How To Use A Garbage Disposal [2023]

Garbage disposal is a waste food shredding electrical machine that helps to prevent pipe clogging in your kitchen. It can tear the waste food into tiny pieces up to less than 2 mm. Garbage disposal remains beneath your kitchen sink and is connected with a drainage pipe. It will help you to prevent drain and pipe-blocking problems. Do you know how to use a garbage disposal? The step by step guideline is here.

How To Use A Garbage Disposal?

Typically, the U.S. people have used two types of garbage disposal machines in their kitchen, one is a continuous feed, and another is a batch feed. Continuous feed mainly works with the water flowing into the computer.

On the other hand, the batch feed system is depending on a switch option. When you notice that the disposal is full of garbage, turn on the switch. It is not a big deal how does garbage disposal work? The necessary use process is the same for both disposals.


First of all, turn the water tap to flow enough cold water into the kitchen sink. It is essential before starting to run your garbage disposal. If possible, you can run icy water into the pan; cold water works best.


Turn on the disposal switch then put your waste garbage gradually into it. Most importantly, avoid input overload food waste together. Because of this, an overload may reduce the shredding motion. It is a common question, how long to run a garbage disposal? Ok, the answer is it will need a few seconds to grind the food waste. Nut sometimes, it may need more time based on the food garbage amount and types. While the machine sounds will change, you have to understand that the shredding is complete. Now turn off your disposal.


After completing the grinding, turn off the disposal switch and turn the water tap to run water into the sink and pipe. So those reasons, the garbage will be appropriately passed.

To Keep Your Garbage Disposal Clean

  • It doesn’t need any particular things to clean the disposal. You can clean it with some items which are available in your home. Mix some rock salt with ice and keep it in the destruction
  • Flow the water tap and turn on the disposal machine switch
  • The mix of rock salt and water will help to lose the oil and grime from the machine.

Though there are two more ways of cleaning, it is the simplest way. Hopefully, you are clear now on how to clean your garbage disposal.

Safety Tips:

To keep safe your garbage disposal, you have to know what shouldn’t go in garbage disposal. Some food waste is not recommended to grind disposal. The potato peels, grease, oil, big bones, and expandable waste foods.

Final Words

Overall, a garbage disposal machine is an excellent device to remain safe from unnecessary kitchen pipe-blocking hassle. To follow the above tips, I hope you are now clear on how to use the garbage disposal as well as the cleaning process.

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