The Best Staple Gun Reviews | Top 10 Picks

The usefulness of staple guns is very diverse, is it not? Well, one of the major equipment for securing paperwork or similar activities is a staple gun. Be it fixating a set of documents or the separation of different upholsteries, an effective staple gun should be able to do it all.

So, which is the best staple gun? As subjective as the question sounds, the answer is a variant. The most common features of a good staple gun should have durability, portability, etc. In this article, we have included the finest staple guns in the market, and we believe this should be very helpful for you.

Benefits of Staple Gun

A device like a pinning gun is beneficial to users of all age groups. Read through to find out exactly how.

  • Doing Floor Work

The first advantage of owning a staple gun is its support when you need to do floor work. This product can cover the basic idea of upholstery. All you have to do is enter the pin, press, and go on with it.

  • Useful in Woodworking

Talking about setting furniture-like items, it will be unfair not to mention how accommodating this device is when woodwork is involved. We all know how tough it is to put together domestic showpieces on our own. If you own a staple gun, we believe the task will be marginally more comfortable.

  • DIY Projects

Adding further, it is a treat for people who are into DIY projects. Since these have such a stronghold of gripping onto items, we believe this should help bring out your creative side.

  • Instant Binding

Coming to the core purpose of a staple gun is to make your life in the corporate and educational world relaxed. Large stacks of paper need instant binding, which in turn creates a scope for you to stay organized. So, the value of a staple gun is crucial, so owning one is mandatory today.

10 Best Staple Guns Review

Image Product Name Price
1 Arrow Fastener T25 Wire Staple Gun Check Price
2 TACWISE Z3-140L Hand Staple Gun Check Price
3 Stanley TR150HL SharpShooter Staple Gun Check Price
4 Dewalt DWHTTR510 Stapler Brad Nailer Check Price
5 PORTER-CABLE Upholstery Stapler Check Price
6 Stanley TR250 SharpShooter Plus Nail Gun Check Price
7 BOSTITCH SX1838K Upholstery Stapler Check Price
8 BOSTITCH Flooring Stapler, Pneumatic Check Price
9 Rapid 20511550 R34 Stapling Gun Check Price
10 Senco SNS41 Construction Stapler Check Price

Here we have noted down the best pinning guns obtainable. Along with a detailed description, we have jotted down a few pros and cons.

1. Arrow Fastener T25 Wire Staple Gun

Arrow Fastener T25 Wire Staple Gun

Are you looking for the best electric staple gun? If yes, we have a product that must float your boat! One of the most distinguishing features of this product is that it fits up to 0.25 inches of material underneath it. So, the scope of utilization is higher. 

Adding further, it’s exterior is one of a kind. It is entirely made of high-quality steel, which ensures durability along with stability. You will understand how impactful the stapler is once you take up a project and use it. Thanks to its chrome finishing, it will last much longer than regular staple guns. 

The razors and blades attached to the ends of this device are phenomenal. It drives the product through and any and every substance. More importantly, it enables you to have a smooth texture while working. So, you can easily say goodbye to those days of hardship where it was rough.

Moreover, it is designed for efficiency, even under circumstances where there is low-voltage. It will perform the same. Also, it is very safe to use. People of all age groups and sizes can use this product to do their projects individually or cumulatively.

Another fact which has to be mentioned in this product’s favor is that it is swift. Starting from fabric to imitation wood, it can pin and attach it all. You will be amazed by its pace as it will save you time and money. The fastened wire has a significant role to play in this case. 

This brand offers you an opportunity to use this product with T25 staple sizes, which include ⅜, 7/16, and 9/16 inch. So, do give it a try!


  • Can be used with various staples
  • Efficiently low-voltage
  • Safe
  • Sharp blades for heavy-duty
  • Has a chrome finish


  • Not suitable for corners
  • Need extra bell wire

2. TACWISE Z3-140L Hand Staple Gun

TACWISE Z3-140L Hand Staple Gun

A professional staple gun is mandatory for people who are into arts and crafts, is it not? Well, to make your art more technically beautiful, here is a product that shall help you. Made of pure metal, this staple gun kit surely does not dissatisfy. 

If we talk about the mechanistic side, it fires 140 (T50) staples, which are 6-14 mm. The total nails you will receive with the pack is 360. Out of those nails, 180 will be 15mm, and the other 180 will be 15 mm headless pins. The assortment of these pins is way above standard, so this is an advantage.

Tacwise liner has a unique feature that sets itself apart from similar devices. Thanks to its power curve technology, pins’ firing will be a piece of cake for its users. It’s simple and easy to get a hold of. The linearity of the pins is also an applaudable factor. 

