How To Put A Tire On A Rim [Update 2023]

If you are going to mount your car’s tire by yourself, then you should know how to put a tire on a rim. The tires are the main parts of a car as they help to run the vehicle. However, your automobile tire may be damaged for various reasons, and you need to change them. Sometimes, you need to change your tire for balancing the tires also.

How To Put A Tire On A Rim

It depends on you, and if you know the process of changing your tire by yourself, then you can save your money and time. Though the task of changing tires requires some effort, you can be master on this process by doing it a couple of times.

If you don’t know how to balance a tire, then you will find to do the task from this content. There are some processes that you should follow to put a new tire on a rim. So let’s get started with the reason why you need to change your tires.

Why Do You Need to Change Tire?

As you know, tires are the most essential parts of vehicles; you need to change them for various reasons. Whatever, first of all, you should know what kind of damage your automobile tire can experience.

The damage may occur for physical factors, climate, road conditions, and driving habits. For physical factors, the tires will tear out from certain conditions. If you are using the same tires for a long time, then they will be damaged for physical factors.

Why Do You Need to Change Tire

For climate such as extreme temperatures can harm the tires. Again, the rain, snow, and ice can also damage the tires as the tires are made of poly carbon materials. They can be damaged by these factors quickly by chemical reactions.

If you have the habit of driving the car at extreme speed, then for drift, the tires can be damaged. In that circumstance, you need to change the tires.

The road conditions also determine the lifespan of the tires. Yes, a rough road can damage the tires more seriously than climate-caused reactions with the tires.

So, you know the reasons why you need to change your tire. Those are the common reasons to change the tires in frequently times. Now it’s time to know the process to put a tire on a rim.

Required Instruments 

  • Tire Lubricant
  • Vise grips
  • Tire machine
  • Gloves

The Process To Follow In Putting Tire On A Rim

Before starting work, you need to ensure that you have the required instrument. If you have those instruments, then you are ready to start.

Step 1: Lubricating The Tire and the Rim

First of all, you need a tire lubricant to lubricate the tire and the rim. The lubricant will help you to reduce the friction on the frictional area. You should know that the friction between rubber and metal is high, and you should use a lubricant to lubricate them.

The process of lubricating them is very easy. You need to use a tire lubricate, which you will get from the local automobile parts shop. Then you should take the lubricant in your hand and rub it politely on the surface area of the tire and rim.  

Step 2: Valve Stem Installing

If there is no valve stem in the rim, then you need to mount that by yourself so that you can put the tire on the rim. That one hole at the valve will help to poke out through the hole.

Adding some lubricant to the valve stem will help you to get through it. 

Step 3: Rim On The Tire Machine

It’s time to put the rim in the tire machine so that the rim can’t move. The machine is sketch in such a way that it can face up to the rim. The machine works based on hydraulic pressure. If you don’t have any kind of idea about the tire machine, then you are requested to go through the user manual.

Most tire machines have two pedals where the first one is for engaging the press and the second one for rotating the rim.

Step 4: Tire Inserting

Now, you need to insert your tire by angling it so that you can easily insert the rubber tire into the rim.

Step 5: Use a metal Arm and Rotating Pedal 

You should use the metal arm of the machine to put pressure on the tire for insertion. Then you need to use the rotating pedal to rotate the rim so that an equal amount of pressure is applied in every place.

Step 6: Air fill

In this step, you need to use an air compressor to fill the air in the tire. And you are ready to use your automobile tire. 


How to take a tire off a rim?

  • You need to vacant the tire and set the tire and the rim to the tire machine. After that, you need to use the metal arm to take off the tire.

How to put a lawnmower tire on a rim?

  • Though the tires of the lawnmower are small in size, you can put a new tire on a rim by following the same steps.

How to change a tire on the rim without a machine?

  • In that case, you will need a screwdriver and lubricant. Here, the tire will remain constant and you need to press the rim by angling it to the tire.

How long does it take to put a tire on a rim?

  • It takes about 30 -40 minutes to change the rim.

Additional Tips: What not to do

  • Don’t use detergent or soap instead of lubricant.
  • You should not work without wearing gloves in your hand.

Final Note

You should know that there are two options available to put a tire on a rim. One is by machine, and the other is by hand.

I will recommend you to do this work by using a machine because a machine can offer you an accurate result. Always stay alert while working with machines as the machine can supply huge pressure.

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