How to Slav Your Car : Easy Ways to Slav your Car

Are you feeling bored with your potato car? Well, sometimes it feels very bad when you are supposed to drive an old car. You may feel the necessity to buy a new car, but it will cost you a lot. So, what other you can do instead of buying a new car is the main query. In that case, you should know how to slav your car.

You will get some easy ways out to slav your car from this content. Again you can do them by yourself, and I hope that will look gorgeous. So, let’s dig into the content and know more about the ways of saving cars.

Why You Need to How to Slav Your Car

It feels very bad while riding a potato car over the road. Sometimes, it stands for self-respect. Eastern European generally slav their car to look different. They want to show that they have something to show.

However, you should feel the importance of saving your car because your car may look different. The slaved car will help to get noticed by the people who see it.

Easy Ways To Slav your Car

There are many easy ways to slav your car. You will find them below. So let’s get started by changing from a Gopnik car to slaved car.

Using White Tape For Stripe

First of all, you need to wash your car with a car washing detergent so that no dirt on the car remains. Now you need to take the role of white tape and place them on the front side of the car. There should be the same gap between the tape lines. You can also do this thing to the backside of the car. The stripes will give you the classic ADIDAS stripe feeling.

You can also use the tape on the car roof too.

Use a DashCam 

You can use a dashcam to take videos while driving and can upload it to the internet. It will make you feel better when you see that everybody loves your videos. A dashcam can take videos in the first person and so you need to stick that to the upper front glass of your car.

Steering Cover 

This is part of your taste that covers your car’s steering you want. However, a cover for a driving wheel looks different and gorgeous.

Using A Bass Box To Get Attention

Classical music is good, but for a long drive, they are boring at all. So, you can slav your car by putting a big bass box in the subwoofer, and you get high bass that will make you feel better. Slav music is very attractive. You will also be noticed by the people for high volume.

Seat Cover For Driving Seat

You can have an experience of driving with no stress by putting a high-quality seat cover for yourself in the driving seat. Choose a seat that will give you comfort.

Rear Seat Covering With Carpet

If you are bored with the rear seat of your car, you can cover that with a carpet so that it looks awesome. The old-looking seat will get a new look. You can also put pillows on the seat so that it looks like an expensive seat.

Change The Air Filter

You can change the old air filter with a new one which will make a nice sound while driving. To do this, you should throw away the regular air filters and join a new one with a circular size. This will compress air and flow the air at high speed. The flown air will make a nice sound and will help you to get thrilled.

Put Stickers And Letters On The Bumper

You can put some slav stickers on the bumper of your car and put some letters that are made of metal. It will look better as a slaved car and will be noticed by the people also.


Is Boris a Slav?

  • Life of Boris is a YouTuber, and he creates videos on slaving things.

What does Gopnik mean?

  • It’s slang that is used in Germany and Eastern Europe to mean you are a lower class people.

 How to slav squat?

  • You can put some stickers and tattoo on your car to slav squat. Wearing an Adidas tracksuit refers to slav squatting.

Additional Tips

  • Before slaving the outer area of your car, you need to wash your car perfectly.
  • You can follow Life of Boris on youtube for live demonstrative.
  • Keep clean your car before driving to hold the slav look.

Final Note

It’s very easy to slav your car by yourself. I hope that you will enjoy doing that for your old car. You will love your car more when it is a slave on your own.

Always stay careful while driving and put on a happy face like others do while driving their luxurious car.

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