How Often Does a Water Heater Run

New customers or about to buy a water heater may think about How Often Does a Water Heater Run? It runs enough to give you hot water to take a shower, or wash dishes or clothes every day. But if you put extra pressure, it may get damaged. Water heater is very popular worldwide.

It is adjustable inside the home and also affordable for many people. Becoming a common but essential home appliance. You may face some difficulties running a water heater as it gets old.

How Often Does a Water Heater Run

But there are solutions and a plumber to help you get out of that problematic situation. Are you thinking about how often does a water heater runs?

It depends on the technology and the pressure you are giving on the water heater. Using a water heater gently provides you with long service. Read the How often does a water heater run post fully.

Water Heater Running Time

Three hours a day is the average time for a water heater. But there is a difference in total operation time. It ranges from one or two hours for a new tank-less water heater, and older ones take five or more hours.

Forty gallons is the most common tank size for a water heater. It takes some time to run and heat the water based on the type of your water heater.

How Often Does a Water Heater Run 1

• Gas water heater: 30-40 minutes is the average time for a gas water heater to heat water and run. It is an older version of the water heater.

Electric water heater: It takes double the time as a gas heater to warm water. One hour or 1 hour and 20 mins it can take to heat water in its tank.

• Solar water heater: Its heating time is as similar as electronic ones. Solar heaters are typically related to the electric water heater. But a cloudy day may keep you waiting long for hot water.

• Tankless heater: It is based on new technology. It supplies hot water when you want. No time needs to heat water or run. Some problems may arrive, but they are solvable.

Cost of Running a Water Heater

The cost of a water heater depends on its use. If you use hot water frequently for various work, it may contribute well to utility bills. Using a water heater for 3-5 hours per day consumes 4000 watts and costs $. 10 per kWh. So it costs $ 1.20 per day, $ 36.50 per month, and $ 438 per year.

Problems Regarding Water Heater Running

Several problems can happen with a water heater. Understanding the problem may help you to fix them.

• Pilot light: Problems with a pilot light are standard. It would help if you relighted it to keep the water heater running

• Water temperature issues: The most typical reason for the water temperature issue is the thermostat problem. Whenever you found temperature issues, go and check your thermostat. The decreasing temperature in summer works like an energy saver. You can set the desired temperature by a thermostat.

If it goes wrong, replace it with a new one. There are also other reasons behind temperature problems: leakage in the tank, damaged burner, minerals, the problem with the valve, etc. A plumber can fix them, or you need to replace them.

 Water discolored and smelly: That is another common problem that we face. High minerals (iron and copper) cause water discoloration problems. Magnesium and calcium coming from the Rockies turn water hard. The water smells terrible, like rotten eggs or garlic. It happens due to bacteria, pilot light misconfiguration, or an issue with the gas line.

• Leakage: If you see the temperature dropping, then there is a leakage. There are various reasons behind leakage such as old aged, lousy installation, maintenance problems, the drain valve is loosed, pressure to the tank, etc.

• Gas burner: A gas water heater can not run without a gas burner. If it gets damaged, then the water will remain cold. A damaged or dirty burner is an obstacle of heating water.

Water Heater Running Problems Solutions

There are some easy solutions related to water running problems. To make the water heater run like before, you need to take some simple actions. As it gets old so more problems, you are going to face.

You should replace the gas burner( clean the burner if it is dirty), thermostats, temperature-pressure relief valve, or the whole unit running the water heater smoothly.

A water softener or water filter is helpful to increase the flowing rate. It can also clear mineral deposits in faucets. You can also use flush once a year to control sediments. It also removes noises coming from the water heater due to minerals.

In case nothing is working as mentioned above, then you should replace the thermocouple. It’s an electronic device that produces temperature-dependent voltage. Call an expert plumber to fix or replace those parts or units of the water heater.

Fixing a water heater by all yourself may cause several injuries to you, your water heater, and your house.


  • 01. Does a water heater run constantly? 

Ans. Yes, water heaters can constantly run if there is a leakage. Valve plays an important role here. The drain valve flushes the water heater. On the other hand, the temperature-pressure relief valve control both temperature and pressure inside of the tank. Damage or old valve is also responsible for leakage.

  • 02. What are the signals of your water heater going bad?

Ans. There are some significant signs to identify water heaters going out. They are given below:
• Not getting adequate hot water.
• Variation in water temperature issues.
• There is leakage.
• Water flowing rate decreasing.
• Some concerning sounds to hear.
• Discoloured or smelly water coming from the water heater.
• As the water heater gets old, so it begins to give you lousy service.

  • 03. What are the possible issues behind my water heater turning on and off?

Ans. There are several issues to be identified by you. The most common cause is a bad thermostat or heating coil. It helps to heat water unless it gets damaged. Sometimes unit triggers a shutdown whenever you want hot water. That’s also a sign. A plumber can solve it, so don’t worry.


Hopefully, you have answered the question of how often does a water heater runs? A well-conditioned water heater runs at its best to supply you with hot water and pleasure. When it slows down or stopped working, it affects badly in our life.

You don’t need to get a new water heater. Try the easy solutions mentioned above to get your water heater as it was once. You need to upgrade its parts and keep maintenance from time to time.

Isn’t it simple? It will work for a long time. If you take excellent care, your water heater may run years by years to serve you. Hope this “How often does a water heater run” post helps you.

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