How To Change A Road Bike Tire? Easy Way To Change

If you’re a rider, then you’re likely familiar with changing tires. The old tires of a bike need to be replaced after a long time. It doesn’t take much time to change the tire if you know how to change a road bike tire properly. Sometimes, you may need to change the tire on the way if any accident occurs.

So, as a rider, it’s very important for you to learn this procedure. So, wait no more. Just spend a little bit of your free time and read this guide on how to change a road bike tire. Remember, there are different types of bikes and the procedure is the same for the entire bike type. As the road bike is the most common, so we’ll use a road bike to write this tutorial

How To Change A Road Bike Tire?

Changing a road bike tire is quite easy. You just need to know the proper procedure and have the right tools. We’ve described the procedure step by step here so that you can follow these instructions and get the job done successfully.

Road Bike Tire

Get the Required Supplies

To change a bike tire, you need some tools and supplies. Here are the names of those, make sure that you get them ready before getting started-

  • New Tire
  • Tire Pump
  • Flat Head Screwdriver

Please note that a plastic putty knife is an optional tool. Additionally, make sure that you get the right-sized tire. Double-check before buying. You can also compare with the old tire if they are the same sized when the old tire is removed.

Remove The Wheel

The first step of changing a bike tire is removing the wheel. Put your bike upside down and keep it standing on the seat and handlebars. It’s the easiest way to reach all the parts of the bike. You can put a piece of concrete on the ground and place the bike on it. It’s for avoiding any scratch on the seat or handlebars.

Now, loosen the wheel. Some bikes have a lever to easily remove the wheel and some bikes have bolted. If your bike has a lever then you can loosen it without any tool. But if the bike has a bolt then you’ll need pliers or a socket set to do it. After losing the wheel, undo the brake. After that, you can easily remove the wheel. If you are changing the front tire then you may not have to follow this step.

For the next step, loosen the tension on the chain of the bike. Now, pull the small gear. This should loosen the chain. Now, remove the chain and the wheel is free to remove from the bike. This may need a little force.

Remove The Old Tire

Once you remove the wheel from the bike, take the wheel aside. Now, you have to remove the old tire from the wheel. First of all, let all the air out of the tube. And if the bike has a valve stem system then remove the nut. Now, pull back the old tire from the wheel rim. DO NOT forget to start from the opposite side of the valve stem. Take a screwdriver and slide it into the slip that you made by pulling the tire back.

After that, hold the screwdriver with your dominant hand and hold the wheel with your non-dominant hand. Now, start pulling the screwdriver that is held by your dominant hand towards you.

Make sure that the edge of the old tire is being pulled up and over the lip of the wheel rim. Do this slowly because you can apply an extra force that can cause slipping and injury.

Slide the screwdriver under the tube and tire completely and make sure that the edge of the tire is pulled completely from the wheel rim. Once you finish doing that, use the screwdriver as a lever and push the old tire up and out of the rim completely, along with the tube.

After separating the tube and tire from the wheel rim, place the rim aside and separate tube and tire from each other. It’s quite easy. And this part is done.

Install New Tire:

It’s time to install the new tire. For that, lay the tube on a table or a flat surface. Then, inflate the tube a little bit so that it can take its shape. DO NOT fill the tube all the way, just a little bit so that you can easily put it into the tire.

For the next step, slide the tube into the new tire. Make sure that the valve stem is pushed into the hole of the wheel rim. This is the starting point to put the tire on. Now, push the edge of the tire into the rim. Make sure that the tube is kept inside the tire and the rim.

Once one side of the tire is pushed inside the rim, start pushing the opposite side. For the second side, you need more force. And for the force, the tube may go out of its position.

Be patient and do it slowly. When a few inches go inside the rim, you can easily do the rest. After that, get the new nut and put it on the valve stem. You’re now free to inflate the tire. Inflate it as recommended PSI and get ready for the final step.

Reinstall The Wheel

It’s time to reinstall the wheel with the new tire. First, put the chain around the rear sprocket. Do it before putting the wheel into the frame. Remember, it’s a very important part. If you don’t do this, you can’t ride your bike.

After that, slide the wheel into the bike frame. Now, adjust the brake. It may need some force. Once you adjust it, you can align it to the bike frame. Hook the chain back and pull the tension back. Make sure that the chain is taut for smooth shifting.

Now, make the bike stand and get on it. Make sure that the wheel you just reinstalled is straight. If not, fix it. You can do it by loosening the axle bolt, adjusting it, and tightening it. Make the wheel straight and you’re all done! Congratulations! Now go and enjoy your ride with the new tire.

Final Verdict:

As we said, changing a road bike tire isn’t too tough. It’s just a complex procedure combined with simple and easy steps. You can do it perfectly and without any kind of trouble if you know and follow the right instruction. And in this guide, we just did!

I hope, you can do it now yourself without any kind of trouble. And if you face any trouble or need to know about something else, just let us know and we’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible with the proper solution. Take care.

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