Different Types of Sewing Machines [20 Types Collect 2023]

If you have a passion for sewing, then you may want to know about different types of sewing machines. Not only for passion, but you may also want to know about different types of sewing machines if you want to buy or upgrade your machine, for your personal use or industrial use.

The sewing machine has been sewing for many years and it getting upgraded over time. And now, there are a lot of various sewing machines available in the market with various features and abilities for making different jobs easy.

20 Different Types of Sewing Machines Collect [2023]

So today, we’re going to learn about different types of sewing machines. Let’s start exploring-

Hand Operated Sewing Machine

The hand-operated sewing machine is the oldest model of the sewing machine. This is like the mustang of the sewing machine. This hand-operated sewing machine was the most popular once, but not anymore. It was the only option once. But now, many sewing machine models are out there with advanced features and capabilities.

The hand-operated sewing machine is operated by hand. There is a handle that can be turned to run the machine. It takes much effort to sew anything with this sewing machine. Until you have a classic passion, I wouldn’t recommend it this time.

Treadle Sewing Machine

The treadle sewing machine also works without electricity. You have to operate this sewing machine by using a base stand. You have to treadle the base to operate the wheel. And the wheel is attached to a belt.

When the wheel is moved by the force, the attached belt operates the base stand and runs the machine. This machine works almost like other sewing machines.

Treadle Sewing Machine

But it only needs higher manual work. This machine is suitable for countries where electricity is very costly and rare.

In this machine, your hands keep free unlike hand-operated sewing machines and you have to use your own energy to use it.

You can use this machine for doing many kinds of sewing stitches. And most importantly, you can add an external motor to this machine to sew faster, easier, and quicker.

Domestic Sewing Machine

The domestic model sewing machine is a general home sewing machine that is made for hobby sewing or typical sewing at home only. This machine is fairly simple and easy to use. You can do almost all types of sewing for clothes with this model.

You can do zigzag stitches, buttonhole stitches, and, decorative stitches along with simple straight stitches. This is a good choice for personal use.

Mechanical Sewing Machine

The mechanical sewing machine is a simple sewing machine with simple knobs and designed for hobby sewing. A mechanical sewing machine has some simple knobs that are used to adjust the stitch width, stitch length, sewing machine tension, etc.

You can turn the knobs this way or that way to adjust the settings easily.

A mechanical sewing machine is a great option for hobby sewing. This one is one of the best options for personal and hobby sewing jobs, at a very affordable price. And because of the simple knobs of the machine, you can do your sewing more easily.

Industrial Sewing Machine

The industrial sewing machine is made to do what a domestic sewing model can’t. You can’t sew many fabric layers together with a domestic sewing machine. But an industrial sewing machine has solved this problem. An industrial sewing machine can sew several layers of fabric together easily. On the other hand, it doesn’t get heated quickly, so you can work without any problem.

The industrial sewing machine is overall perfect and made for business use. It operates at high speed and can do any sewing job in lesser time. An industrial sewing machine provides straight, balanced, and overall perfect stitches. This model is recommended when you need for business use. Otherwise, you don’t really need to spend a lot more money for personal use only.

Electric Sewing Machine

An electronic sewing machine comes with many different options for combining stitches like a buttonhole, overlocking, etc. it has built-in stitch programs so you can select more selection easily with the switch. It has more sewing options than a mechanical sewing machine. Nowadays, an electronic sewing machine has a built-in computer and LCD display with a touch screen.

You can adjust the settings with the display and the computer operates the motors inside the machine. This is a great choice for those who want a machine that can help with its own features and capabilities.

Computerized Sewing Machine

The computerized sewing machine is mainly an electronic sewing machine with the additional ability of embroidery work. This model offers a program setting that lets you select the setting and combine the stitches to do any kind of embroidery work. This computerized sewing machine can make 7 different types of buttonholes made in just one step.

You can use the LCD display, automatic needle threading, and stitch selector for more convenient sewing and control over the machine. This model is expensive but it’s really worth it.

