Is My Car OBD1 or OBD2

A general and ethical question to the car owner that, Is my car obd1 or obd2? The OBD is a highly developed computer-based technological system, which works to check out the mechanical issues and the efficiency of the engine.

It allows you to know all error codes. Most mechanics use the OBD system to figure out the car problem. At the same time, it reduces emissions.

Is My Car OBD1 or OBD2

So far, two types of on-board diagnostic (OBD) have come in the market, obd1 and obd2. But what type of obd is my car? And what is the core difference between obd1 and obd2?

Stay with us and get to know the detailed facts.

Definition of OBD1 and OBD2

Difference Between OBD1 and OBD2 Scanner


As per the California standard, OBD is the first established scanner board system. Which had been implemented in 1991? 

It played a very active role at that time in testing vehicle engine faults. At that time, it was a valuable and useful tool because of the talking power of the onboard computer.

Moreover, at that time, it was a revolution to find out any problem and solution to the car.

However, this scanner tool was using with reliability from 1991 to 1996. It also works for finding out the future suggestion for the vehicle so that the owner or mechanics can access the car quickly.


As per the federal universal standard rules, obd2 is a Government approved system. It comes as a smarter scanning tool and high-power processing. OBD2 has shown much more efficiency in checking the mechanical defects of the car. Where Odd 1 was able to test specific errors, there obd2 can test in a much more extensive range.

The most standard code for vehicle fault scanning is named obd2. Mainly, it was started to spread around the world after 1996. And is has been using till now as a best obd tool. We hope you have a clear idea of what is obd2?”

The Difference Between OBD1 and OBD2 Board

The obd1 and obd2 scanner diagnostic boards work in much the same way. Even there are some distinct differences between them. We would say first about the interface. Both come with a different and specific interface. For example, the obd1 one has been around for a long time.

Most importantly, it will be different depending on the brand. In this case, you will get a specific one for each brand.

On the other hand, obd2 has come with the most developed diagnostic power. And the most significant thing is obd2 is a universal diagnostic board. You will get some best obd2 scanners in the recent market. But the recommendation is to check out first the obd type of your car.

 What OBD Does My Car Have?

Are you extremely confused to understand the OBD type of your car? Well, we are here to help you. So that you can get the answer to the question “what obd protocol is my car”? There have many different processes to determine it.

But you can define it based on two specific factors. The first method is to check out under the hood manually. Generally, the manufacturer company adds a sticker under the hood where you will find the obd type.

Then another process is the car-producing year. You have to focus on the specific year. Primarily, this process is more natural. However, if you notice that the vehicle producing year is before 1996, make sure your car comes with the obd1 feature. Notice more, if the producing year is after 1996. Then it has maximum possibilities of being an obd2 scanner tool.

Moreover, you can make sure the obd type based on the interface system. We know the obd1 comes with a specific interface for each brand. And the obd2 comes with a universal interface which is the whole conventional world. In this case, check out the interface. If you found the interface is of specific, then be sure it is an obd1. Similarly, if you will be got a fixed interface, then it refers to the obd2 types.

Reason For Improvement The OBD

Science is always wanted to provide more advanced technology to people. That’s why obd2 has become replaced with the obd1 scanner tool. Although the obd1 was the first and foremost scanner, it doesn’t stand out for a long time. It has many limitations. The most significant barrier is that you have to use your obd1 scanner for each different brand car.

With the change of time, there have released obd2. It comes with more chances to know the car fault diagnoses. One of the best advantages of obd2 providing that you can use only one obd2 for all branded cars. Besides, many new additional features were added with the obd2 scanner.

When it comes to the connection, here also obd2 is performed excellently. Because obd1 has only one way to connect with the scanner, but luckily, you will get an obd2 scanner with multiple connecting methods. You can combine this obd2 with the scanner by direct wire. Fortunately, you can join it by WIFI or Bluetooth connection.

Will OBD2 Read OBD1?

We think it is essential to know this answer perfectly. Do you think diagnosing the obd1 car with an obd2 car scanner? Sorry to say that it may work or may not work. Because, obd1 comes with an entirely different interface, diagnosis process, and installation method.

For this reason, obd2 always won’t work for obd1 cars. But there have some additional adapters in the market. Many times, it has been possible to read the obd1 car problems with the obd2 scanner because of an appropriate adapter. But the matter of alas! This type of adapter may cost you a lot.


Do obd2 scanners work on all cars?

An obd2 scanner will work on all branded obd2 configured cars. But obd2 scanner won’t work on obd1 set cars. In rare cases, you can use obd2 to read the obd1 car’s problems. But keep in mind that it is costly.

Final Words:

Our heartiest belief is that you have got the answer to “Is my car obd1 or obd2?”. Hopefully, you do have not any problem finding the obd type of your car. If you enjoyed this content, then please share this helpful information with other friends. Have you had any suggestions to improve this content? You can give us.

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