How To Make Celery Juicer Without A Juicer

A glass of fresh celery juice made without a juicer! You might be wondering after seeing the title, but yes! You saw it right.

Celery has become a trending topic for the past few years. You probably heard about Anthony Willam who is the pioneer of this move via his website medical medium. Anyone who is health-conscious, especially young people, loves to keep this fantastic vegetable in their daily diet. You can eat almost any part of it, from leaves, stalks except the root. As you know, you can eat celery, so many ways cause it’s a versatile vegetable.

But, I found most people love to make green juice with it, and I am also one of them. I can not think of my day without a fresh glass of organic celery juice in the morning.

When you want to make juice at home, it does require a good juicer. And to juice celery, Just an ordinary, regular juicer will not give you the perfect result. Juicing celery requires a pricy juicer if you want to get the most nutrition from the celery, and at that time it was difficult for me to purchase a juicer for celery. But I did not stop there! After multiple experiments, I have found 3 unique ways of making celery juice without any juicer.

What Is Celery?

Celery is a fiber-enriched vegetable that belongs to the parsley family. Some well-known veggies like carrot, celeriac also belong to the same family. Its scientific name is Apium graveolens, a well nutritional green vegetable. According to medical medium, Celery has anti-inflammatory properties, Vitamin B6, antioxidant characteristics, vitamin c, vitamin k.

3 Easiest Of Making Celery Juice Without A Juicer:

It is our general thought that making juice is not possible without a juicer, but it’s not entirely true. Also, it is a fact that a juicer is always a pricy option. A good quality juicer may cost about 300-350$. Furthermore, cleaning the juicer is a lot of hard work.

But what if you do not have any of the machines for juicing? No worries! Still, you can make your favorite organic celery juice without a juicer. I will discuss four easy and budget-friendly ways that will not break your bank.

Before you start, Hygiene comes first!

  • Make sure you carefully wash your celery.
  • Try to use organic farm fresh one if possible. Try to avoid nonorganic produce or nonorganic celery.

1. Use Your Mouth

This method does not require any fancy appliance, and I recommend it the most. You may find it funny. Believe it or not, it is the most natural way to get the celery juice out of the celery. Mother Nature gives us celery. He also gave us an organ to eat them too. It is super simple and easy. You will get the same benefits as you get from celery juice.


  • At first, Take a plate of celery, separate all the stalks. Cut off the bottom roots part and leaves from the very top-end.
  • Now, you need to cut the stems into small bite size pieces so that you can put them in your mouth. A good option is to use your hand knife.
  • It’s all ready, and you can start eating, chew it very well so that it releases all of its juice. After that, you can split out the fiber left in your mouth. Simple, easy, and time saver.

Now you see how easy it is! So, Why need an expensive juicer? Use the natural way and enjoy your celery!

2. Extract Celery Juicer With Your Food Processor 

If you have a food processor in your kitchen, you can use it for making celery juice. The process is easy and does not take too much time.


  • Take a bundle of organically grown celery. How much celery to take depends on the quantity of juice you want to make
  • Wash them off so that there is no more dirt left on the leaf and celery stalks.
  • Now cut off the leaves and roots and separate the stalks.
  • After separating the stalks, it’s time to cut them into small pieces so that the extraction process goes smooth. I prefer a half-inch size; the smaller is better.
  • Now put all the small pieces into the food processor and push the power button. Keep the food processor on until you get the satisfying amount of juicer. You may also add some water if you want to, but it entirely depends on you. Some people love to take pure celery juice, and some love to add a little amount of water to reduce the bitter taste of celery juice.
  • Now you need a cheesecloth or nut milk bag or a fine mesh strainer to extract all the juice out. Put all the blendings on a nut milk bag and now squeeze hard to extract the juice.
  • Finally, it is done. Pour the liquid into a mug and throw out the celery pulps into your dustbin. Now your celery juice is ready! You can have it fresh or store in fridge in a mason jar.

If you use a mesh strainer to extract the juice, then you may use a spatula too. After pouring the mixture or blended celery into the strainer use the spatula to press the blend and extract the liquid. You can make 16 ounces of juice from one bunch of celery.

3. Use A Regular Blender Or  High Speed Blender To Make Celery Juice

While a juicer is an expensive option but a blender is a common appliance for most of the kitchen. It is another budget-friendly option and does not require any juicer.

Ingredients You Need :

  • Large size, a Half bunch of celery
  • 500 ml of water
  • Half of a sliced lemon


  • Blender
  • Cheesecloth
  • Any jar of glass


  • Remove the leaves and roots first and Cut the celery stalks into small chunks.
  • Now put them all into the blender
  • Add 500ml clean water into the blender
  • squeeze the half sliced lemon
  • Blend on high all ingredients for 3 minutes.
  • Use the cheesecloth to extract the celery pulp from the juice
  • Pour the juice into your favorite jar, and enjoy it!
  • What is the best time to drink celery juice?

There is no scientific study that has shown that there is any perfect time to take it. So, you are allowed to take it any time you want. But, if you take celery juice in the morning on an empty stomach, you can get the most of its nutrition value. But one thing to keep in mind, celery itself is not a caloric food, so you need to take breakfast after that.

  • Can I just eat raw celery instead of juicing it?

Surely you can. Not only that, eating raw celery can give you the most nutrients.

When we juice, it makes a lot of wastes. We are also missing the micronutrients that remain in the substantial part of this vegetable, like minerals, fiber, etc. However, medical media recommends drinking celery juice instead of eating raw. Anthony William believes it’s the most effective way.

If we think with our common sense, what do people do when the juicer machine is not invented? They ate things raw. If you are comfortable with eating it in a solid state, then why need juicing?

  • What are some other ingredients to add to celery juice?

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