Lockstitch Machine

A lockstitch machine is a sewing machine that sews straight and zigzag stitches. This type of sewing machine uses 2 threads. One is on the top and one is on the bobbin. This machine sews the same on both sides of the fabric and the stitching looks the same on both sides. This machine is used mainly for the sewing business.

Mini Sewing Machine

The mini sewing machine is a portable sewing machine that is very small in size and easy to carry. This machine is for sewing straight lines, sewing up alterations, adjustments, repairs, or simple sewing projects. This is a great choice for travel or any trip. You can repair any ripped clothes on the way with this little beauty. This is a cheap machine and for simple use only.

Chain Stitch Machine

The chain stitch machine sews the fabric with just one thread and it creates a chain stitch to sew the fabric. The single thread is looped around under the fabric and it creates a chain under the fabric. This type of machine is for sewing straight and zigzag stitching. Additionally, you can choose one needle or two needle-based models.

One needle-based model creates a single chain stitch and a double needle-based model created a double chain stitch. The chain stitch machine is mainly used for binding and decorative sewing.

Cover Stitch Machine

The cover stitch sewing machine is a specialized sewing machine that makes cover stitches. The cover stitches are great for knitting or garments. The cover stitch machine is mainly for the industrial job only for making hemming, binding, topstitching, or adding decorative effects. This is a great companion for the garment industry.


The serger is a multi-purpose sewing machine. It’s used to make durable seams as well as sew hems or make the finish of the fabric edge. If you sew knit fabric, then it’s a useful machine for you. The serger is also known as an Over-edge machine or Over-lock machine.

Blind Stitch Machine

The blind stitch machine is a specialized sewing machine that is used for industrial blind stitch hemming. This is basically invisible on hems. You’ll need a dedicated machine to do the work faster and efficiently when you are doing a lot of pants, skirts, or shorts. And the blind stitch machine is for that job. This machine is for industrial use only.

Safety Stitch Machine

The safety stitch machine is a combination of a three-thread over-lock stitch and a two-thread chain stitch. A safety switch is a specialized machine and it does edge neatening. This machine is for industrial use. Generally, a safety stitch machine is combined with an over-lock sewing machine but you can also get it individually.

Bar Tack Sewing Machine

The bar tack sewing machine is used for making the bar tacks only. The bar tack is stitching that reinforces specific areas of a garment and accessories like on top of pockets or belt loops. This machine is for industrial use only.

Flat Seam Machine

The flat seam machine is made for binding cut edges and sewing flat seams or knitted fabrics. You’ll find two types of this machine out there. One is with a flatbed and another is with a cylindrical bed. This machine is mainly used for industrial purposes.

Buttonhole Machine

The buttonhole machine is used for making buttonholes. This machine makes the buttonhole easily and quickly. Generally, this type of machine uses a chain stitch or lock stitch to make the buttonholes. This machine is used commonly in garments.

Button Sewing Machine

The button sewing machine is designed and made to sew the buttons very fast. This machine is commonly used in garments to finish the job quickly and easily.

Embroidery Only Sewing Machine

The embroidery-only sewing machine is a specialized sewing machine that comes with many pre-loaded embroidery designs inside its memory. You can also import other designs to this machine via its USB port to make the embroidery design.

Button Sewing Machine

The embroidery-only sewing machine makes embroidery on the fabrics. This is mainly for industrial use.

The embroidery-only sewing machine also offers a design editing feature so you can edit and create a lot more designs for your business.

Long Arm Quilting Sewing Machine

A long-arm quilting sewing machine is for you if you love quilting. There are mainly two types of long arm quilting sewing machines- computerized and mechanical.

Final Words

The sewing machine has a history of long-time and over time, the sewing machines have got the upgrade and they become more capable day by day. And now, there are a lot of sewing machine models available for different types of jobs. To get the right sewing machine for your job, you need to know about them first.

In this article, we have tried to discuss the sewing machine models that are available in the market. We hope, we have included every model. I hope, you’ll know all about different types of sewing machines by reading this article.

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