Why Does Hot Water Run Out After One Shower?

All of sudden cold water freezes you while taking a bath may raise the question, “why does hot water run out after one shower? Well, there are various reasons for running out of hot water. Solutions are easy and dependable on the condition of your water heater. People living in cool area can not tolerate cold water under the shower. It becomes a painful incident.

That’s why some small acts like not wasting hot water or using a single appliance at a time may supply hot water in the shower. Hot water running out the problem is easily solvable and gives a good service. It is one of the reasons that water heater is so popular.

Why Does Hot Water Run Out After One Shower

Water heater users’ common question “why does hot water run out after one shower?” It happens due to excessive use of hot water on different faucets or showers at a time.

Possible Reasons For Why Does Hot Water Run Out After One Shower

After one shower, you got cold water. You may get confused, irritated and start searching for why hot water runs out after taking one shower? Hang on! Calm down. I am describing the possible reasons for running out of hot water.

Multiple Appliances

You may use hot water for several jobs. Washing dishes, clothes, taking a shower, etc., are the daily works using hot water. But using hot water on multiple appliances at a time creates a problem. It lacks a hot water supply. The water heater does not get enough time to warm water and thus supply cold water to you.


It is natural to have sediment in a water heater tank. Dust and sand slowly take place at the bottom of the tank. Eventually, sediment builds up and reduces space for hot water. Lacks of space cause a supply of cold water instead of warm water.

Damaged Dip Tube

Dip tube is an essential element to heat water. It pushes water at the bottom to get heated. As the dip tube goes wrong, so water does not warm properly. Because it fails to move water at the bottom. Then it surprises you with cold water.

Old Water Heater

Everything has a life expectancy. A water heater is not above that. A water heater may last eight to twelve years. If your water heater is more than ten years, then it’s good to replace it. Otherwise, you are going to face more problems using it.


It is essential to warm your water. There’s maybe some settings problem in the thermostat that causes cold water. Setting the wrong temperature may also create issues in heating water.

Prevention And Easy Solutions Of Why Does Hot Water Run Out In Shower

Every consumer who is suffering from running out of hot water needs a solution. There are several ways to solve it. Some of the easy methods are given below:

Use Less Water

We may use more water than our daily work, for example, dish or clothes washing. It helps to empty the tank quickly. Suppose we use less water than we can preserve hot water in the tank. Try low-flow aerators to use less water.

Shorter Shower

Its motive is also saving water. Try to convince all the members of the family not to take a shower for too long. You may use waterproof timer and flow rate faucets on showerheads to consume less water. Saving hot water in the tank may work later for you.

Make a Schedule For Shower

Usually, morning is the pick hour of taking showers for everyone in a family. If family members take a shower one after one in a certain period, it creates pressure for the water heater. Supplying hot water becomes difficult then. That’s why a shower schedule is necessary. A gap of time taking multiple showers may help to get hot water.

Using Eco Mode

Nowadays, dishwashers have an eco mode system. It uses less water and works more efficiently. It uses sprays and pre-soaking sprays to clean dishes. Then wash the dishes with soap. Don’t forget to on the eco-mode, especially when several appliances are running at the same time.

Using Cold Water

Washing clothes is expected. You can use cold or hot water to wash your clothes. But using hard water may save hot water and also decrease pressure on the water heater. In the market, you can find detergents that can work well both in hot and cold water.

Upgrading Unit

Older units of water heater may not work correctly. Check the water heater’s sticker to find out its life expectancy. Replacing an older unit with a new one is also a solution to a complex water problem.

Get a More Extensive Unit

Hot water runs out soon because of a small unit. You can get a larger unit to supply more hot water on several appliances or faucets.


After reading the above discussion, you may get the answer to why does hot water run out after one shower? A water heater is now an ordinary home appliance. It is normal to have some issues. But don’t give it up. You can fix them. Preventing hot water from running out is a good idea by taking some steps described above.

Sometimes it’s challenging to know the exact problem and solve it. You can call an expert plumber to make your water heater like before. Maintaining and caring for water heaters is also essential to have continuous hot water.

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