Innova 3160g Review In 2023

You should know that Innova is one of the growing brands for car lovers, and what’s the new thing they have come up with? What do you think about the OBD2 scanner from this brand? Well, the new Innova scanner is here, and you will get the Innova 3160g Review. An OBD2 scanner for cars is as important as a home with maintenance tools. The scanner also helps to maintain good car health, which is essential for a nice driving experience.

However, even if you still don’t know about the OBD2 scanner and its functions, you can follow this content.

From this content, you are going to get a full review of this particular product with pros and cons. Again, some additional tips with the OBD2 scanner will help you to improve your experience. So, further, I do, let’s start the show.

What Will You Get From A Car Code Scanner?

Have you ever faced problems regarding any code issues or error codes from your car? If yes, then you need to have an OBD2 scanner to read that code so that you can understand the nature of the problem.

After that, you can also fix that problem if you are so capable.  If you want to check live data of your car’s health and previously checked tests’ results, results, it is also possible by an OBD2 scanner or a car code reader. You should know that- to maintain the car’s health, you need to occupy an OBD2 scanner, and the scanner should be the modern one. 

The best scanner can offer you the best results and features, which will help to maintain the best care of your car. Like other modern scanners, the Innova 3160g is also providing the best features at an affordable price. So, let’s see what it offers to you.

Innova 3160g Review

Innova 3160g


The Innova 3160g OBD2 scanner is one of the best car code scanning tools in the market for some of its special features. It is an advanced professional OBD2 scanner, but any DIYer can take it for regular car maintenance because of its simple and user-friendly interface.

This OBD2 scanner is an excellent tool for diagnosing, checking engine, ABS, and SRS lights, initializing batteries, resetting oil and battery maintenance lights, charging system tests, and recording and streaming live data.

Another special feature of Innova 3160g is its Bluetooth functionality. You can use your suitable and favorite software on your phone to record and stream live data and trouble codes. But if you don’t want to use the phone, you can operate it manually. Moreover, this OBD2 scanner has a clear and big display screen and perfect button setup. And it works on all post-1996 OBD2 vehicles, both domestic and foreign.

Quick Innova 3160g Specification 

  • Weight- 1.5 pounds
  • Product Dimension- 10.25 x 8.25 x 1.5 inches
  • Batteries- 3AA
  • Manufacturer- Innova
  • Model- 3160

Feature Update

  • Read and clear all OBD2 trouble codes of any domestic and foreign OBD2 vehicle made in 1996 or post-1996. It can also read codes of hybrids, SUVs, and light trucks.
  • Store live data and diagnostic trouble codes of 3 previous scans (any vehicle).
  • This scanner can reset the oil light on popular vehicles having an OBD2 port.
  • Read and clear ABS & SRS trouble codes, and check engine lights on most domestic OBD2 vehicles, including Asian and European vehicles.
  • Battery maintenance light reset and initialization.
  • 5” LCD screen.
  • Connect to any Bluetooth OBD2 app.
  • Test charging system.
  • Evaluate the car’s emission.
  • Streams and records live real-time live data to review later. This scanner also exports freeze frame data.
  • Store 3 Previously scanned data.
  • Simple to use.
  • Large And clear screen.
  • Reads and clear ABS and SRS error codes and resets oil light.
  • Have Led light on the OBD2 connector.
  • Export live data and freeze frame data.
  • You can update it from Windows 10
  • Have to pay for a software update after a one-year free subscription.
  • Needs batteries.
  • Beginners may find it difficult to operate.
  • May not be compatible with some specific vehicles. It is better to check the compatibility at the manufacturer’s website.


Why Should You Buy Innova 3160g?

This is an important question for everybody why does he/she buy this product? In this section, I will answer this question. And it will help you to judge whether this OBD2 scanner is suitable for you.

First, the Innova 3160g scan tool is compatible with a large number of vehicles. This scanner can scan smoothly and perfectly in BMW, Nissan, Toyota, Volkswagen, GMHyundai, Mercedes Benz, etc. Moreover, this can work under multiple protocols like CAN protocols., ISO 9141, J1850 PWM, and J1850 VPW.  This OBD2 scanner can not only be compatible with domestic vehicles but foreign vehicles.

Second, it has a user-friendly interface. Though it might be difficult for the beginner, after two or three uses, one gets familiar with the functions. Its large LCD screen will help you to read everything easily. Moreover, you can read codes on your phone through any OBD2 app because Innova 3160g is Bluetooth compatible. This scanner has a slim design and is lightweight. It has intuitive buttons too.

Third, this scanner’s efficiency is comparatively higher than any other OBD2 scanner at the same price. It can read most of the OBD2 trouble codes and reset them, including ABS, SRS, and engine lights. Solution software is also included with it. You can find the fix easily from there. Innova 3160g also updates its software regularly.

Fourth, you can see the real situation of your vehicle. You can feel that it is talking with your car. You can see the live data graph and also can store them for later review. One of the fascinating factors of it is, it stores previously scanned data. This feature will help you to compare the condition of your vehicle.

Innova 3160g has a one-year warranty, and you will get customer support from the Innova support team.

Actually, this is a great car scanning tool for both professionals and DIYers. Its combination of Bluetooth connectivity and standalone features gives huge benefits to professionals. They can store and share data easily with their mates.

And for DIYers, this tool is kind of a pro scanner for them. Innova’s repair solution including with Innova 3160 scanner, helps a DIYer fix simple car problems on own. It may help you to understand what exactly is going in the vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Do I Pair The 3160g With My Smartphone via Bluetooth?

 if you are connecting the first time, you need to download the “Repair Solutions” app on your mobile. Then activate Bluetooth on the phone and open the app. Select the “Diagnose” option in the app.
Now, the scanner will automatically connect with your phone. After the first time connection, you need not follow this process. Because this scanning tool uses BLE technology, that’s why it will connect automatically when you run the app.

  • Will The 3160g Have The Ability To Read and Clear ABS/SRS Codes?

Yes. The Innova 3160g Scanner tool can read and clear ABS/SRS tools for most of the 1996 and post 1996 vehicles and domestic, Asian, and European vehicles.

  • Can You Drive with OBD Plugged In?

Of course, you can. And sometimes it is mandatory. Because when you are driving, the scanner can scan all the parts and codes of your car as they are inactive mode. Moreover, if you plug in the scanner while driving, you can understand your vehicle’s mechanism more clearly.

  • What Does 0 DTC Mean On a Code Reader?

First, DTC means diagnostic trouble codes. And 0DTC means you have no trouble codes in your vehicle.

Additional Tips

Here are some additional tips for you for a better experience-

  • Update your scanner and the app every year.
  • Keep some extra 3AA batteries always with you because this tool is powered from the battery. And after two or three tests you may need to change the battery for smooth performance.
  • Download the ” Repair Solutions” app on your phone for a better experience and for establishing a Bluetooth connection.

Final Note

I hope this Innova 3160g Review might help you to understand all the aspects of the Innova 3160g car scanner. If you are a DIYer and want to take an OBD2 scanner for regular vehicle maintenance, then this tool will be an excellent option for you. This is a pro tool for non-professionals.

Moreover, if you go out for a long trip or camping, then it can be an essential tool throughout the journey. Because this car scanner deeply monitors the car’s situation and you can see live data graph. And if I think from a professional side, it will help him to do a quick check.

Moreover, he can share the information with his coworkers because of its Bluetooth transmitting feature. So, considering all the advantages and disadvantages, this car scanning tool is worth buying.

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