How To Clean a Vacuum Filter [2 Steps 2023]

You can get the highest performance from your vacuum cleaner if you know how to clean a vacuum filter correctly. The vacuum cleaner is an essential device that is best works for removing dust, particles, derbies, and upholstery draperies by methods of absorption. And the filter holds all of the regular earth into it.

So, a vacuum filter is one of the core parts of a vacuum. If you do not clean your vacuum filter properly, it will need to work with more effort. As a result, the filter performance will damage quickly. To know the effective ways of vacuum filter cleaning, let’s go through this article.

There are various types of vacuum filters available in the market, like cartridge filters, disk filters, foam filters, and cloth filters. The filter manufacturing company has developed a specific user manual according to the filter types. So that users can correctly learn how to clean various kinds of vacuum filter.

How to Clean a Vacuum Filter: 2 Steps & Filter Maintenance Tips

As well as you will get the proper guideline on how to clean the vacuum filter Bissell, how often you have to clean a screen, and what Equipment you will need to clean it. Never should go with prohibits the process of user manual guide.

Necessary Equipment For Filter Cleaning

  • Crosshead Screwdriver to apart the filter from the vacuum
  • A Soft Brush for gentle scrubbing inside the filter
  • Warm water to rinse the filter while needed
  • Detergent powder to kill the germs and clean the filter surface
  • Compressed air for removing any hard blockage inside the filter
  • Optional (Scissors) may help you to cut the tangled fibers and hairs.
  • Toothbrush for cleaning the difficult places

Step 1

First of all, you must apart from the filter from the vacuum cleaner. A crosshead screwdriver will help you to do this. And take the screen and go out to place your screen in an open space. So that the removing dust and derbies couldn’t dirt your home furniture or other clean places again. Tapping is the initial thing to do, to remove the loose soil that is attached to the filter surface. Then you make a gentle scrubbing by the microfiber cloth. Moreover, you can use a toothbrush to clean the heavy dust in the filter.

Step 2

Make sure; if your filter is washable plastic or foam filter, then you can quickly rinse it to clean. Hold the screen under the running cold water tap and let it wash, you can scrub gently for proper cleaning. Tap a little bit so that the excess water will remove. While it will clean, let it dry for at least 24 hours. You have to reinstall it in the vacuum cleaner.

Non-Washable Vacuum Filter Cleaning

The hoover vacuum filter is a non-washable HEPA filter. Do you know how to clean a vacuum filter hoover? As it is non-washable, you have to clean it only by tapping or scrubbing method with a microfiber cloth and toothbrush. Firstly, turn off the hoover filter power from an electricity connection and remove the cord from the wall. Unhook the latch and remove the canister.

Now you will need to remove the dirt canister top cover. In this step, remove the HEPA filter and hold it in a dust bin to tap the dust. Remember to rotate it a few times in the tapping time so that the dirt and derbies will clear perfectly. You might need the highest 5 minutes to complete the cleaning process.

Many people use vacuum filter eureka to clean the household dust but do not know how to clean vacuum filter eureka. As well as they want to know, is it washable or not -washable? For their concern, vacuum filter eureka is washable, and you can easily clean it by cold water.

A Vacuum Filter Maintenance Tips

Proper maintenance can save anything from unnecessary damaged. As an essential part of your home, a vacuum filter should get proper care for long life. Similarly, it will ensure your money and time-saving. A few simple steps can help you maintain the screen.

  • You have clean the filter one time per week.
  • Use a specific vacuum cleaner for several types of filter
  • Apply soft detergent to kill the bacteria
  • deodorize to get rid of bad smells.
  • Check regularly the performance of the filter

How To Clean a Vacuum Filter Or Replace?

How to Clean a Vacuum Filter

Each of the filters has different materials, and their working and lasting power are different from each other. But are some general tips about the replace and changing the time of the filter. Most importantly, as much as you clean, the screen will be long-lasting.

The best practice is to clean the vacuum filter once a week if you use it daily. And you can clean it in less time if you don’t use it regularly. In the case of occasional use, you can use it once for each 2-3months.


How can I remove the bad smell from my vacuum filter?

  • For removing the bad smell, there are a lot of ways. First of all, you can use a deodorizer through the filter. Moreover, disassembling the dust bag for some time is another way. Also, baking soda and water mixed, vanilla, or orange extract is the best solution for it. When the bad smell is coming out of the vacuum cleaner, you will enjoy a more fresh scent during the cleaning.

Can I use my vacuum without a filter?

  • Yes! You can use a vacuum cleaner without a filter or bag. But it is not suitable for you. Without a bag or filter, a cleaner might fall into several troubles. Experts suggest always using a screen with a vacuum cleaner. Though you are using a bagless filter, try to learn how to clean a bagless vacuum filter in the proper ways?

Final Words

Though you can decide to use a vacuum cleaner without a filter, it is not good. Moreover, it is not hygienic. So use the right vacuum cleaner for your home derby removal and learn correctly, how to clean a vacuum filter. Because a filter is the most crucial part of a cleaner. I hope you are now clear on all about a vacuum cleaner.

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