How To Use Vicks Humidifier [Update 2023]

Humidifier refers to an electric appliance that works as a humidity diffuser.  Similarly, the Vicks humidifier is the most efficient and high-quality machine for increasing vapor in a single room and also throughout the whole building. If your living areas are excessively dry, you might feel a lack of proper steam even if you feel congestion.

How To Use Vicks Humidifier

A Vicks humidifier can be the best solution for your dry climate. But you must have to know how to use Vicks humidifier correctly. Let’s know the complete user guide.

Step 1

In the first step, you have to set up the Vicks humidifier on a flat surface. Keep in mind that it must be set up 4′ away from the bed, and ½ ‘away from the wall and the flat surface will be waterproof.

Never use the water from the water tap while you will fill the humidifier because tap water can produce minerals inside the device. Always use distilled water or bottled water.

Step 2

Next, remove the top cover to fill the humidifier with cold water. Again includes the humidifier tank. In this stage, you can know how to use Vicks Vapopads in cool mist humidifiers as well as in a warm mist. There was a special pad for mixing vapor pads.

Open the padded door and mixed the vapor pads with Vicks humidifier liquid. It will emit several scents like rosemary, lavender, and menthol for up to eight hours. In finishing the first step, you have to plug in your device with electricity.

Step 3

Turn on the Vicks humidifier and adjust the vapor power according to your comfort. Then leave it to run correctly. Most importantly, there has a projector system with some of humidifiers — projectors playing soft sounds and lights.

Similarly, the projector can be used without a humidifier. At least one person should stay in the room while the humidifier runs. Otherwise, you might feel oversaturated and have other accident problems. So whenever you will go out, turn off the humidifier.

How Often You Should Clean Your Vicks Humidifier

How Often You Should Clean Your Vicks Humidifier

Typically, it is good to clean a humidifier once a week. Vicks humidifier cleaning is effortless and needs a few times. Firstly, unplug the device and remove the top tank. Then remove the extra water from the humidifier as well as the vapor pads. Put 2 cups vinegar mixed with distilled water.

Now swirl the mixed water inside the humidifier. Vinegar can lose a maximum of unnecessary harmful minerals. Then wash your Vicks humidifier with cold water and let it dry. After drying, you can use it again.


Which Is A Better Warm Mist or Cool Mist Humidifier?

  • Don’t be confused about it because Vick’s warm mist humidifier and cool mist perform the same to emit humidity in your room. Both types work for reaching lower airways. So there has not been any specific change between these.

What Types Of Water You Should Put In A Humidifier?

  • Always use cold water in your Vicks humidifier to emit humidity. Coldwater is suitable for your family member’s health and increases the humidifier’s life.

Final Note

The Vicks humidifier can be your best assistance to prevent colds, cough, asthma, flu, and congestion. You have to take care properly of this great device. I hope now you are clear on how to use a Vicks humidifier in your home.

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