Best Corded Stick Vacuum Reviews In 2023

Are you tired of having to drag out a huge vacuum cleaner for the simplest and smallest of messes? Or maybe you’re living on your own in a small apartment, with no need or space for a large vacuum cleaner. If these descriptions remind you about your situation, then the stick vacuum is what you need.

These lightweight sticks are the perfect machine to be carried home to tackle small-scale scenarios. For this reason, we’ve taken the liberty to find the best corded stick vacuum on the market.

Advantages of Corded Stick Vacuum

You may have a question popping up in your mind- why having a smaller vacuum cleaner is necessary in the first place? However, before you start thinking about the negatives, here are some of the advantages you’ll be getting by purchasing these machines.

  • Maneuverability

One of the most prominent advantages of a stick vacuum is the lightweight you’re getting with it. This reduced mass makes the vacuum easy to move around the house with.

Have any cleaning to do on the 2nd floor, but you’re too tired to pull up those steps? Well, the stick vacuum would have you covered here as its lightness makes it easy for you to move around the entire house without getting tired.

Moreover, stick vacuums with their slim design make for the perfect machine for cleaning houses that are smaller in size. The stick design will fit into almost every crevice and corner of your home, without you having to clear out your furniture.

Not only will you be able to reach into the dark spots, the lightweight and long stick design will also allow you to clean the walls and ceilings.

  • Storage

When it comes to traditional vacuum cleaners, most people complain about the amount of space the machine takes over their closet. Starting from the cumbersome device itself, then you also have the tubes and additional attachments.

However, this is not the case for a stick vacuum; the machines are so slim that they’ll fit into the tiniest corners of your room or closet. Moreover, they don’t have any additional tubing that must be placed somewhere, so you’re good there as well.

  • Power

One of the misconceptions people have about stick vacuums is that their small design won’t generate much power. However, they couldn’t be more wrong; with today’s technology, stick vacuums can generate the same or even more power than your traditional machines.

Therefore, if you compare on strength to size ratio, you’re getting much more value at a smaller size. This ratio makes stick vacuums the perfect machine to meet your home cleaning requirements.

  • Affordability

The biggest advantage, however, is the cut on the price that you’re able to get. Unlike traditional vacuum cleaners that may end up completely emptying your wallets, the stick vacuum goes a bit easy on you. So, you may end up spending as much as half the amount you might have spent on a regular vacuum cleaner.

Thus, with this investment, you’re getting a machine that’ll make sure you’re getting the bang for your buck.

  • No Charging Hassles

Since these are corded machines, you’ll be getting an immense number of advantages compared to cordless ones.

Firstly, unlike battery-operated machines that start losing power as they’re used, corded machines continue to have a steady suction force. Furthermore, this constant power will ensure that every corner of your home gets the same cleaning level.

Secondly, battery-operated vacuum cleaners will only give you a certain amount of cleaning time, after which they’ll need to be charged again. Instead of losing time waiting for these machines to charge up, corded machines will give you constant power whenever you need it.

Thus, make sure you can get your full house cleaned once you’re at it.

Best Corded Stick Vacuum Reviews | The Ultimate Buying Guide

With the market overwhelmed with the sheer number of manufacturers, it can be tough for consumers to decide on a product they like. For this reason, we’ve listed down the top few vacuums that you can purchase now.

Shark HV382 Ultra-Light Corded Vacuum

If you’re looking to get the highest functionality at an affordable price, the machines from Shark are ones that won’t disappoint.

Weighing in at only 4.5 pounds, the HV382 from Shark is one of the lightest machines you’ll find on the market. As you know by now, with lightweight comes maneuverability, and this machine seems to tick that box perfectly well.

The floorheads on this device feature one of the most effective duo clean system. This tech uses a pair of deep cleaning brush rolls for extra effective cleaning, removing dirt from deep settled regions.

Moreover, the dual brush rolls act as the perfect hair-cleaning accessory, which should allow you to pick up long hair without having to worry about tangles.

