How Much Is a Traeger Renegade Elite

The grill is one of the best food having on occasions with friends and family and Do have enough space at your home? if yes then you can arrange a party like this. All you need to have is a grilling machine and some accessories. So, you may ask how much is a Traeger renegade elite as this is one of the best in the market.

How Much Is a Traeger Renegade Elite?

If you want to taste Traeger grills, then you should go for a Traeger grill machine and from them, the renegade elite is so good so far. It is upon the user whether he wishes to have a restaurant commercial party or a chill party at your place.

So, in this content you will get all the information about Traeger renegade elite that how much it will cost you, renegade elite vs pro, how the machine works, what accessories do you need, faqs, and some other information. So, stay connected with me to know more and explore more.

Why Do You Need to Buy Traeger Renegade Elite?

The Traeger renegade elite has some cool features and amazing specifications that will turn you to buy this product. With a great outlook, this product lasts for a long time. The advantages of this particular grill machine are way better than the ordinary grill machine. It will offer you a restaurant type grill which will be much more fun indeed.
If you want to have a compact machine, then you can go for this elite model and it requires comparatively less time to cook grill and other similar food. This is one of the best-smoked BBQ machines right now available in the market. For its easy to control feature you can take it even if you are new to this machine.

Traeger Timberline 850

There are more other features and specs which are waiting for you to know. So, let’s have a look at the machine itself.

About the Product: Traeger Renegade Elite Review

This is not a gas or charcoal grill machine whereas this is a wood pellet grill machine. You won’t get the perfect taste of grill in a gas grill machine no matter what happens to it. But, in a wood pellet grill machine, you will get the taste back. With two wheels on the two legs make the machine movable and it can be transported easily for its lightweight.

You will get 6 in 1 versatility with this grilling machine to prepare different types of food – BBQ, bake, smoke, roast, braise, and BBQ food also. There is a temperature controller feature in this machine which will allow you to control the temperature between 20 degrees F. The temperature controller is digitalized and so you can use the feature quite easily. 

The size of this particular grilling machine is quite perfect for a home party where 6 to 7 people can join smoothly. The cooking space is about 380 square feet and you will see a side box for wood pellets. The machine comes in black color and it’s very appealing to see.

It takes comparatively less time in preparing the grill food and you will find comfort while to use it. The heat doesn’t transport out of the box and that’s why you won’t feel hot and won’t sweat anymore while cooking.

The easy ventilation and fueling feature will help you to cook faster than you can imagine. Though some of the pellet wood grill machines don’t have the feature of easy fueling this is the one which comes with the feature inherently. Again, the hopper can be easily ejected from the main body and you can clean it very easily. As you know that the pellet grill machine produces so much smoke and that’s why you need to clean that. But, for this machine, the way to clean the machine is very easy.

The performance of the grill machine is also very satisfying.  The long-lasting feature of this grilling machine is amazing and you can use this machine quite easily with comfort. The weight of the grilling machine is 54.43 kg and the dimension is 107.32 x 59.69 x 24.77 cm.

Quick Specifications

  • Brand – Traeger
  • Model – Renegade Elite
  • Material – cast Iron
  • Source of Power – Corded electricity
  • Electronic auto-start ignition
  • Digital controller
  • Easy to clean the porcelain coated grill grates


  • Easy to use and fueling
  • Comes with two wheels for easy movability
  • Large cooking space
  • Cooking versatility
  • Comparatively light-weighted and easy to move
  • Perfect temperature controller to control the temperature


  • The auger makes a clunk sound whenever it rotates

Price for The Renegade Elite

You can get this grilling machine at an affordable price range between $700-$750.So, why are you being late to grab this amazing grilling machine?

How Traeger Grills Work?

As you know Traeger renegade elite is a pellet grill machine and so the mechanism is the same for every pellet grill machine. You will get the real taste from this type of pellet grilling machine. So, if you don’t know how a pellet grilling machine works then it’s a good time to know this.

For fueling up the grilling machine you will require the natural wood at hand. The wood should be transferred from the hopper to a fire pot with an auger. It may make sounds when the auger rotates for transferring the wood. In the firepot, there is a HotRod to feed the fire flames to the woods. 

 As you know there is an auto switch for controlling the ignition so when you turn it on then the HotRod will ignite the pellet. On the other hand, you need to put the pellet on the hopper box. The auger will continuously put the pellet from the hopper to the firebox. That’s how the pellet grilling machine as well as the Traeger renegade elite works.

Traeger Renegade Elite Vs Pro

There are two models from the brand Traeger and they are the same kind that means pellet grilling machine. But you will find some differences between these two grilling machines. The common features of a pellet grilling machine are the same but the differences in features will help you to know about them.

1. It weighs 120 lbs. 1. It weighs 109 lbs.
2. Legs are straight and simple2. Legs are curved
3. Can be controlled 20 degrees F temperature with the controller.3. Can be controlled 15 degrees F temperature with the digital controller
4. Durable and finished perfectly4. Durable and powder coat finish
5. Easy to clean for having porcelain coating5. Tough to clean

As you see that there are no such differences that we can differentiate among them. The main difference is in their design and outlook. So, before buying you need to see the design you like most.


How to Pick the Best Traeger Grill?

If you want to pick the best Traeger grill you will have to follow some steps to make it happen. As you know Traeger is one of the best brands for grilling machines there are some different specs and features for the different types of product models. So, check the weight and design of the model at first. After that, you need to check the movability and the cooking space. As you are going to pick a pellet grilling machine then you need to consider the cleaning process.

Are Traeger Grills Hard to Clean?

Every pallet grilling machine is a bit tough to clean as they get dirty so fast and you need to clean them so often. As the Traeger grilling machine is a pellet one then you will face some difficulties to clean the machine parts.

How to Smoke On a Traeger Grill?

There is a smoke mode on the Traeger grilling machine which will let you do the smoke by the time you want them. For a pellet grilling machine, it is very easy to make smoke. On the other hand, for the gas grill machine, you won’t have the smoke.

Additional Tips

In this part, you will get some additional tips for using a grilling machine at your place for the first time. These commons additional tips will associate you to get a better experience in grilling. So, don’t forget to know them. They are –

  • Before starting grilling make sure you have the perfect temperature at your machine.
  • You need to know how to use the nest of the Traeger renegade elite accessories
  • You will get a manual and need to follow the Traeger renegade elite manual so that you can clean and use it perfectly.

Final Note

However, hope that you have found that how much is a Traeger renegade elite and you are ready to use it for your home party. If you like to have other food like hot dogs, smoke ribs, burgers then this machine can help you out also.

You should be very much careful while cooking at the grilling machine as the cooking space will be very hot. So, before picking up your finished food use a spoon. If you like the pellet grilling machine for its better taste and looks of the food then you go for this product. 

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