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Adding further, the belt hook attached to this is handy. Its main job is to keep the staple gun stable. This minimizes the chances of a user hurts them while working on a project so that. Also, there is a customizable window and edge adapter, which are excellent. 

Furthermore, it has an attractive design, making it look like a decorative addition to your work station. Staple guns are usually of paler colors, but this one has a hint of bright orange. Therefore, this is undoubtedly different from other brands available in the market.

Overall, we believe this product has the potential to take place in your arts and crafts box. So, without further delay, do give it a try and see for yourself.


  • Created for expert-use
  • Good range of pins
  • Smooth firing
  • Has useful additional features
  • Attractive exterior


  • Not powerful enough
  • Doesn’t last long enough

3. Stanley TR150HL SharpShooter Staple Gun

Stanley TR150HL SharpShooter Staple Gun

Are you desperately seeking the best staple gun for wood? If yes, we have a product that will fit that purpose perfectly. Its adjustable lever can be used on both hard and soft substances. It is indeed a versatile product like that. 

For durability, it has an aircraft aluminum segment. This feature’s core objective is to make sure that no matter how rough the edges or ends of a wood piece are, it will be able to perform its task effectively. So, the days where you would wage war with your craft because of this is gone. 

Adding further, it has an anti-congestion mechanism. With the help of this, you will be able to finish pinning at a very fast pace. Usually, when you are using a staple gun for a prolonged period, it does get stuck. However, thanks to this feature, this will not happen that frequently.

If penetration is to be mentioned, it indeed is intense. It will relentlessly create an impressionable hole in whichever place you want. The high voltage and unrestricted movement attributes make life simpler for its users. All you have to do is select the area, drill, and push! 

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You will be astonished to see how well it performs for its price point. It is a complete package for people who tend to take up long and challenging projects. You will get additional accessories with it, which will make your experience even better.

In general, we think this product is a keeper. You will enjoy it for a very long time, even if you are used to heavy-duty products.


  • Has an adjustable power lever
  • Prolonged durability
  • Anti-congestion mechanism
  • Easy movement
  • Can be used for heavy-duty


  • Not fit for upholstery
  • Cheap plastic handles

4. Dewalt DWHTTR510 Stapler Brad Nailer

Dewalt DWHTTR510 Stapler Brad Nailer

Who would not like a bright pop of color in his or her workplace? We believe you do! The Dewalt stapler gun has a bright yellow exterior, which gives out positive energy, even during the most challenging tasks. As significant, its features may be, we believe this, too, is of great importance. 

Adding further, it is convenient and portable. You will be able to travel with it from one place to another. We often encounter the difficulty of moving components while working on a large project. At least, this will make sure you are not facing issues with the pinning segment.

Furthermore, it is quick. It can pin straight in a row without any disruption. The designers have automated the device so that even if it gets jammed, it will bounce back very swiftly. So, gone are the days where you would have to invest hours in finishing a project.

The product is beneficial for people who are a fan of DIY projects. Indeed, DIY projects do not require heavy duty pinning, but it does require efficiency. This is precisely what the gun offers. You will be done with your work before you even realize it. 

Users will receive a variety of pins and accessories to make their stapling time more fun and useful. You would have to purchase them separately in most cases, but this one will not make you put a mark on your wallet. It is undoubtedly an all-in-one package.

Overall, this is a fine product. We can indeed ensure consistency and top-notch performance for this one. So, do take a look at it!


  • Bright exterior
  • DIY-friendly
  • Portable
  • Handy
  • Well Designed


  • Not a long term investment
  • Slightly unsafe

5. PORTER-CABLE Upholstery Stapler

PORTER-CABLE Upholstery Stapler

Are you interested in the best gun for upholstery? If yes, we have a suitable product for you. Specializing in upholstery, this staple gun will give you an experience of a lifetime. This device can capture the true essence of cushioning and padding.

First, it uses a 22 Ga. ⅜ inch crown and can extend up to ¼ inch to ⅝ inch. This range is well above average. Upholstery needs to have a dynamic stapler gun because it has to perform many activities that highly differ from the regular stapler.

Adding further, it is very compact and light in weight. This means, during stressful upholstery sessions, you will be able to lift it from one end and work with it. For regular staple guns, it is a challenging task. However, this brand is offering you the liberty to do that.

For controlled clearance, there is a 1-inch nose extension. This feature’s primary purpose is to make sure that no matter how sturdy the material is, it can penetrate through it while not crippling the entire process.

In terms of durability, it is unmatchable as well. This is because it has a steel top cap. The cap is supposed to safeguard the product against any external threats or pressure. This, in turn, creates the opportunity for it to be long-lasting.

