional gas tank. It runs on a pilot light. There is no disruption to the heater’s power though no connection to the circuit(electric). It will work restlessly.

  • 2. How many amps does a gas water heater need?

Ans. 20-amp circuit. To operate the water heater, we need a 20-amp circuit. Ohm’s law formula determines it,” watts divided by voltage equals amps.”

  • 3. Can I have hot water after the power goes down?

Ans. Tank type water heaters mostly don’t use electricity. Even it needs electricity to ignite gas and heat water. After the power goes out, the heated water left in your tank can fill up a bathtub. It gives you warmth and comfort.

  • 4. How long a gas water heater last long?

Ans. About 8-12 years. The manufacturer suggests that a water heater lasts for 8-12 years. That varies with the location, design, quality of installations, maintenance routine, and water quality.


It is expected that new buyers want to know, “Does gas hot water heater need electricity?”A gas water heater with a tank or tankless requires electricity though at a minimum rate. Moreover, you don’t need to plug it in like other water heaters.

You also don’t need to spend much money on electricity bills like using the electric water heater. The main reason for using electricity is to start the ignition. If your plumber finds out an alternative way, then there is no need for electricity.

Technology blessed us with new water heaters that use fuels and supply hot water. One of the beautiful inventions is the gas water heater. It makes your life simple and easy, especially in the wintertime. Hope this “Does a gas water heater need electricity ”post helps you”.

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