Since the floorhead does not come with a front wall, the device won’t push back on larger debris. Instead, the soft brush roll on the front work to pull in larger debris almost instantly, thus, allowing you to vacuum both large piles and debris.

Additionally, the considerable size of the floorhead means you’re covering a large area relatively quickly.

The machine’s motor provides only 505 watts of power, which may seem insufficient for a vacuum cleaner. However, the additional brushes added to the vacuum’s floorhead should help make up for the lost power, giving you quite a big cleaning boost.

Plus, the machine’s got LED lights on the front for cleaning through the dark spaces under your furniture.

  • Duo-clean tech with improved deep cleaning functions
  • Dual Brush rolls provide a tangle-free solution for long-hair/pet hair cleaning
  • Ultra-light machine weighing it at only 4.5 pounds
  • Includes accessories like the crevice tool, pet-multi tool, and wall mount
  • Affordably priced with a good value for money
  • The motor on this vacuum is a bit small
  • Dust collector has relatively less capacity

Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner

The Red dirt devil from SimpliStik vacuum in terms of looks is a beautiful machine that will stand out at home.

But moreover, the device will impress with its performance, beating most other stick vacuum brands. There’s more; the machine also comes at one of the most reasonable prices in the market, making the device a steal.

The vacuums’ immense performance level is possible due to the machine being powered by a heavy-duty motor, producing some of the highest suction force. This should allow you to get a deep cleaning effect with the machine, ensuring a thorough clean, a feat that can also be achieved with the versatility of the product.

To ensure that every inch of your house gets cleaned, SimpliStik has secured this machine’s versatility as much as possible. For this reason, you’ll be getting 3-in-1 tech added with the machine.

This feature will let you convert the stick vacuum to a hand vacuum or extended vacuum, for a deeper dive into cleaning with extra maneuverability.

Furthermore, maneuverability is expected from the machine due to its extra lightweight and slim design. The unit also includes rinse-able filters that should allow you to clean the filter every time they get clogged up.

Thus, keeping the motor and the environment inside your home healthy and safe, as you take away the chances of overheating.

  • Extremely affordable with immense value for money
  • Vacuum provides thorough cleaning with high-performance motors paired with a large accessory pool
  • With the lightweight and ergonomic design, the vacuum becomes easier to carry
  • High maneuverability with the 3-in-1 tech
  • Rinse-able filters to make maintenance easier
  • Comes with only a 0.35 liters dust collector
  • The vacuum uses a shorter cable that measures at only 16-feet

Shark HV322 Rocket Deluxe Pro Corded Stick Vacuum

The HV302 from Shark’s Rocket product line is a slight downgrade to the HV382; however, it still has all the bells and whistles that make it a Shark.

One of the biggest differences between the two machines is their weight. The HV382 is an ultra-light unit that weighs in at 4.5 pounds, whereas the HV302 weighs just a tad bit higher at 8.3 pounds.

At 8.2 pounds, the vacuum is still relatively very light, making an amazing machine to move around with, a great investment for those of you with two floors to clean.

But it doesn’t stop at that; the product comes with swivel steering to provide excellent and easy moveability. Thus, cleaning under furniture or hard-to-reach corners should become a piece of cake.

A unique feature about the HV302 is its ability to convert from a stick vacuum to a handheld one in seconds. The ability to convert to this mode will allow you to clean over furniture, crevices, and many other surfaces a regular vacuum wouldn’t reach.

Moreover, with the additional extended reach accessory, you can start vacuuming your walls and ceilings too.

Like the previous Shark device we talked about, this one has a small vacuum motor at only 500 watts. However, paired with its effective floorheads, the motor can perform exceptional feats. Additionally, the unit’s low price seems to make it all worth it as you get more for what you spent.

  • A convertible machine that performs as a stick, hand, and extended vacuum
  • Relatively lightweight and small in size for easy maneuverability and storage
  • Easy to control with fingertip control switches
  • A versatile machine with a large number of accessories for full-home cleaning
  • Swivel steering system from increased maneuverability
  • The motor installed onto it is fairly small
  • Heavier than its upgraded version, the HV382

BISSELL PowerGlide Pet Slim Corded Vacuum

BISSELL PowerGlide Pet Slim Corded Vacuum


Shark Rocket DeluxePro Ultra-Light Vacuum

Rocket Deluxepro from Shark is one of the company’s more sophisticated products that use best-in-class features for optimal functionality.