In general, there is no other brand better than this one for the upholstery. It has all the necessary features and a lot more, which can be utilized by people who perform this art method.


  • Crown staples
  • Compact and light
  • Has an extension
  • Will last for an extended period
  • Air can be channeled


  • Staples may not fit
  • Poor packaging

6. Stanley TR250 SharpShooter Plus Nail Gun

Stanley TR250 SharpShooter Plus Nail Gun

Who does not admire a staple gun that is made of premium aluminum? We believe you do! Crafted with the finest of raw materials, this product is supposed to sweep you off your feet. The real value of a good quality staple gun can undeniably be portrayed through this.

It is visible that it is a staple gun. However, it can be used for multiple purposes, as well. Starting from being a nailer to a wire tacker, it got you covered. With its diversity, you will be saving quite a few bucks, which in turn can be used to make your toolbox more glamorous. 

For better penetration, it has a channel that ensures an all drive phenomena. This feature’s primary duty is to make sure it can get through any and every material effortlessly. It mostly saves time and physical input. Users are bound to enjoy this feature.

Adding further, you will not have to put a strain on your hand for squeezing the product. A gentle press should do it. As you do not have to put in a significant amount of energy for doing this task, you can drive the product faster. Hence, you will be more efficient than ever before.

Handling it is very simple as well. Like any other staple gun, you have to wrap your hands around the action point and press it to pin a particular area. So, it can be used by amateurs and professionals as well. It is indeed a very diverse product.

Overall, this is genuinely a product that one must buy actually to comprehend it’s qualities. We have listed down most of them, so it’s your turn to see the practicality of it. 


  • Made of aluminum
  • Multipurpose use
  • Better drilling
  • Less human input is required.
  • Has more driving power


  • Not enough staples were included.
  • Can shoot blanks

7. BOSTITCH SX1838K Upholstery Stapler

BOSTITCH SX1838K Upholstery Stapler

The art of upholstery has a beauty of its own, does it not? Well, to be completely precise, upholstery staplers have a few features that are quite different from a regular stapler. Therefore, here is a product that will aid your crafting skills. Indeed, it is very extraordinary.

Adding further, this product has a patented mechanism. This means that the squeezing system is customized and different from the regular upholstery staplers. You will, on a prominent note, receive an extra edge due to this. It will ease the most formidable task of using a stapler gun. 

Focusing on the design of this stapler, it is of aluminum die-cast. It can ensure the most premium performance at an unbelievable pace. You will be surprised by how quickly you can pin from one end to another. Indeed, it is an exquisite product that is worth the money spent. 

Comfort is a factor that people do not look for in staplers, although it is an utmost necessity. Thanks to its rubber covering on the steel handles, you will no longer have blisters on your fingers after a long day. This will protect you and your hand effectively. 

Furthermore, it is easy to reload. You will be able to enter a substantial amount of pins at one go, and the process is very ordinary. All you have to do is open the jack of the product and align the pins accordingly. That should be it if it is not jammed. Even if it is, you can fix that too. 

Overall, it is the right product with a lot of potentials. Hence, we would suggest you go through it before you make your final purchase.


  • Patented system
  • Made of die-cast aluminum
  • Unique design
  • Has rubber grip
  • Prone to blisters


  • Only uses certain staples.
  • Can imprint blanks

8. BOSTITCH Flooring Stapler, Pneumatic

BOSTITCH Flooring Stapler, Pneumatic

Are you someone who wants a maneuverable stapler gun? If yes, this should act as a blessing for you. Starting from adjustable knobs to tool-free adjustment, it covers segments like these very efficiently. For sturdy wood, the adaptability is up to 7/16 inches, and for smooth wood, it is ⅝ inches.

Adding further, the designers have prioritized users’ benefits the most when crafting this. To begin with it, the clippers have a rubber coating to protect you from hand injuries. Often, you may come across such issues when exerting access pressure, so this is a positive feature for you. 

Moreover, it has a rear exhaust wrapped so that no excess air can enter the workplace. This, in turn, will make your task finish much quicker than usual. We all know how hectic projects like upholstery or flooring can get, so any effort saved is a virtue.

Also, it has a non-marring trip. It is usual for workers who have specialized in floor work to damage the project while working. Satisfyingly, those days of scratched or imprinted signs on your fantastic creation are gone. With this device, it will be a very fulfilling experience.

Furthermore, this product has a pre-installed tongue affiance. A feature like this makes you attack the pocket every time. It’s rare and straightforward to have such attributes within such a humble price point. Indeed, this product will produce any floor worker love his or her work.

