Dyson Humidifier Review & Buyer’s Guide [2023]

Before knowing about the Dyson humidifier, you have to understand what humidity is? And why do you need a humidifier? In simple words, the quantity of water steam in the air.

It is known as the percentage of relative humidity. This percentage is measured by finding the ratio of present absolute humidity and the highest probable humidity. Without maintaining proper humidity, you can feel cooler, and dry air can cause dry throat, skin cracks, lip cracks, nosebleeds, etc. By controlling the appropriate moisture, you can make your home expedite. That is why people are likely to have a humidifier at home. Here I am going to give you the Dyson humidifier review.

Here you will find Dyson humidifier cleaning operation, its features, and the knowledge about the latest technologies Dyson is using now. Also, the frequent question of general people will be answered here. So, stay tuned with me.

Dyson Humidifier Review

Dyson AM10 Humidifier


As you already knew why a humidifier is so essential for the home, here comes the time to tell about why you need to select a Dyson humidifier specifically. The answer is, Dyson offers many features that generally a traditional humidifier doesn’t. Besides, you will get the dyson am10 humidifier’s review to know about the characteristics of the latest Dyson humidifier. There you will understand how beautiful and extraordinary the features they offer are.

Air Multiplier equipped Blade-Free Fan

Dyson am10 has a blade-free fan. So, Dyson can deliver cold air or warm air according to the weather. This fan works as a multifunctional. In summer, you can turn on the optional fan to get some cool breeze. Also, you can adjust the fan speed too. It varies from 10 to 1, where 1 is the lowest speed of the fan. The only incompleteness of the Dyson is the fan it is provided has no oscillation ability.

Auto Thermostat

This feature will let you know about the air condition of the room precisely after the Dyson is placed. Also, Dyson can control the humidity of the room automatically. It will go for achieving the targeted humidity of the room, and after reaching the targeted humidity, it’ll work to keep the humidity level in control. This feature has made Dyson an extraordinary humidifier in this era.


First, Dyson will detect your home’s humidity, and then it will automatically adjust levels of humidity. You don’t have to select the suitable humidity; it will select itself. The only drawback of this feature is the automatic function can speed the fan up, which can generate sounds. This may disturb your sleep. 

Controlling With Remote

In addition to remote, it makes Dyson more lucrative. With the help of a remote, you can turn on or off the humidifier from anywhere in a room, even anywhere in the home. Also, you’ll be able to adjust the fan speed, and set the timer by the remote. Also, you have to take care of the remote, because there are no options available for the humidifier. If you lose the remote, you’ll have to buy a new one. 


If you went through humidifier review, you have already known that Dyson offers an efficiency that is almost double that of other humidifiers. It’ll perform better enough than any other humidifier you have tried. Dyson has gone through many tests, and it is proved that the efficiency of humidifying it provides is almost 24% in one tank. So, there is no chance to deny its higher efficiency. 

Size of Tank and Other Stuff

Dyson humidifier has a decent tank size, almost ¾ of a gallon. That is why it is called decent. If the tank size is vast, the portability of the humidifier will decrease. That is why this size of tank is easy to carry after filling thoroughly with water. Another decent feature of the tank is entirely translucent. So, no more guessing or nosing out on the tank. If the tank needs water, you’ll see it from the outside of the humidifier easily.

From the Dyson hygienic mist humidifier review, you’ll know that the humidifier has a height of 23 inches, and the drum has a 27.5-inch circumference. The total weight of the product is 3.4 kg, and the dimension of the product is 22.1X23.9X57.9 cm. The water drum can take up to 3 liters at a time. If you need more humidifying, you can fill the water tank at least one time a day.

Fashionable Design 

The functional and stylish structure of the humidifier draws the attention of everyone who looks for a non-traditional design. Dyson is made with white polycarbonate with a silver composition. The loop amplifier helps to perform the blasting out cold air and disseminate the mist of humidity.

With the flow of fashion, Dyson has been designed wonderfully. There’s no way to guessing it is a humidifier. It doesn’t look like the traditional humidifier we are accustomed to seeing. The available colors of the humidifier are white and silver.


Moreover, it provides an LED display. Which will help to see the room temperature, humidity level, water level, fan speed, in one glance? The bright blue light which disperses from the LED display can be an issue for your sleep. Otherwise, the screen has no drawbacks.

Smart Technologies Dyson Humidifier Provide

The features of Dyson come from smart technology it is using. Here, I’ll let you know some smart technology that Dyson is using to make your life easy and comfortable.

Cleaning The Air With Ultraviolet Ray

The water will be cleaned with specially designed cold cathode UV-C light. The UV-C bulb uses intense shortwave light to occupy cells and shatter the DNA of bacteria, mold spores, and viruses. The cleaning cycle happens for 3 minutes. In between 3 minutes, the UV-C diminishes 99.9% of the organisms in the water.


The mist that comes out from the Dyson humidifier is the final product of the Ultrasonic frequency of atomizing. The piezoelectric transducer converts a high-frequency signal to a high-frequency mechanical oscillation to the water runs into the chamber. 1.7 million oscillates happened in one second by the transducer. 

