How To Turn Off Water Heater When On Vacation

When you planning your vacation that’s a common question that can come to your mind, like “should you turn off gas water heater when on vacation ” is it safe to turn off a water heater during vacation” or how to turn off the water heater when on vacation”.

When you go outside for a long time, it’s a good idea to turn off your gas water heater. Turning off the gas water heater helps to save gas and also money.

Always check if should you turn off the gas water heater when on vacation; otherwise, overheating creates a problem that arises, but you aren’t there to take care of this type of situation.

How To Turn Off Water Heater When On Vacation

It’s not one reason you may need to turn off your heater. Sometimes you see the water heater leaking from the bottom and the pressure relief valve around the heater.

Turning off the heater is an emergency procedure that helps to prevent disaster.

Some Steps Need To Follow To Turn Of Water Heater Vacation

If you have a gas water heater, you will know how to turn off the water heater. It is essential for safety and money also. Having a gas water heater, you need to use it properly and know how it works. Know the different functions of the gas water heater part. You need to follow these steps:

Turning Off The Water Heater Valve

The gas control valve is red and black, located on the front of the tank near the bottom. Sometimes it may be hidden. If it is hidden, then you will pull back to reveal it.

Then you find the dial selector, which to the “on” position. Also, turn the dial pilot position to the “off” position.

These steps help prevent the burner from firing. If you want to turn off the water heater for a few minutes and service, you will turn the dial to the pilot.

Find The Gas Line And Turn Off The Gas Line Valve.

At first, you should find the gas supply line, then turn off the gas valve. If you don’t see the gas valve near the heater, you will follow the gas line. After doing all these things, you can’t get it for any reason. Then you should contact your gas supplier to help you.

Lastly, You Should Turn Off The Water Heater.

If you leave your house during the winter, you will drain the heater as a precaution. After turning off the gas, then wait for 12 hours to cool the water in the water heater. Some steps are given below:

  • Firstly you should open the pressure valve and hold it until releases any pressure or steam from the tank.
  • You have to add a hose with a drain valve.
  • Select a location where you can quickly drain the water.
  • The heater’s cold water valve will be closed.
  • You have to open the drain valve until the water runs out.
  • Lastly, you will close the drain valve and faucets.

How To Turn On The Gas Water Heater

After returning home from vacation, you should know how to turn on the gas water heater. Here is:

Firstly, you should take off the plate below the box with a dial on the water heater’s side. There is another inner plate that is needed to slide the side. Then you also see a pipe leading to a burner.

Turn the knob on the box labeled on/off/pilot past pilot to the off position. Wait for five minutes until the remaining gas dissipates.

Gas Water Heater

Turn the water temperature dial to low and push the pilot dial. Keep pressing it for 30 seconds, and then turn the dial from pilot to on. This is called the manual process.

If you have an automatic gas water heater, it will follow the same manual process. Ignitor is the main difference between the automatic gas water heater. When the dial from pilot to on, it creates a sound of “whoosh.”

Doing all of these steps, but the burner doesn’t light. Then you need to do the same steps again. If you try for an extended period, gas will create an explosion.

When Is The Gas Water Heater Dangerous?

A gas water heater is dangerous when the burner doesn’t shut off. If a gas water heater has a faulty part, it will release carbon monoxide, which is harmful to your family. Sometimes it creates a single spark that is damaging or destroying your home.

How To Check The Gas Leak In A Gas Water Heater?

Some steps are helping to detect a gas leak. Such as:

  • Using a gas leak detector
  • Trying soapy water
  • Checking the stove
  • You have to listen to a hiss or whistling noise. Then try to understand the problem.

How Long Does The Gas Water Heater Lasts?

About 8 to 12 years. It depends on various things such as maintaining where your water heater location, unit design, and also the nature of the water.

How To Maintain The Gas Water Heater?

To know how to main the gas water heater is essential because it helps the gas water heater long last. Maintaining tips:

  • Draining the gas water heater twice a year to get rid of it
  • By lifting the valve handle, you also check the pressure relief valve, releasing a burst of water. If it doesn’t work, then you will install a new valve.
  • Set the lower temperature. Doing this helps to reduce the damage to the gas water heater.


You have many reasons to turn off the gas water heater, such as replacing the water heater. Most essential and urgent when you smell gas in your house.

Then turn off the gas to the gas water heater immediately. Sometimes the gas water heater is not heating; it’s a common problem caused by the gas valve and the gas supply. Hope this ” How to turn off the water heater when on vacation ” article helps you find your answer.

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