In general, a stapler like this is a gem for floor workers. So, without further ado, do check it out at your earliest convenience and see for yourself! 


  • Adaptable knobs
  • Works for both sturdy and smooth hardwood
  • Nonmarring tip
  • Not prone to injuries
  • Tongue affiance


  • Adaptable knobs
  • Works for both sturdy and smooth hardwood
  • Nonmarring tip
  • Not prone to injuries
  • Tongue affiance

9. Rapid 20511550 R34 Stapling Gun

Rapid 20511550 R34 Stapling Gun

Want a stapling gun that is affordable and useful as well? Well, this product has both qualities. With a casing made of pure steel, it is an epitome of durability. No matter how strong the external force is, it will still provide its top-class performance. 

Adding further, it does not have a recoil. This is a useful feature because reconciling makes the guns slower and more hazardous. So, for amateurs, this can be a fantastic investment, undoubtedly. For professionals, it can act as a catalyst.

The force needed to move the stapler is changeable. Depending on how concrete you want the outcome to be, you can adjust the drive. This will enable you to have the freedom to choose your pace of work while not compromising the project’s quality.

Finding a noise reducer in a stapler gun is near to impossible. However, thanks to this brand, you will no longer be exposed to extreme work sounds that make you feel irritated and uncomfortable. The whole procedure will be very smooth and stress-free. 

You will be able to use staples that are of the 11th category. This range is extensive, so you will not have to waste your time running from one shop to another to find these pins. They are easily and readily available around the nearest tool shops.

Overall, this has a lot to offer for the price it is charging. You will not have to put a strain on your pocket while buying this, so do check it out for further clearance.


  • Steel Casing
  • Non-existent recoil
  • Changeable drive
  • Has a noise reducer


  • Feels cheap
  • Low quality handles

10. Senco SNS41 Construction Stapler

Senco SNS41 Construction Stapler

Are you trying to identify the best electric stapler? If yes, we have a product that fits that tag perfectly. It can move crown staples from 7/16 inch to a distance of 1 to 2 inches. This makes the staple gun a great asset, which can be a fantastic addition to your toolbox.

Adding further, it can be used for various purposes. Starting from sheathing to roof decking, it can do it all. Since it is so versatile and portable, you will enjoy the time in a hassle-free manner. Also, you will save a lot of storage space as this stapler itself does a lot. 

With an operating pressure of 80 to 120 PSI, it is comparatively lightweight. So, you can travel from one workplace to another without putting much effort. Just slide it into your craft box or bag, and you are all set to go. This gives it an adventurous touch.

Devices like these often give in to the tiresomeness caused by vibrations. However, thanks to its easing grip, this product will not have to consider such issues. You will notice how drastically changes the shelf life, which saves many bucks as the repair is not there. 

Another fact that makes this device stand out is the changeable exhaust. It can move up to 360 degrees while giving you the complete liberty to rivet it to any angle you wish to. And it has an appealing elasticity, which makes the product highly safe and sound. 

On that note, it has to be mentioned that the air inhalation for this is 5.4 SCFM. So, what are you waiting for? Do give it a try and indulge in this incredible experience!


  • Long driving length
  • Can be used for various purposes
  • Comparatively small
  • Easy to carry
  • Has a comfortable grip


  • Tends to misfire
  • Cost-ineffective

What Makes a Good Staple Gun? 

A good staple gun is available in many variations, but certain commonalities between them must stay aligned. Some of the crucial ones are written below:

Raw Materials

Most of the staple guns are made of aluminum or steel. A good stapler needs to have a very sturdy exterior. To ensure that, the raw materials used in the product has to be of premium quality. This will make sure that its shelf life is high in the long run.

The matter used to make a staple gun is usually derived from top quality elements. They are tested through various steps to make the material linear in terms of performance and exterior. The finer the raw materials are, the more attractive the surface is.

Also, the materials used to build a product like this will ensure how well it will perform. If it is of high quality, it will have an impactful outcome. Otherwise, it may not be as useful. Try to go for the ones which ensure prototype testing through verified measures. 

Furthermore, you will notice that you have to spend a lot of money on maintenance specialists and the purchase of parts. Try to opt-out for staplers that have at least a year-long warranty. The renowned brands guarantee you the expected outcome and give you spare parts included in the package cost.


It is crucial how durable a staple gun is. When you come across weak staple guns, your entire motivation to work will come to a halt.It will last for a prolonged period.

Adding further, if a staple gun is not durable, how do you think it will take the load of massive duty projects? To do those, it needs to have a standard intake of external force. Try to look for guns that are professional cause the DIY ones will limit your scope. 

