Yoder vs Traeger

Yoder vs Traeger

No matter which grill machine you are waiting for to buy, Yoder vs Traeger is having a pallet grill machine that has never been considered a waste of money or anything. After parting of winter, in the warm weather of spring, everyone loves to do something that can make them cheer. Here you can’t even think about anything but grilling food. Furthermore, grills are so delicious and healthy because grills need less oil. No doubt about grilling meat, chicken, etc. but the doubt is about which grill master would be best for you?

Yoder vs Traeger

We would talk about the two grills on according to the best model of Yoder and Traeger. Yoder YS640 vs Traeger Timberline 850 is the pallet grilles we will compare here. Let’s get started.

Yoder YS640 Pellet Grill

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You already knew about Yoder company, which has competed with other pellet grills brands. Yoder is not an ancient brand yet; they are relatively new, but their product already has a good reputation and is considered among the best pellet grills on the markets. That’s why the Yoder pellet grill would be the right choice.  Here we’ll converse about the on some important features about Yoder ys640.

With the YS640 Yoder grill, you will have a set of 3 GrillGrates. Also, you can remove the heat deflector plate and replace it with your standard grates. But don’t place the meat or food on the grates before heating it. Make sure they have got the proper heat.

Moreover, to give the pellet grill a long-lasting life, regular maintenance is unavoidable. It would help if you cleaned every grate, including a z grill. Just take them out after using them from the machine and clean them neatly on every hidden spot.

This pellet grill machine has been made in the USA, but the other USA made pellet grills quite different. The grill is made with heavy steel and sturdy materials. It is more like a smoker. You can say that Yoder products are designed to keep in head to make them a heavy-duty machine.

Moreover, Yoder YS640 offers to customize the internal tools and accessories as you want. So, you can use various grates of grills in it. Also, updating the program of the computer-controlled unit is possible in Yoder. So, you have the latest program to apply to your Yoder machine.


Capacity of side-mounted pellet hopper – 20 lb.
Temperature Range – 65-315 degree Celsius. (with 5º increments)
Cooking Grates – Chrome Plated
Construction – Steel powder coated
WiFi – Enable
Weight – 335 lbs.
Dimension – 61” L x 54” H x 36.24” D
Made in – USA

  • 10 years warranty. 3 years for the electronic control system and 1 year for the igniter.
  • One-layer lid along with counterbalance.
  • Tough and sturdy construction.
  • Not an affordable price for all.


If this product is expensive for you, there is another option on Amazon

Traeger Timberline 850

Traeger Timberline 850

As we have gone through Yoder reviews, its time goes through Traeger Timberline 850. The first and foremost thing is its appearance. The oval shape of this pellet grill’s cooking chamber with a high-end hood accommodates three cooking racks even in its compact shape.

Though the pellet grill has extra cooking space, it serves even heat and smoke in every inch of the cooking chamber. The Drip tray has a large opening on its behind, heat, and smoke goes through the large opening toward the back of the cooking chamber, then it hits the hood of the chamber and goes down on the food directly.

The Traeger Timberline 850 is built with sturdy and robust stainless steel. Moreover, the cooking chamber has a double-walled construction, which increases heat retention.


Capacity of side-mounted pellet hopper – 24 lb.
Temperature Range – 165-500 degree Fahrenheit. (with 5º increments)
Cooking Grates – Chrome Plated
Construction – Double wall stainless steel
WiFi – Enable
Weight – 213 lbs.
Dimension – 51” L x 46” H x 28” D
Made in – Chaina

  • Heat distribution is commendable.
  • Provide a super smoke setting.
  • WiFi enables and compatible with Amazon Alexa.
  • 3 years warranty seems not worth it at all.


Head to Head: Yoder vs Traeger

You have already got an idea about these two smokers. They both are flagship lever smokers. So here, we will compare the features of Yoder vs Traeger 2020. Let’s see who wins.