The machine’s streamlined design, paired with its lightweight, allows for easy maneuverability. Not only can you use the machine on any floor of your home, but it will also fit into even the tiniest corners.

Additionally, the machine’s floorhead further comes with swivel technology making the device glide on any surface.

Therefore, these features make this model from Shark one of the most maneuverable stick vacuums available in its product line. Other than maneuverability, the company has also put quite a bit of focus on the vacuums’ power output abilities.

To make sure you can fully utilize the machine’s easy moveability, Shark used one of its best vacuum motors on the machine. This allows the device to clean even the densest of carpets effectively.

Furthermore, the motor seems to get additional help from the brush rolls added to the floorhead, which dig in and break out dirt and dust.

With additional 2-in-1 abilities that allow the device to be converted into a handheld one, you’ll be able to clean out hard to reach surfaces and furniture.

The added LED light on the front offers a cleaning method for under beds and other dark corners. Thus, allowing you to clean up your house better than the cumbersome and larger vacuums.

  • A lightweight machine that weighs only 8.6 pounds
  • Advanced Swivel steering tech for smooth gliding on any surface
  • Features 2-in-1 abilities for converting into a handheld device
  • Comes with one of the longest 25-feet cord for hassle-free cleaning
  • Deep cleaning enabled through high powered motor and floorhead with brush rolls
  • The dust collection cup is relatively tiny
  • Ineffective filtration system

What To Look For Before You Buy

Uninformed decisions are the biggest reasons why a large number of people end up making the wrong choices. To keep you from doing so, we’ve decided to create the ultimate buyer’s guide for you.

So, before you cash in all your money, make sure to go through this buying guide to help yourself spend wisely.

Motor Power

Power is one of the main factors you’ll need to consider if you plan to purchase a vacuum for everyday home use. The device’s motor may not be the only factor contributing to the power and functionality; however, it is one of the more important ones, so make sure to pay attention.

When looking into motor power, the most basic factor that you must look into is the wattage and amperage of the machine.

Look for a unit that uses a motor delivering at least 600 watts and comes with an amperage that ranges between 6-7amps. These figures will help meet the recommended power output required for the most effective cleaning purposes.

Another feature you’ll want to keep on hand is the ability to vary the machine’s speed or power output. Thus, allowing you to change the velocity according to the surface can ensure the best results.  

However, do keep in mind that these figures may not represent the true power of a product. Other factors might end up contributing more to the power output of the vacuum than the motor itself.


These are the second features on a machine that will determine the vacuum’s ability to suck up debris. The better the floorhead on a machine, the more effective and efficient it will be, so be careful in choosing the right floorhead.

Dual Brushes

One of the features that we recommend for you to have on your floorhead is a dual brush cleaner. These brushes are one of the best ways for you to ensure that the floorhead can suck out the dirt from the surface being cleaned.

Plus, the brushes are essential for carpet cleaning as they break down the dirt stick within the roots and suck it out. These also come in handy when you’re looking to pick up long-hair. The brushes help make sure the hair strands flow smoothly into the dust collector without clogging up the machine.

Swivel Steering

This is a feature that is a must-have for any vacuum cleaner. Swivel Steering is a simple piece of equipment that allows the floorhead to glide and slide to certain degrees. Doing this allows the floorhead to move over floors while ensuring that the vacuum covers the entire area easily and quickly.

Swivel tech also enables the unit to flatten out. With stick vacuums being as slim as they are, they can easily reach into openings underneath beds and couches for a thorough cleaning.

We recommend getting a floorhead with 360-degree swivel abilities. These should make your life extremely simple when it comes to cleaning.


Modern vacuum cleaners are designed to deliver value for the money. One way for you to make sure you’re getting the best value would be by checking out the number of surfaces your vacuum cleaner is able to cover. These do not only include floors but also furniture, walls, ceilings.