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Moreover, prolonged shelf life will also help you feel safeguarded. This is because products like this have a history of injuring users. The best part about durable staplers is that it will protect your hands against unwanted and uncalled for blisters. 

Have you mentioned how much money you will be saving if you get a long-lasting gun? A good weapon usually lasts from 1 to 2 years. However, if handled with care, it can last even longer! So do consider this when you opt-out for a mediocre stapler. 


One of the major concerns of users who are using a stapler gun is that they are heavy and difficult to work with. This is where you act smart. Always weigh the stapler gun before purchasing it on your hand. If you can’t do that, make sure you look at the features before buying it online. 

Staplers that can easily be moved have an essence of their own. When doing a big project, you might have to stretch from one end to another for pinning. A heavy stapler will make you suffer. On the other hand, if you get a handy one, you can easily do that task. 

Professional stapler guns are not that light considering how complex its functionalities are, although few brands make it comparatively light. Try to look for those. Since it is a long term investment, get one which you can use daily because it is simpler that way. 

You should first identify the type of projects you are willing to undertake. For simple projects, you will not need an expert device. Nevertheless, you never know when you might have to do upholstery. Hence, we would suggest that you buy a portable stapler with average expertise.

Ease of Use

Who are the reasons behind the development of a stapler gun? The users. You have to check bit by bit, whether it is suitable for your requirements or not. Some are affordable, and some are pricey. Some are commercial, while some are in-house. The choice is yours. 

However, there are certain features you must look for while buying a stapler. First and foremost, see whether it has a rubber coating or not. If not, you might face difficulties during the pinning session. A flexible grip will help you be on the safer side. 

On the other hand, try to find a stapler that allows various staples guns to be used. This is because when using a product as such, you might run short of pins. If they have a dedicated pin range, finding the suitable pin set will be a task on its own so avoid that. 

Some staplers, luckily, have a noise dampener. You may think that pinning does not make much of a noise. That is only on small scale projects. For even mid-scale projects, noise pollution is massive. So, try to identify the guns that ensure minimal sound. 

How Does a Staple Gun Work? 

A staple gun is mainly of two types – manual and electrical. The manual gun needs to be operated by you. It has a trigger button that you must press to activate it. The first step you need to take is to hold the stapler in the direction you wish to aim.

Make sure you know exactly where you want to pin it, or else misfiring may cause injuries. Then, get a hold of the grip. This will reduce the chances of scratches. Afterward, pull the trigger and start pinning. Since it is manual, you have to unload and reload pins accordingly.

For electrical staple guns, the steps are a bit complicated. The electrical staplers have two categories of their own — wired and battery operated. For wired firearms, you have to attach the plug to a PowerPoint. You have to see if the stapler has on or not, and then, you can pin it the same way discussed above.

On the other hand, battery-operated staple guns are mildly different. Since it does not have a power source, you need to see if the batteries have enough life. Otherwise, they will stop midway. Once you are clear on that side, you are good to go. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a staple gun? 

A staple gun is a device that can be used to pin and attach projects. For specialized firearms, they have various activities like sheathing, floorwork, etc. This is a useful product for people who do carpentry, woodwork, and upholstery. They are fast and efficient.

These guns can be either manual or electrical. 

Are our staple guns expensive?

This is a variable. Staple guns that are of expert level have a high price point. Similarly, devices that are aimed towards novices have a low price point. It truly depends on the features you are looking for. Sometimes, even the type can cause a massive price difference.

The complex the features are, the more expensive it is.

Are our staple guns user-friendly?

Most of them are. If you are an experienced worker who knows his or her way with staple guns, it should be a piece of cake for you. Nevertheless, please be wary that amateurs have to go for the regular product because they might face difficulties with the intermediate on.

Depending on your safety precautions and previous projects, it will be subjective. 

Do pins of various categories fit into one gun? 

Unfortunately, no, they do not. Various guns have various pins for usage. Some firearms have an assortment of nails in their user base, but most do not offer this. A stapler gun is only subject to a particular type of pin. If you are lucky enough, it can insert up to 3 kinds of nail only.

However, this may damage the gun in most cases, so using a suitable pin type is preferable.

Are our staple guns compact and portable?

This product is, again, subjective to the type of project you handle. Professional level staple guns are not compact or mobile. They are heavy because of the workload and pressure they go through. On the other hand, regular guns do are movable and require less storing place.

Final Word

In conclusion, we have listed the finest staple guns available in the market. However, you have to find your best staple gun, which will satisfy your preferences. We believe this article was helpful and will be utilized to the fullest.

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