Innova 3150RS Review In 2023

An OBD2 scanner is essential for your favorite car. You need to go for the best OBD2 scanner, and the Innova 3150rs is one of the best. The Innova 3150rs review will help you to know more about the product.

For a vehicle, it’s important to check the health and engine condition of that vehicle. The OBD2 scanner does it for you to help you more in maintaining the best health condition for your car. There are lots of OBD2 scanners available in the market, but today we’ll talk about Innova 3150rs, which is one of the best in the market.

So, what are you getting from this content? You will gain knowledge of this certain product with pros and cons. The review for INNOVA 3150rs will help you to give a reason to buy it. So, let’s dig into the content for more.

Why You Need The Best OBD2 Scanner?

Everybody wants the best product for his use, and as for the OBD2 scanner, what do you want? From my end, I want the best because it can help me to maintain my car health and other issues. If any fault codes appear to you, then you can solve them. Again, you can use all the smart features of this device. The features of the best product are certainly different from ordinary products.

Moreover, you will find a decent design and premium look for the best one while the ordinary one will have a cheap outlook. The best OBD2 scanner will let you save valuable time and money. However, if you have the chance to buy the best one, then don’t hesitate to choose that one. The value-for-money products can give you inner satisfaction, and this is also applicable to your OBD2 scanner. Let’s see what’s special on this Innova 3150rs.

Innova 3150RS Review

Innova 3150RS


With the live data feature, this car code reader is one of the best in the market, and the live data will help you check the status of your car. You will get ABS, SRS, with this device up next, which is a very important feature to have. You can reset the service light also, which is quite amazing.

This device works well on European and Asian cars also, and you can choose it for its cool features and design. The INNOVA brand is one of the most renowned brands out of the market, and you can trust the build quality.

You can have this device for a reasonable price range, which is great to hear. This universal tool is the most favorite tool for professional drivers. Now, you can check your own car’s health and maintain good car health.

This is a mid-range beast with some high-end features, and you will know about the features on the feature update section. So, you should see the quick specification that you will have from this tool.

Quick Innova 3150rs Specification

  • Weight– 1.45 lbs
  • Dimension– 10.25 x 8.25 x 1.5 inches
  • Color– Blue
  • Battery– 3 AA
  • PartNO– 3150RS
  • Brand– INNOVA
  • Compatible With– Almost Every Car from Asia and Europe

Feature Update

  • In this section, you will see the detailed feature update for this innova3150rs. So, let’s do it together.

Supported Module

Unlike another OBD2 scanner, the Innova 3150rs has some cool modules to show.

  • Read codes- This is the primary module that you will have from this tool, and you can read codes for solving the problems that arise. Again, the codes are very easy to identify as there are indications of that. However, the appearance of the fault codes is very minimalistic, and so you can easily read them by your device.
  • Live Data- Yes, in this tool, you can see live data, which will show you what’s the instant condition of your car. Now you can see real-time status through this device and check the oil temperature also. Again, you can see the RPM and other important digenesis stats from this module.
  • On-Board monitor test- The on-board monitoring test will allow you to see the result of the test that you have performed, and it works like a history tab. You can use this module to get a better experience.
  • Brake Codes- Brake codes will allow you to check your braking system’s performance all of a sudden where you can fix them if any problem appears.

Battery and Charging

  • As you know, the Innova 3150rs runs on battery power, then there you may ask about the charging time and battery backup. The charging time is very fast for this particular tool, and the backup is also good. Do you know an amazing fact about this tool? You can test for fault codes even if the tool is turned off. So, now you can enjoy the cool feature with a good battery backup.

Design and Build Quality

  • If you are intending to go with this tool, then the design and build quality will please you. This tool comes with a large LCD to show you the results of testing. The build quality of this scanner is also very good and durable. You can use it in every situation. The build material is also solid, and you won’t face any building issues from this tool.
  • You will get a LED-lit cable with this tool and be able to scan the code in real time. Again, you can hold the device in one hand, and it is designed to do so.

Bluetooth Connectivity

  • Through Bluetooth, you can link your device with smartphones and this is an amazing feature from this scanner. You will find the apps in both the Play Store and Apple Store. So, you can go for this product for this amazing feature where you can control the device with your phone.
  • The name of the software is –Repair Solutions.

Internet Update

  • If you want to check the Innova scan tool comparison chart, then you will find that this device is different from an ordinary scanner for its Internet update system. Yes, you can update the device through the internet, which is a very cool feature.
  •  The software can also be updated if any update comes from the manufacturer. With the changing of car technology, the old scanner can be updated now. The Innova 3150rs OBD2 tool update will amuse you out of nowhere. 

Language Support

There is three language of support for the device, and you can read the codes in three different languages. You can change the language formation from settings. The languages are-

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish

So, you don’t need to worry about the language, and you can read the codes in your language.

  • Light-weighted
  • Compact design
  • Different modules
  • Live data update
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Language support
  • Compatible with different models of trucks
  • You may find that it’s not compatible with some cars


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Innova 3150rs Manual or Automatic?

This device is fully automatic, and you can check the results from your smartphone. Again, you can also run the tests manually by the device. So, if are you going to buy an automatic OBD2 scanner, then you can go for this tool.

  • How To Get Updates For The Device Firmware?

As you have already known that you can update the tool through an internet connection, and now you need to know the way also. First of all, you need to download and install the INNOVA software on your computer. After that, you can search for updates from the software and make sure that the device is connected with a USB cable. You have ensured a good internet connection to your computer if any update is found from the manufacturer, then update it.

How To Check The ABS Code?

First, you need to connect the scanner cable to the car’s OBD2 port and start the car with the key. After that, select Scan from the device, and you need to select your car. Now, you are ready to check the ABS codes, and you can also erase the ABS codes from the scanner.

Additional Tips

You may look over some additional tips to improve your experience with the OBD2 scanner. So, let’s see the tips at a glance-

  • Innova 3150rs is a little tough to use for beginners, but it comes with more cool features. So, if you are easy with the 3150rs then you can go for the 3150rs for getting more thrill.
  • If you find any fault in your scan result, then try to solve it. But, if you see that you do not understand the error code, then you need to go to the car repair shop.

Final Note

I hope that you have understood the Innova 3150rs review and are ready to buy the scanner. In today’s life, a scanner is a must needed tool for proper digenesis of your car. Now, you can maintain the good health of your car and get benefits. As the Innova 3150rs is one of the best in the market, you can go for this tool for your car. Happy drive and safe drive.

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