For example, you can get stick vacuums capable of being turned into handheld and/or extended ones. Handheld versions will allow you to clean the surface a regular one wouldn’t reach, such as your bed sheets, couches, etc. Other than that, you’ll also get a much in-depth cleaning with the right accessories and nozzles.

With an extended vacuum, the lengthy tubing should allow you to clean on walls and ceilings. Thus, giving you the ability to clean your entire house without the need for additional equipment.


With the stick vacuum market being extremely competitive, companies try to cut costs wherever they can to give you some of the best prices. One of the most overlooked features that usually ends up being cut off is its filtration system.

Many would assume the need for such systems does not exist; however, we believe the right filtration device is crucial for your home.

Filtration devices help ensure the dust and dirt being sucked into the vacuum do not make it back into the atmosphere. If they do, they could release allergens and other particles that may end up making you, your family, or even your pets sick.

To ensure you don’t have to face such consequences, check if your machine comes with a HEPA filtration system. These are the highest standard for filtration devices that can clean out 99.99% of the air coming out. Thus, making sure the vacuums are pushing out clean and healthy air for a more complete clean.

Dust Collector Capacity and Dust Removal

Cleaning is a chore people like to get over with simply at once. Going to the dustbin repeatedly so you can clean again makes the chore seem longer.

Not only are you lengthening a chore, but you’re also wasting quite some time doing this. To avoid such scenarios, all you need to do is ensure that your vacuum has the right dust collector capacity.

Stick vacuums tend to have some of the smallest dust collectors in the market. To make sure the collector you get can cover your house, we recommend purchasing a vacuum with a capacity of 0.75 liters or above.

However, the size you need to purchase will also depend on other factors, such as your house’s size, the number of times you vacuum in a week, etc.

But dust collection isn’t the end of it; you also need to remove debris from the collection bin. For bagged ones, this wouldn’t be a problem as it would just involve throwing away a plastic bag. However, for a bagless devices, it would help if you made sure the unit came with an easy-empty switch.

These usually dump out the dust collected without you having to do any of the dirty work of picking it out.  Thus, make sure to pick out a machine that includes this option to make your life simpler.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Will my stick vacuum replace the traditional vacuum?

The answer to this question will mainly depend on which vacuum you’re getting. Most manufacturers will claim their machine can easily replace a regular vacuum.
However, considering the motor’s size differences may be difficult. Although if the vacuum comes with all the right features from the motor to the nozzle, it can replace traditional vacuums.

  • Do stick vacuum work on carpet?

Many stick vacuums seem to lack strength when it comes to cleaning on carpets. However, with the brush motors installed into them that include the necessary bristles, the machines would be able to dig into carpet floors. Thus, giving you the same results that you’re used to getting from a traditional vacuum.

  • Which one should I choose cordless or corded?

Both these types of power input come with their advantages and disadvantages. However, for vacuum cleaners, we believe that corded vacuums are the way to go as they provide a stable and constant power input.
On the other hand, the cordless machine usually seems to have their suction power go down deplete as their batteries drain out.

  • Is it necessary to dust before vacuuming?

It isn’t necessary to dust your home before vacuuming, but the process would make cleaning quite simple for you.
The dusting works like the brush cleaner that breaks out the debris from the carpet floor. Thus, the broken out dirt becomes much easier and quicker to vacuum up rather than having to do the entire process at a time.

  • How do I clean out a bagless vacuum?

Cleaning out bagless vacuums is quite an easy process; just follow these few simple steps.
First, empty the dust collector into a dustbin; keep in mind to do it outside to make sure no dust enters back into your house. Secondly, wipe off any residue dust and the filters using a damp rag. When these steps are done, you should be good to vacuum again.

Final Words

In this day and age, you no longer need to put in daily cleaning with a large, cumbersome vacuum cleaner. Instead, all you need is the best corded stick vacuum by your side. This machine with let you complete this tiresome chore of cleaning more efficiently and with the same results.

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