3M Headliner Adhesives Vs Super 77 In 2023

To cover the ceiling area and start to sag off the car, we use an Adhesive headliner. On the other hand, the super 77 multipurpose spray adhesive is a lightweight material that also changes the entire thing of the car. Some adhesive does last for a long time. After using vehicles for years, your headliner loses its firmness and becomes saggy. 

So, do you want to replace the entire fabric of the car because of your headliner panels? Then you have to choose the best headliner adhesive to change the environment of whole things. 

In this article, we have provided an overall idea on 3M Headliner Adhesives Vs. Super 77. Both of these sprays are highly Adhesive and renowned for their multifunctions. By reading this article, you will be sure which one will be perfect for your car. So, let’s move to the main piece and check the overall comparison.

Our 2 Top Picks

The best headliner comes with fabric adhesive materials. Here I include some lists that we select for why the fabric adhesive is best.

Best For Structural System : 3M Headliner Adhesives

This product has been designed with a two-part structural acrylic system that holds up to humidity and high temperatureIt comes with an electrical plug which requires an adapter.

Best For Secure Bond : 3M Super 77

3m super 77 is best for a secure bond with lightweight materials like wood, metal, plastic, foam, leather adhesive, and cardboard fabric. For a quick bond, it has aggressive tacky that offers fast within 15 seconds to 30 minutes.

3M Headliner Adhesives Vs Super 77 In-Depth Comparison In 2023

There is a massive variety from which choosing the best one is undoubtedly challenging. In this article, we have compared between two best adhesives to repair the vehicle’s headliner and carpeting. Also, we have recommended the best headliner adhesive for your vehicle’s headlining.

3M Headliner Adhesives

3M Headliner Adhesives


3M headliner adhesive is essential equipment if there is a need to repair the sagging headliner. This spray is highly adhesive, and the owner can use this to bind multiple materials. If he needs to tie fabric, foam, or plastic with metal, this adhesive will do the job.

A user can apply this aerosol adhesive for binding both headliners and heavy materials. Such as – automotive headliners and metal surfaces together. 


  • Brand name: 3M
  • Material: Plastic, fabric, and foam
  • Manufacturer: 3M AAD
  • Wight: 0.48 ounce
  • 3 M Adhesive spray can tightly bind Heavy-weighted materials & headliners.
  • Binding Time: 30 minutes to 1 hour.
  • This spray might leave a slight stain.
  • The 3M Headliner is comparatively strong.


  • It has a strong bond fabric that is resistant to chemicals. 
  • 3m is a heat-tolerant adhesive product. 
  • 3m recommended a rare view mirror installation for its critical nature. 
  • In vehicles, it can hold up to common environmental conditions. A 3m headliner causes the fabric to sag and will erode.
  • Another unique feature of the spray is – the formula binds quickly and dries within 30 to 60 minutes. So, the user doesn’t need to wait for long to get the job done. As the spray is aerosol type, it can make an even layer on the surface that ensures a clean & professional finish. 
  • This spray can also bear multiple kinds of weather like – extreme heat, cold, or humidity.

If you want an aerosol adhesive to repair the headliner or for carpeting inside your car, this spray will be the best option out there.

3M Super 77

3M Super 77


3M Super 77 is a versatile spray that is extremely fast and can bind different lightweight materials. This spray can provide professional strength along with a clean finish. A user can reposition the headliner if needed while maintaining its long-lasting stability. 

This aerosol spray is well-known worldwide for its versatile applications. The tight bond, stickiness, and professional approach make it perfect for all kinds of projects. This spray delivers a permanent and speedy bond indeed.

The user can try this spray in –

  • Project repairs.
  • Industrial preservation.
  • Repair and maintenance.


  • Brand name: 3M Talc.
  • Material: leather, wood, paper, and foam.
  • Manufacturer: 3M.
  • Dimension of product: volume is 635 Milliliters.
  • Rank: Adhesives spray the position is 32.
  • 3 M super adhesive 77 sprays can bind lightweight materials.
  • Binding Time: 15 seconds to Half an hour
  • Super 77 won’t leave stains or wrinkles.
  • It is not as strong as 3M headliner adhesives but won’t disappoint the customers


  • From our research, we have discovered that – super 77 is remarkable for headliners that have attached foam. However, don’t try to use this where foam is already broken. 
  • It would be best to replace the old headliner with a new one.
  • Likewise, Super 77 is a premium aerosol spray that will keep the place clean, and it won’t turn yellow with time.
  • Also, the spray will dry quickly and will bind within 15 minutes to half an hour. Moreover, it has special heat and moisture resistance.

Some cheap glues/sprays make the space yellow after a while of usage.

