Jack Lalanne Juicer Cleaning: A Complete Step By Step Guide

Your Jack Lalanne power juicer is undoubtedly a useful appliance for your kitchen. Jack Lalanne power juicer delivers a very delicious and healthy juice of fruit or vegetable within a short period.

But when you make juice at home with your juicer, you have to know how to clean it properly. Though most of the juicer cleaning process is the same, I will share the easiest step-by-step guide on jack lalanne juicer cleaning.

Why it’s Important to Clean Your Juicer

Electric juicers need a little effort to make juice but cleaning takes time. Most people think cleaning a juicer is a challenging task. But I think if you read the manual carefully, that will be easy. Juicer catches the fiber and pulp; that’s why it becomes messy and becomes hard to clean. If you clean it daily after juicing but not in the correct process, you may notice a build-up residue of fruits and vegetable pulp into the juicer.

If you see a brown coat on your juicer or a build-up residue in the corner, that is not only unpleasant but also a health hazard. The residue pulp is the perfect place for growing bacteria. So it is essential to know the right way to clean the juicer.

When Should You Clean Your Juicer?

Clean your juicer immediately after juicing. If you make it late, that will become a massive task for you. When the pulp is fresh, it is much easier to wash. But, if they become dry, it won’t be easy to wash them. Usually, you can clean the pulp and residue of juice under a tap but, after drying, you have to sink the upper part of your juicer underwater for a long time to wash out.

If you use the juicer multiple times a day, you may clean it after final use. During the time between juicing, put the parts (except the base) and place them into the fridge or sink under warm water. You have to make sure that the pulp does not become dry.

Jack Lalanne Juicer Cleaning: Step by Step Guide

There are several parts in a Jack Lalanne power juicer. Your cleaning process will be easy if you clean them separately. A power juicer contains the following components:

  • Round cylindrical pusher
  • Pulp collector
  • The filter
  • Lid with a built-in pulp guard
  • Crescent tool
  • Blades
  • The receptacle with its juice spout
  • And, the base.

When you have finished juicing, it’s time to disassemble and clean your juicer.

Make Your Juicer Safe To Clean

Turn off the power switch and wait until the motor stops completely. Unplug the power cord from the electric socket with your dry hand.

Taking The Components Apart

In this step, disassemble your power juicer correctly because Jack Lalanne juicer requires its own way to dismantle it. After removing each part, place them on a clean paper towel on the counter.

  • Remove the food pusher from the top. Use one hand to hold the base and another to remove that.
  • Now carefully, remove the lid with its built-in pulp guard. Pull it up vertically to remove it from the base. Then you have to remove the pulp collector. Pulp collectors may be full of pulp, so sink it underwater or place the pulp in a garbage can.
  • You will find a crescent tool on the box. Press the crescent tool down and turn anticlockwise to remove the blade. The blade is too sharp. So be careful when removing it.
  • The final work of this step is removing the filter and receptacle from the base. Make sure the spout is in the upright position to avoid any leakage of juice.

Wiping Down The Base

When you clean the base of a juicer, don’t submerge it underwater or any other liquid. Take a wet cloth or sponge and wipe gently to clean the bottom part. If you use a harsh sponge, it may damage it. So, wipe the base gently. Never put in the dishwasher.

Cleaning The Rest Of The Components

In this step, clean the other parts you took off from your juicer. Fill a pot with warm soapy water and place the different juicer parts into it. After some time, wash them under a tap. You may clean all components with your hand except the blade and filter. You may use a dishwasher to clean these components. If you use a dishwasher, you should use light dishwasher detergent. It is much better to follow the instructions to make the process safe.

Cleaning The Blade

To clean the blade and filter, hold them under a tap, and rinse them in running water. To remove all pulp from the filter, you have to use a dishwashing brush.


After cleaning each component, place it on a clean towel to dry. This one is the most time-consuming step to clean a power juicer. You have to pay a small price to get delicious and fresh juice quickly.

Reassemble The Components

When all the components of your juicer become dry, it is time to reassemble them. There is a manual on how to assemble it. Follow the instructions to make it easy. When you reassemble it, the cleaning process of your Jack Lalanne power juicer is complete. So, keep your juicer in a cool and dry place.


In this article, I covered the most simple steps to clean a Jack Lalanne power juicer. According to my practical experience, Jack Lalanne’s power juicer is a great choice to make juice easily. It saves time and energy. But some people lose their interest in buying a power juicer for its mega cleaning process. But I think after reading this article, you have got a basic concept about how to clean this, and that will inspire you to use it.

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