Advanced Humidifying Technology

Do you know about the technology of the Air Multiplier? You should know. Air Multiplier technology is used in jet engines and turbochargers. In this technology, Dyson humidifier amplifies airflow at least 17 times with the help of applied fluid dynamics. At first, airflow produces from the motor. Then the air induces behind the machine. As a result, the surrounding air naturally would like to follow the airflow generated by the motor. This process is named as entrainment. Thus, long-range steam of airflow is created and accelerates between the rear aperture.

Generating Mist

A light quantity of airflow will be siphoned off, passing the hygienic cloud into the annular loop. This cloud will pass out through the onward aperture. Moreover, 7.9 gallons of air passing out from the rear aperture in one second, and the amount of entraining is 121 gallons/sec. Thus, the mist coming out from the onward aperture with a high velocity.

Smart Climate Regulation

The LED monitor has built with a thermostat sensor and humidistat sensor for detecting the moisture level in the air. These sensors pass the reports back to the intelligent microprocessor, which measures the humidex scale to adjust the humidity level automatically.

Maintenance of The Humidifier

For an excellent and noiseless performance, Dyson needs frequent maintenance. As people do not use a humidifier all the time, maintaining the device is essential. Here I am going to discuss to you how can you do easy maintenance without any hazard.

  • At first, ensure the humidifier is unplugged.
  • Then press the button on top of the water tank to remove the amp assembly.
  • Remove the tank, make sure to wipe any excess water from the bottom.
  • Unscrew the water tank plug and empty the water tank.
  • Then remove the water tank chimney. Twist the dial 90 degrees clockwise, then lift the chimney out.
  • Then remove the seal. Pinch the securing tabs together with one hand and pull out the other.
  • Drain water from the trough.
  • Remove the trough seal (only necessary on white Dyson).
  • Create your citric acid solution. You could mix 30 grams of citric acid powder with 1 liter of water fill the trough with the solution until the UV-C emitter and piezo are submerged. Then put the water chimney, seal, and trough seal in the remaining solution. Wait for 15 minutes. After that, remove them from the solution. Also, empty the trough.
  • Rinse each part under cold running water. Then dry each part with a cloth.
  • Remove the surround from the amp assembly. Pull the bottom outwards and lift.
  • Place the cloth in the citric acid solution and then wring out any excess liquid. Using the damp cloth, wipe the edges of the amp assembly. Then the amp assembly surround.
  • Put the remaining solution into the tank. Replace the water tank plug, making sure it’s firmly tightened.
  • Shake the tank for 30 seconds and ensure that the solution covers it. Then leave the tank rest upright for 15 minutes.
  • Drain the water tank.
  • Half-fill the tank with cold water and replace the water tank plug. Shake the tank for 30 seconds before draining it again.
  • Place the water chimney back in the tank, followed by the seal.
  • Previously removed place the trough seal back in the humidifier base.
  • Fill the tank with water. Replace the plug and place the tank back on the base.
  • Reassemble the amp assembly and reattach it to the machine.
  • It offers a bladeless fan.
  • No filters are required.
  • Operates quietly.
  • Among the humidifiers, Dyson provides the best auto-mode humidifying.
  • The aesthetic design increases the inside look of the house.
  • Controls the moisture of the air in addition to excellent cleaning ability.
  • As the humidifier offers many features and latest technology, it also costs more than levoit lv600hh.
  • Frequent maintenance is required.
  • Display LED light may disturb your sleep.



  • How long does the water tank of dyson humidifier last?

Filled up water tank can last for 18 hours. If you run the humidifier irregularly, then the water tank can last more than 18 hours. Also, when the humidifier mood is on, you will be able to hear the dripping sound of water.

  • If Dyson makes a humidifier?

 Yeah, Dyson not only makes humidifiers but also makes one of the best humidifiers with remains the room hygienic. Dyson humidifier can protect you from skin cracked, lips cracked, and many other problems. 

  • May I use vinegar to clean my Dyson AM10?

You are not allowed to use other than the citric acid solution. If you do so and anything happens to the machine, the warranty won’t be granted. That’s why to stay far from using foam soaps and vinegar and other cleaning agent.

  • When should I use a humidifier?

 Humidifiers are great for particular skin diseases and dryness of the skin, nose, hands, and lips. Also, the humidifier is applicable for allergies. When you find these symptoms on your skin, then you should use a humidifier for your good.

Final Note

By this time, I’ve discussed with you about Dyson air humidifier review. Here I’ve tried to tell you every detail about the Dyson humidifier, its feature, and the technologies it’s using now. You can research yourself this machine. Everyone wants to hear the price first. One thing I can assure you is that this machine is worth its cost. It provides the cleanest air for you, and the cleanest air should be your first choice over price.

Before using it, you need to be careful about the machine tank. Do not plug in the machine without water. Always try to clean the machine at least once a month. Do not use any cleaning agent or foam soap for cleaning the Dyson humidifier. Keep the humidifier out of your reach before sleeping, and finally, do not go outside for a while, turning on the humidifier.

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