3M Adhesive spray can tightly bind Heavy-weighted materials & headliners. 3M super adhesive 77 sprays can bind lightweight materials. This spray might leave a slight stain. Super 77 won’t leave stains or wrinkles. The 3M Headliner is comparatively strong. It is not as strong as 3M headliner adhesives but won’t disappoint the customers.

What Is The Best Adhesive For Headliners?

As per our research, Permatex Body Shop headliner adhesive is renowned as the best adhesive for headliners. This spray offers a professional finish and can perfectly repair the headliners. This spray has high heat resistance and high strength. So, it is mainly the best option for improving automobiles that have lost firmness.

They offer many unique features, such as –

  • Water resistance.
  • High-temperature resistance.
  • Clean finish.
  • Superb strength.

A user can try any of these products for repairing the vehicle’s headliner or carpeting inside the car. Now, the question comes – How many cans of adhesive do you need for headliners? 

Well, it totally depends on the vehicle. If the car is a small one, only 16 to 18 ounces of adhesives will perfectly do the job. On the other hand, for a bigger vehicle, a user would need at least three cans of adhesives for headlining.

How To Remove Spray Adhesive From Fabric

 Isn’t it challenging to remove spray adhesive or glue from cotton fabric? So how does clean spray adhesive from the material? I will tell you the steps.

Step1: Apply Oil To The Residue Adhesive

To remove strong adhesive from cotton fabric, you can use cooking or vegetable oil, baby oil, or water with detergent powder.

Step2: Try Ammonia Diluted

To remove adhesive from fabric, you can try ammonia diluted with hot water or use hand sanitizer based on alcohol. 

How To Reattach Rearview Mirror

Reattaching the car’s rearview mirror will be the easiest job if you have a working environment for your automobile parts. Details Instructions are given below.

Working Outside

Select your workplace weather on the outside or if you work in the garagethen open the garage doors or windows before taking the adhesive kit. Because they contain acrylic acid, trichloroethylene, and methacrylic ester, it is difficult for you to breathe in large quantities.

Use Hairdryer

Use a hairdryer to warm glass or a heat gun. Another alternative way before beginning the job your car will face the sun for a few hours in the park. To remove the glue from the glass, you have to increase the glass temperature.

Start Remounting Process

Please start the remounting process over the old glue by marking the outside of the window with a grease pencil. You need to leave adequate room for cleaning and scraping.

Use Isopropyl Alcohol

Use isopropyl alcohol to clean the squeaky clean and do this again on the back parts of the mirror. At the mounting point on the glass, please apply the accelerant liberally to drench the felt tip of the vial. To undo the lockscrew, replace the mirror from its baseplate and apply adhesive. Take time to set up the adhesive and let it dry.

How To Use 3M 90 Spray Adhesive

To use 3m 90 spray adhesive, you have to follow the instructions:

  • Firstly you need a good place to work with 3m 90 spray adhesive because of its chemical.
  • Secondly, use a protective cover or paper, and the bond should be clean and dry.
  • Thirdly, Use a sensitive temperature and shake the bottles vigorously before use.
  • Now apply for the spray glue upright position, and point to the surface. Please maintain a distance while spraying.
  • Wait for minutes to join the pieces and parts and apply gently.
  • Give time to dry the glue and clear the valve and tip.

Spray-on Glue Adhesive

There are different types of spray for selecting for crafts, decorations, mending clothing, furniture repair, simple DIY fixes, and school projects. Mostly spray glue adhesive is used for crafts and artwork.

You can use spray glue adhesive for wood, carpet materials, fabric, foam, leather rubber, glass, foil, and many plastics. It will dry clear and can not turn yellow after drying. 

Remember, and be careful that some spray glue is not recommended at high temperatures. Spray glue is the perfect choice for doing some crafting and general purpose.


3M Super 77 is good for new headliners. Don’t ever use them to bind foam with the headliner. Also, it is not suitable for fixing foam that is sagging or damaged.

  • 3M Super 77 Work On Fabric? 

Yes, Super 77 works on making strong bonds with every lightweight material such as – paper, cardboard, foam, and, insulation including fabric.

  • What is 3M Super 77 Used For?

The aerosol spray, super 77, is a multipurpose, fast-drying spray that can permanently bind felt, lightweight foams, paper, fabric, cardboard, and other materials.

Final Thought 

To assist the user, we have discussed 3M Headliner Adhesives Vs. Super 77. Both of these sprays are quite good.

However, if you need superb strength to repair or bind heavy-duty materials like automotive headliners and metals, a 3m headliner will be the best option. On the contrary, if attaching light-weighted materials such as – fabrics, papers or foams are your need, Super 77 will perform the job well. So, go and choose your desired headliner fabric to repair sag.

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