Temperature Control

Both of smokers use advanced technology to provide the exact temperature. Most of the Traeger uses the D2 PID (Proportional- integral-derivate) controller to provide consistent +/- 5-degree Fahrenheit. Timberline 850 uses the D2 (Direct Drive) system because the auger drill in Timberline uses the DC line. This feature helps to keep the temperature stable even you change the grilling speed.

On the other hand, Yoder has Adaptive Control System along with proprietary code. The benefits of this system are, it provides accuracy, superior flexibility, and efficiency. The Yoder YS series microprocessor is considered as one of the most superior controllers on the market. It can control multiple inputs at a time and keep a stable temperature.

WiFi Connectivity

This is something that makes the difference between an ancient and a new tech pellet smoker. The Yoder YS series pellet grills have WiFi inability and provide the YS drive app.  You can quickly and easily check the pit’s internal temperature and the meat you are grilling using a probe.

The latest Traeger Timberline is offering WiFi connectivity with which is compatible with Amazon Alexa. The database of the Traeger Timberline is enormous as well as provides automatic temperature settings.

The YS640s have 2 probes. In contrast, Timberline 850 has only one. Moreover, Timberline 850 has a lagging issue.

Capacity of Pellet Hopper

The YS640 and Traeger Timberline both side-mounted hopes, but as the Traeger models are high-end type, it provides a pellet cleaning hatch on the hopper’s bottom. It helps clear the ancient and wet pellets to be cleared out and allows you to use different types of wood.

Yoder Smokers has 20 lb pellet hopper, and in contrast, Traeger Timberline has 24 lb hopper. In terms of pellet hopper, Traeger Timberline 850 is a bit upgraded than Yoder YS640. The Traeger app notifies us low pellet alarm, so you don’t need to recheck the pellet.


No matter what you pellet grills you are using, getting the long-time service maintenance is the first thing you should frequently. As grates and grills both are cast with iron, rust has a high chance for both of them. The flavor of foods may change without proper maintenance.

Yoder has facilities for cleaning the dirt and ash. In contrast, you can wash the Traeger with soap and spray. It won’t affect the taste. Moreover, the concealed grease management system of Traeger Timberline provides an angled paththat directs the grease into a run-off collector. Cleaning up before grilling is a disgusting task, but the concealed grease management process in Timberline 850 is time savior.

Other Things

Appearance isn’t an issue we know, but both pellet grills don’t make your back or front yard look odd. Both of them as muscular shape and analogous squat. Traeger offers broader grills than Yoder. If anyone is looking for an excellent smoker, then Traeger should be their choice.

Now let’s see another essential thing you should consider. Yoder offers a lot more options the customize the pellet grill. Yoder YS640S has 12 optional extras. Such as competition cart made of stainless-steel shelves and dual door thermometers. Also, the covers of Yoder YS640 is something commendable for its longevity.

Final things to compare between these two. In terms of the warranty, Yoder is way ahead than Traeger. The Traeger pellet grill has three years warranty on defects under normal use. In contrast, Yoder offers 10 years of body rust warranty, 3 years warranty for faulty control system, and I year warranty for the igniter rod.


  1. Traeger or Yoder, which one is the best?
    If you want to know the best one from the price angle, it would be Traeger. Traeger has much less cost than Yoder. In contrast, you will get a lucrative warranty on Yoder. Yoder’s warranty lasts for 10 years. Apart from that both Yoder and Traeger are best.
  2. Between Traeger Timberline 850 and Yoder Ys640, which has more capacity in pellet hopper?
    Both of them have 20 lb. plus ability in pellet hopper. But Traeger timberline 850 has 24 lb. capacity. In terms of pellet hopper, Traeger Timberline 850 is a bit upgraded than Yoder YS640. The Traeger app notifies us low pellet alarm, so you don’t need to recheck the pellet.

Who wins!

We think you have got comprehensive comparisons between Yoder smokers vs. Traeger smokers. Don’t get panicked if you don’t find a suitable one. Both are the best. Both serve as a heavy-duty smoker. It’s on you either you want a low-cost pellet grill or the costly one which has 10 years warranty! We hope the competition of Yoder vs Traeger will never come to an end.


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