Do Electric Water Heaters Need To Be Vented 2023?

Before buying an electric water heater, users often think about “Do electric water heaters need to be vented?” The simple answer is no. A ventilation system is used for exhaustion and is essential to clean combustion. But the electronic water heater has no strategy for exhaustion. It heats water using an electronic power supply.

Do Electric Water Heaters Need To Be Vented 

So it does not have any motorized fan or chamber for venting combustion. It saves bills and space. Easy availability in the market helps you to buy it. Ventilation is one of the deciding factors in whether to buy a water heater or not.

The Ventilation System In Water Heaters

Water heaters burn natural gas, and it is called combustion. Exhaustion, moisture, and heat are seen there. The venting system removes flaming air. That’s why a motorized fan, a room, or air is needed. It is especially seen in gas water heaters both with a tank or tankless.

It is an older version of the water heater. But in electronic water heaters, we can see pipes, and these pipes are the way to exhaustion. There is no fume and no gas to leak. You need to ensure the valve is routed to a safe position. Exhaustion is done through the pipe. If the lines are not set correctly, then you may lose your water heater.

It prohibits the whole process of the water heater. Set the pipe carefully. There should be no hole in the pipe as there is no venting, so installation is not complicated. But it is tricky. It is better to get the help of experts to install it.

Different Kinds Of Water Heater Ventilation

Water heaters need a ventilation system except for an electronic one. Solar or electronic powered water heater runs without ventilation. Installing a water heater outdoors may not need a venting system. The venting system varies based on water heaters type. There are different sorts of venting. They are given below:

Water Heater Ventilation

  • Atmospheric: in this system, exhaustion is done through pipes. The heat comes out of the combustion chamber naturally and vents out into the air. The atmospheric venting system has q unique feature that it does not need a motorized fan. It consists of a pipe from a water heater to the roof, but there is no interruption.
  • Direct venting and power venting: It has greater flexibility. It does not need any direct pipeline to the roof. Both natural and power venting system requires a pipe for exhaustion. An exterior wall is there for the venting process. Power venting pulls the burning air around the water heater. There is a fan to exhaust through the vent, but the power venting is different. It pulls in flaming air and vents it outside through a pipe. You can install a direct venting water heater anywhere. But a water heater based on power venting should be placed with adequate air.
  • Concentric: On that kind of venting, pipe assembly happens. It takes in and out the exhaust. You can install it with a wall. The elements of concentric venting are different than other ones. It is trendy among the user of tankless water heaters. Its uniquely built installation is easy.

Powered Or Non-Powered Venting To Choose

It depends on the layout of the house and the room for venting. The design of your home helps to install a direct venting system. On the contrary, space and air are needed for power venting. These two types of venting systems have been created to help you in daily life. It depends on you to choose according to the chasing factors.

Benefits of Electronic Water Heater, Not Using Ventilation System

Venting is required for traditional gas water heaters. But electronic water heaters supply hot water to you with some advantages. For example, no use of the ventilation process. Yes, It can heat water without venting flaming. Some benefits are given below:

  • Installation cost: Its installation cost is much cheaper than other water heaters. As there is no exhaustion system, so it saves money.
  • Saves heat loss: In gas water heaters, we may see heat loss during venting. But in electronic water heaters, there is no heat loss. It does not consist of any venting procedure. So there is no chance of losing heat.
  • Higher efficiency: It’s a high-technology home appliance. It can heat your water more efficiently than any other water heater. That’s why people choose electronic water heaters for their homes or office.
  • Saves utility bill: Again, we are talking about saving expenses. It does reduce not only installation expenses but also utility bills.


01. Does an electric water heater explode?

Ans. Yes, An electric or gas water heater explodes. But there is always a reason behind it. The reasons:

  • High-pressure in-tank,
  • Failure of pressure relief valve,
  • Improper installation,
  • Gas leakage etc.
  • By taking good care, we can prevent the explosion of water heaters.

02. Does an electric tank-less water heater require ventilation?

Ans. No, an electric water heater does not have a ventilation system. Only a gas-model water heater requires venting. Due to power supply problems, many people use gas-based water heaters. In that case, it needs to be venting. But the electric water heater has no system of ventilation. It requires substantial energy.

03. Is an electronic water heater better than a gas water heater?

Ans. Well, both of these water heaters have their advantages. Gas water heaters cost low. On the other hand, electric water heaters are efficient. Gas water heater wastage some heat. So both are good for you according to your needs.


Before buying a new water heater, you may think about “Do electric water heaters need to be vented?”. Many people buy water heaters based on that question. People need a water heater for everyday work in their life. Consumers like to use products with new technology and advantages.

In this era of technology, you may find a new product with unique benefits. A water heater is also developed day by day. Water heaters of older versions need ventilation. Without ventilation, the water heater did not work. Since an electronic water heater is invented, then venting is not necessary.

Electronic water heaters use a pipe to export combustion. It can be fixed anywhere easily at your home or office.

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