How To Use An Embroidery Machine [Complete Guide 2023]

If you don’t have any past experience then using an embroidery machine can be very hard for you. But don’t worry, most embroidery machines are automatic nowadays and they do most of the tasks of the embroidery process by themselves. You just need to adjust the settings and relax.

Nowadays, embroidery machines are designed to be as user-friendly as possible. As a result, you can operate an embroidery machine easily and learn to use it very quickly even if you’re a beginner.

In this article, we are going t discuss how to use an embroidery machine for beginners step by step so that you can easily learn and operate an embroidery machine-

How To Use an Embroidery Machine – A Complete Guide For Beginner

In this guide, we’ll describe how to use an embroidery machine step by step. So, keep reading the entire article carefully and learn how you can learn to use an embroidery machine yourself, even if you’re a beginner-

Prepare The Things You Need

The first step in doing anything is preparation. To learn how to use an embroidery machine, you have to gather the required things first such as fabric, thread, bobbin, needles, stabilizer, embroidery computer software, and obviously the embroidery machine. As a beginner, you need to keep the fabric in place during the job because the fabric often gets displaced.

So, you need a stabilizer to keep the fabric in place. Remember to use the right type of needle which is suitable for the fabric you want to embroider. And don’t forget to read the instruction manual if you get confused at any time. after getting all the required things ready, you’re ready to step forward to the next step.

Choose The Right Needle

Using the right type of needle for embroidery is one of the most important parts. It’s ideal to use needles that are designed particularly with embroidery thread for embroidery machines. The size of the needle generally depends on the weight of the fabric.

Most commercial embroidery needles are round shanks and most domestic embroidery needles are flat-sided shanks. Moreover, the embroidery needles for the machines are categorized according to a standardized number system. A larger number of needles indicates a larger number of the eye.

On the other hand, a smaller number indicates a smaller needle. And a smaller needle means more accuracy. If you feel confused about the needle type for a particular fabric, you can take a little piece of that particular fabric and experiment with different types of needles to decide which one is the best option, and then go for it.

Choose The Right Thread

There are mainly two different types of thread that come into play during the embroidery process. They are the embroidery thread and the bobbin thread. The embroidery thread has some features that distinguish it from other ordinary sewing threads.

The embroidery threads are stronger and thinner than ordinary sewing threads. The back of the embroidery design is lighter than the front of the embroidery machine because of the bobbin thread of the machine.

Generally, the most common and most popular embroidery threads are rayon and polyester. They both have their own pros and cons. So you should choose the right thread to make the best embroidery design.

Set Up The Embroidery Machine

How to Set Up an Embroidery Machine

To start the embroidery process after getting the previous steps done is to set up the embroidery machine. It’s different to set up an embroidery machine than an ordinary sewing machine. To set up an embroidery machine, you need to plug in the machine to the power source. After that, you can select the embroidery design.

Nowadays, most embroidery machines can also be connected via a USB port and cable to a computer. The embroidery machines have many pre-installed embroidery designs inside them. You can also edit the designs to create some new designs.

Thread The Bobbin

You should thread the bobbin in the right way because different machine has different way. You can find a way in the operation manual. The whole process of threading the bobbin is mentioned and described in the user manual. If you see the bobbin thread on both sides of the fabric then consider that the bobbin has not been installed correctly.

Uninstall it and install it correctly. Otherwise, it can also cause a needle break. It’s a simple but important part of any embroidery process. Because if you fail to install it correctly, you can’t create any design at all.

Select The Design And Embroider

After getting all the previous steps done, it’s time to choose the embroidery design you want to implant and start the process. Nowadays, most embroidery machines come with pre-installed designs in their software system. They also give you the opportunity to import any other designs from your computer or the internet so that you can get a lot of designs and create many amazing embroidery designs.

You can use the touch screen of the embroidery machine and select the design you want to implant. You can also modify the design in some embroidery machines. Just select the design and start the process, and you’re all set.


Actually, the best way to learn how to use an embroidery machine is to use it yourself. In fact, it’s the only way to learn to use it properly. In this article, we tried to make a guide that can lead you to the procedure of the whole embroidery process step by step. This is only a guide.

You have to learn it by yourself by using the machine. You may not learn it in a single day, but you’ll learn properly and better if you keep using the machine. Best of luck!

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