What Is The Downside Of A Tankless Water Heater

The tankless water heater is one of the newest tools, which is creating more energy efficiency. Today I am talking about “what is the downside of a tankless water heater ”. It has a standard unit that helps heat and reheats the water to keep it hot water and continuously produces warm water with high burner gas or electricity.

The tankless water heater has two types, gas, and electric tankless water heater. The gas water heater has a scale. If the scale is the build-up, then the water heater automatically shuts off. On the other hand, the electric water heater needs a lot of electricity.

A whole house uses 25,000-watt electricity for the tankless water heater, but the conventional water heater only uses 5,000 watts.

What Is The Downside Of A Tankless Water Heater

Write down the details of What is the downside of a tankless water heater have given below:

Dangers Of Tankless Water Heaters

Incompatible Temparatures

Most of the consumer complains about the tankless water heater’s temperature. For this result, the heaters haven’t enough ability to send hot water in multiple doorways at the same time. If any tube is quite open, you will not turn on the tankless water heater, such as shaving or rinsing a toothbrush.


The tankless water heater has a long lifespan that makes tankless units more expensive. The lowest tankless water heater price starts at $1000, but the regular water heater price is around $500. These models are costly because It’s install cost is very high.

Unable To Supply Enough Hot Water

Tankless water heaters cannot supply unlimited hot water. Some standard models heat enough water at once. If a single person takes a shower, it works well. But two people are taking a bath in separate bathrooms; the water heater cannot keep up.

Supply Enough Hot Water

On the other hand, a traditional water heater heats around 30 to 80-gallon water easily, depending on the model. These models have no problem with heating the water for multiple purposes at the same time.

The Necessity Of Extra Equipment

If you want to know the tankless water works properly, you will have to set a water softener. Setting extra equipment adds to the unit’s price. It will be denied the space-saving benefit but the big softener take enough space. Adding this softener may take more space than the traditional water heater.

Create Different Route Gas Line        

A tankless water heater needs a nontraditional setup, which makes it more expensive. Sometimes installer might be told to route different gas lines or add the newest outlet.

Take Some Years To Make Up For The High Price.

Since month to month water heating cost is cheap. But the tankless water heater could take years to make up for the high cost. Tankless water heaters add up to $75 per year for energy savings taken 6 to 12 years. But the month-over-month savings covers the installation costs before the tankless water heater.

Changes In Water Habits

The tankless water heater makes your water bill high. But if the family members change their habits, the account could be below. Low flow plumbing or dishwasher is more efficient for saving as much money as a new water heater.

Solar Heating Option

Solar water heaters need not create other gas lines or install new electrical settings. It makes up your installation costs because they don’t need gas or electricity. It only depends on sunshine and is used in any climate.

Need Additional Maintenance

If owners want to make their tankless water heater warranty valid, they will perform annual maintenance. Homeowners filled out their system annually that prevents mineral build-up in the tankless water heater. Doing all these things, the cost of maintaining is very high.

 The Inability Of Power Supply  

According to the Home advisor, the tankless water heater has a control panel running on electricity. Com, if the power goes out, that meaning it won’t work in an emergency.


  • Why is the tankless water heater expensive?   

The tankless water heater installation is expensive because Its unit needs a bigger gas supply or electricity than the traditional water heater. It depends on the location of the flue and gas supply. The unit’s cost is $800 to $1000.

  • How long the tankless water supply last?

Most of tankless water heaters long last more than 20 years. It has replaceable parts that help to extend their life. On the other hand, storage water lasts 10-15 years long.

  • Is a tankless water heater useful?

The US department of energy said that tankless water heaters save $108 energy savings per year on average, and electric tankless water heaters save $44 energy savings per year. So it saves money in the long term, but the initial cost is higher than traditional models.    

  • Which is better traditional tankless water heater or tankless water heater?  

If you want to use 41 gallons or less of hot water daily, the tankless water heater will be 24-34% more efficient than the traditional water heater. Tankless water heater needs a small space, but a conventional water heater needs a bigger space than a tankless water heater.

So if you have enough money in investment for a water heater, you will easily choose the tankless water heater. Both water heaters are best for their different parts.


A tankless water heater can heat the water all day, but it can’t make a large amount all at once. It puts only 2.5 to 5 gallons of water per minute, which handles only two uses at a time. On the other hand, the traditional tankless water heater puts 7.5 to 9.5  gallons of water per minute that uses for the shower, runs the dishwasher, and the laundry all at the same time.

Hope this ” What is the downside of a tankless water heater ” article helps you. Overall maintenance and also using the tankless water heater is a high price. So if you want to buy it, you will need to think about this cost.

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