Food Processor VS Juicer: Which One is Better For You

People’s interest in making homemade dishes or recipes has become a trend for the last few years. There is no doubt that it’s a good practice, and there is sufficient reason behind that. I believe there will be none who doesn’t like home-cooked food. Health concerns, nutrition, hygiene are being taken seriously nowadays, and all of these are positively associated with one single thing that is food.

While talking about home-cooked food, Kitchen appliance plays an important role there. Thus, different kitchen appliances are becoming popular, like food processors, juicers, blenders, Vitamix, etc. If you are a juice fan who loves nutritious drinks like smoothies, sorbet, homemade soups, or want to reduce cooking tasks or cooking time, you have to buy one of these appliances for your kitchen.

Unfortunately, many of us cannot determine the difference between these appliances.

Food Processor VS Juicer

Here I will describe to you the differences between food processor vs juicer. I will also cover the differences, advantages, and drawbacks of each item, which will help you make the right purchase decision.

What is a Food Processor

Food Processor is a great multi-tool that can do so many kitchen tasks efficiently. I call it the kitchen king. It can be used for chopping, grinding, blending, and pureeing. Even they can cut or slice. A food processor replaces different tools like knives, mixers, or blenders. It has a wide variety of sizes of blades, discs that help it carry out its functions. It is easily recognizable with its wide and short bottle.

How A Food Processor Works

As I already mentioned, this device comes with several attachments like changeable blades, discs, and each of them has different uses. Water or other liquid content is not required in a food processor to work. It is similar to a blender in many forms. The main difference between a food processor and blender are interchangeable blades and discs rather than fixed blades. A food processor has a widely open bowl and low blades that move at a moderate speed to chop up. It processes the food in the way you wish, basically in desired sizes, shapes, lengths without any extra effort.

Best Uses Of Food Processor:

It is excellent for chopping, blending, shredding, or slicing. If you want to make homemade items like burgers, pizza dough, pastas, then this machine is a must-have for your kitchen. It helps you to process and combine ingredients efficiently. You can make fresh and healthy alternatives to unhealthy packaged food by using this.


It’s easier to Chop tomatoes, onions, shredding carrots, herbs, leaves, and vegetables by it’s “S” shape sharp blade, which is the primary attachment of any processor. Once you through the food inside the processor, the blades spin fast and chop up the food. Also, one can control the size by how long the processor remains running. If you keep it running for a longer period of time, the chopping pieces will be much smaller.

Slicing And Shredding:

Slicing starts when you push the food through the feed chute. The bottom blades slice the food. You can adjust the thickness of the slice.


Manually grating is a risky task cause you may cut your fingertips, but it is super simple with a processor. The grating blades will do the job for you.


Using a dough hook, you can make your favorite doughs for bread, tortillas.

Pros :
  • A food processor makes quicker food preparation. It cuts down your food preparation time. That’s why you can just throw the raw ingredients into the pan to make your meal quickly.
  • If you are looking for a healthy diet, you can use it to cut down your carb intake.
  • Starting a cooking journey is always hard, but a food processor will make it easier. You can chop your food quickly by it, which is very hard for your hand.
  • Multi-purpose uses are the main benefits of a food processor. Different types of chopping and blending gadgets can be replaced by it.
  •  It is not perfect for a smooth sauce, soup, milkshakes, or juice.
  • The main downside is you cannot load it fully. If you pack it full, some food will remain unprocessed.


Juicer is a tool used to extract juice from fruits, green leafy, or any vegetable. A go-to kitchen appliance for a juice lover. Although juicers nowadays are no longer just for juicing. You can make nut butter, ice cream, hummus, cocktail, and so on by using a juicer. For Healthy eaters, it is a must-have choice.

How A Juicer Works:

Juicer is a useful kitchen gadget that is designed for juicing fruits and vegetables. It is a process that collects only the liquid part from fruits or vegetables. You can find various types of juicers available in the market, but two of them are mostly known to people. One is masticating juicers, and another is centrifugal juicers. Centrifugal juicers are famous for their high speed and low price. It contains a flat spinning metal blade at the center of the machine.

This juicer uses a centrifugal force to push the juice into the refining machine and separate the peel. On the other hand, a masticating juicer is a slow one. It takes more time and is horizontal. It gently crushes the fruit and Vegetable against the wall with a fine hole, producing more juice and creating less waste. If you have enough time, you may use masticating to juice anything because the juice has a lower level of oxidation than centrifugal.

Best Uses Of A Juicer

Juice gives you more vitamins and minerals immediately because it contains all water and nutrients of the ingredients. A juicer is perfect for making juice out of any fruits and veggies. But Multipurpose juicers can do more than just juicing like homemade baby food making, nut milking, Sorbet, and so on. Juicers are not a good option for making milkshakes, soups, or buttery sauces.

Advantage Of Juicers:

  • Juicer helps to get a quick health boost also an easier way to get your essential nutrients.
  • Eating leafy green will be easier by using a juicer.
  • Juicer makes it easy to cook homemade recipes.
  • Powerful motor and high motion ensures quick juice extraction and saves time.

Cons Of A Juicer

  • A major disadvantage of juicing is that it is hard to clean. Although it is not the same for all juicers, some brands had easy to clean juicers that can be cleaned just using water and dish soap.
  • It removes the fiber from fruits, herbs, or other ingredients.
  • Juicing creates a lot of food waste. You may use the wastage to make compost or find another use that is usually difficult.
  • If you have a short space in your kitchen, it can be awkward to store because it is a large and bulky tool. However, storage difficulty depends on the juicer size.


Food processors and juicers are both very popular in modern kitchens. They make our life easier and faster. In this article, I have discussed the differences between a food processor and juicer comprehensively, along with advantages and disadvantages. Now you have enough idea to find out the difference between the two and their use.

A food processor is a more versatile appliance than a juicer for its multi-purpose use. If you are fond of juicing, you may buy a juicer. If you want to chop, dice, or slice fruits or vegetables, a food processor is a good option. Also, You may use this versatile appliance to shred cheese or butter. A food processor is ideal for preparing certain types of dishes. I think this guide will help you to choose which machine is best for your daily needs.

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