Silhouette Portrait 2 Review In 2023

Suppose you are intending to start a small decal business in your own bedroom and start selling online. Or you have kids in your home who are driving you nuts with their scrapbooks and projects which requires fine cutting. Or you are a décor wizard, and want to bring colors and décor stickers on the walls or cabinets. If you are one of them then you are probably reading the right review. Silhouette Portrait 2 Review,

Today I am going to talk about a portable yet fairly powerful Electric Cutting Machine, ‘The Silhouette Portrait 2’.

What Is An Electric Cutting Machine?

An Electric Cutting machine is a life savior when it comes to cutting something perfectly and efficiently. The one which we are reviewing today is basically a Vinyl Cutting machine, but our very old pal right here can do a little more than that.

Let us consider that you need to cut a decal that you want to stick on your skateboards or your laptop. Or there is a picture of a favorite cartoon character which you want to stick it on the cupboard of your kid so that he can see it and dream about it every single day. Then all you need is a printer; for the cartoon to be printed of course and an Electric Cutting Machine.

It is similar to a printer, but instead of an inkjet, it has a blade, which cuts through the lines directed by the supporting software. Fancy, right? But listen, isn’t it better to spend 3 minutes instead of 45 just to cut out a decal, perfectly?

Silhouette Portrait 2 Review

Silhouette Portrait 2


Many of you would have suggested I give a full spec review. So, I read your minds folks! Here is the full Silhouette Portrait 2 Review.

Silhouette America is an excellent company that produces electric cutting tools and other equivalent equipment, especially for the crafting industry. And Silhouette Portrait 2 is their portable cutting tool.

Unboxing The Machine

You will probably find one on Amazon or the Silhouette America website which will cost you around 200 USD. But there are several packages which can raise the price a little bit.

When the machine arrives it will have the following equipment:

  • Silhouette Portrait 2
  • Cutting Mat
  • Power Adapter & Cable
  • Data Cable
  • Blade

You will have to install the drivers on your computer. Just Google Silhouette Studio and you will find the software on the Silhouette America Website. It runs both in Windows and Mac.

The Exciting Features of Silhouette Portrait 2

This tiny and cute machine has some unique facilities and features. First of all, it is very portable. 8 inches of width and 11 inches of length is provided in terms of the cutting mat. So you cannot cut vinyl or stickers foam that has a width larger than 8 inches.

Another cool feature is the Auto Blade facility. You can direct your cutter what type of material you are using to cut and it will adjust the blade depth and type automatically. Cool, isn’t it?!

The very astonishing feature is that you can also sketch and draw using this cutter by attaching a marker or a pen to the blade head. There is a software patent by Silhouette America which is known as PixScanTM.  This software allows you to import your image or Photoshop file directly to the Silhouette Studio where you can select the outlines and the machine will cut that perfectly for you.

This device supports Bluetooth connectivity; which means you can connect it with any smartphone or computing device wirelessly. For smartphones simply install Silhouette Studio on your device and you are ready to go. There are a lot of presets and decal models available on the internet and Silhouette library where you can easily make a nice and cute little décor item for you and your home.

The Cons of This Cutting Magician

When I was intending to write about the Silhouette Portrait 2 Review, I had to rethink a little bit because this tiny dude is so flawless that I barely found out any spot on the moon. But too much sweetness sometimes can cause diabetes.

Anyways the first-ever problem I faced during the short run of this cutting machine is the width of the cutting area. Now, don’t get too angry folks! I get the fact that it was meant to be ‘Portable’. But those who are reading this article should know exactly what to expect and what to order.

If your requirements are specifically limited to A4-sized paper and Vinyl Stickers then you are probably going to settle down just fine with this little adorable thing.

But if you want to be more flexible about the dimensions then this won’t be the right pick for you. You can use Cameo or other cutting machines which will be able to meet up your needs.

Who Should Buy It?

If someone calls me and asks for my honest review about it and who should buy this specific product then I would enlighten them in the right way. Let’s face it guys, this little dude is not that ‘Big Dog’ if you want to use on a commercial basis.

This is for micro users. People who love cutting decals or have that desire to cut stickers, Vinyl, Designing Foams or even fabrics with precision cutting should choose the Silhouette Portrait 2. It’s compacted, portable, easy to use thanks to the amazing software, and above all cute.

So if you have one of these in your house then the next time you are planning to cut a decal for the empty wall of help your kid secure an A or A+ in the upcoming Art or Science Project, you will be highly pleased. Trust me, folks, if you are into cutting with precision, the Silhouette Portrait 2 will NOT disappoint you. So what are you waiting for, hit the internet, order one and start Dreaming it and cutting it out?

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