How To Turn Off Water Heater To Save Energy 2023?

Nowadays, people use home appliances to raise the water temperature, which is called a water heater. It has a switch to turn off or on in both gas and electric type. You can save energy by turning it off while not using it. So, Are you looking the ways “how to turn off water heater to save energy? Ok. You reach a perfect and the article helps to know the process.

The water heater increases the amount of the electricity bill. The water heater contains 12% of the utility bill. That’s why everyone wants to reduce expenses and save money. If you live in a colder climate and leave your home for a long time, it is quite risky to turn off your water heater.

When the temperature is cold and the water isn’t being heated, your water pipes could become frozen and, worse — burst. Whenever you’re out of the home for a short time, switching off the water heater is safe for you and your house.

How To Turn Off Water Heater To Save Energy?

It does also reduce utility bill and save money. The latest water heaters are more energy savers, but not everyone can afford them. We can save energy by using it wisely. Read in detail “How to turn off water heater to save energy“.

During winter, the demand for water heaters increases a lot. People want to get warm water for bathing, washing utensils, or doing any work using water.

Whether they are using water or not, they keep the switch on of the heater. A small number of heat escapes while the unit is turned on. Losing heat is a reason for losing money on your electric or gas bill.

This happens almost in every house having a water heater. The House owner has a headache with a high electricity bill due to the water heater. That kind of cost is out of budget.

They want to use a water heater avoiding many expenses. They always find a way how to turn off the water heater to an energy saver. I’m sure that also look for a solution and want to reduce cost.

So, here are some popular ways to save energy and money:

Set a Timer

A timer allows you to control when the unit is heating water according to your needs. It stops running and expending unnecessary energy.

It is a small electronic device that fits onto your current water heater (both in gas or electric) and allows you to set specific off periods for hot water production and maintenance.

It’s popular at present in many countries. These timers are not so expensive, and you can easily find them at o home improvement stores or online. In this process, there is no need to turn off the water heater manually.

This step is always considered an automatic system with a timer. Even you don’t need a plumber to fix it and can quickly fix it on your water heater. It is easy to buy, and use, and helps to save energy.

Installing Heat Traps

You could save a fair amount of expense on your water heating. It’s hard to set it up by yourself and may need a professional plumber to help you install them on your existing tank.

That heat trap will help you to keep your water warm for a certain period. Obviously, it can reduce electricity waste and give you relaxation.

Reduce Your Time In The Shower

Our savings depend on our daily habits. Taking too much comfortable shower may use a lot of warm water. You use a lot of water if you have one of those vast jetted bathtubs. A warm bath is a nice luxury, but you should stick with a short shower

Don’t Let The Water Run

You brush your teeth, Or when you grab dirty dishes or find the soap do u turn off the water? Don’t you feel bad when water is wasted?

Those extra minutes, while you leave water on, can add up to a lot of wasted water. It only takes a second to shut it off. This habit can save your bill per month and call it a saver habit.

Lower The Temperature On Your Water Heater To 120°F

With every 10ºF reduction in temperature, you can save 3%–5% monthly on your water heating costs. It is one of the easiest tricks of turning off the water heater for energy saver that you can do.

Use The Dishwasher Wisely

Activating the booster heater in your dishwasher helps you to save energy. You can wash only full loads and choose shorter wash cycles to reduce cost.

Fix Leaks

A leakage may seem like a minor problem, but it can waste water and money in a brief period. Repair immediately is mandatory(also check the outdoor faucets).

Heat Exchanger

It is a system used to transfer heat between two or more fluids. You can use it for both cooling and heating processes.

Insulate Hot Water Storage Tank

Insulating your storage tank (whether it’s electric, natural gas, or oil) reduces heat loss. It also prevents the unit from turning on frequently.

Insulate Hot Water Storage Tank

It would help if you were careful to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, including not covering the heater thermostat, burner, and the top and bottom.

Call your plumber to insulate your hot water tank.

Solar System

It is a process of heating water with direct sunlight using a solar thermal collector. A variety of configurations is available at varying costs.

To provide solutions in different climates and latitudes array of designs is available in the market. It is not so expensive. Day by day, it’s getting popular.


  • How do you turn off your water heater for a vacation?

I guess your water heater doesn’t have a vacation setting, don’t worry; you can merely manually adjust the temperature—set the temperature to 50 degrees

Fahrenheit or the lowest degree that your thermostat allows. Thus, you may also turn the water heater off completely.

  • How long will the water stay warm in the water heater after turning off power?

1-2 hours, that’s a direct and straightforward answer. However, after the power goes out, tank-style water heaters have a good reserve of hot water; it keeps water warm for one to two hours.

  • Which water heater should I choose, a taller or a shorter one?

Whether it is tall or short, it does not affect Inefficiency and service. You can choose a taller or shorter water heater based on the height of its plumbing connections. Try to fit the heater where it is not an eyesore.


Leaving the water heater on for no reason causes energy loss is typically about 10 percent. Turning off your water heater can surely save you money each month on your bill like many other electrical appliances.

It shouldn’t be any problem; you need to wait for 15-20mins to warm water before taking a bath. In the end, we can say, you don’t need to throw money down the drain with expensive water heating bills.

For turning off the water heater to an energy saver follow those tips mentioned above and conserve both water and energy – while keeping your electricity bills in check. Hope this “How to turn off water heater to save energy” article helps you.

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