How To Put a Trolling Motor on a Kayak [6 Steps 2023]

How to Put a Trolling Motor on a Kayak? I am kayaking for a few years as an enthusiastic kayak lover. A person can perform kayaks in the traditional paddling mode or foot paddling process. Recently, there have been many changes in kayaking to make your fishing experience more beautiful and comfortable.

The most significant change in the present is the addition of trolling motor to the kayak. The trolling engine can help to paddle the kayak at low pressure, increasing the speed of the kayak. As a result, most kayak lovers have attached trolling motors to their kayaks. I found that to put the engine with the kayak; I have to spend a lot of money. Therefore,

How To Put a Trolling Motor on a Kayak Step By Step Guide

I have tried how to put a trolling motor on a kayak by myself. In this guide, I will help you with how to do kayak trolling motor attach with your kayak.

Necessary Tools

  • Hand Saw Machine
  • Drill Machine
  • Eye Protection Glass
  • Hand Gloves
  • Measurement Tape
  • Camera

Necessary Element

  • Electric Wire and Wire Cover
  • Steel Wire
  • Glue
  • One Set Paddle
  • One Battery of 12 Volts.
  • Necessary Nuts
  • Motor and Plug
  • A Piece of Wood and Foam
  • Propeller

Propeller and Motor Attachments

First of all, we need to connect an appropriate propeller to the kayak. A propeller is a rotating device with a helical spiral fan. Which radiating blades increase rotating power? So choose a propeller according to your demand. But a propeller should choose depending on the kayak’s weight.

How to Put a Trolling Motor on a Kayak

I have used Minnkotaendura c2 40. This weight was a perfect fit with my 500 lbs. Kaya. Using kipawa 314 propellers is very helpful for increasing the motor speed, and it is comfortable too.

Mounting The Motor

In this step of kayak trolling motor setup, you have to mount the engine on the backside of the kayak; you have to use four lightweight stands. Try to use a weight stand so that the kayak has not had to bear the additional weight. So make four-hole to set up the positions. After then connects the motor to the kayaks.

You can search for the stands at the forger shop near to you. In case you will not found there, you can order to make four stands according to your essential size. I was making these stands for my pelican kayak trolling motor mount in the last year.

Make Steering Linkage

Whenever you have already connected the propeller with the motor, then it is time to go ahead for starting the kayak trolling motor steering system. Make half of two quarter-inch holes in the backside of the kayak. Put the plastic tube on the holes according to the kayak size. If the machine is thin in format, then it may need a more massive hole. Otherwise, the quarter-size hole is enough.

Setup The Wires Inside The Plug

It is a sensitive stage of setting up several cables. Firstly, remove the motorhead and find out all of the cables associated with the trolling motor. As we need only black and white color wire so tape the yellow and red wires. Make a drill and create a hole far from the storage compartment. Attach a min Kota plug into this hole. To save the cap from the water, you can use a new waterproof receptacle. Now plug the white and black wires and cover them by a pipe.

Attach The Paddle With Steer

Now the rudder system attached to the kayak will have to remove. Drill into a new paddle set with a drill machine. Input the wires into the front hole and put them into another tunnel. Connects the wires with detaining pins.  One of the excellent advantages of this: is that you can remove it anytime and can foot paddle kayaking whenever you want.

Attach The Circuit and RPS

Though it is a difficult task, If the course is directly connected to the battery with a single button, your kayak will only move in one direction. You need a reverse switch if you want to run the kayak back and forth. As well as you can use a remote controller of 12 volts. and 30 DC for controlling the kayak with one click.

Final Step: Reverse Switch Connects With The Battery

Always try to use the right sizes of battery. Because a more substantial array might be trying to fall the kayak into the water. I have used a maximum of 44 pounds of battery. Set up a piece of wood with underneath foam. Then put a plastic tray on it where you have to put the battery. It is the ultimate step by step guideline for a universal kayak trolling motor mount.


Can I mount a trolling motor on a kayak?

  • Yes! You can set up a trolling motor on a kayak until the kayak has the appropriate hole. Even it will work for over the hours. You can try this method with a kayak trolling motor.

How much thrust does a user need for a trolling motor kayak?

  • It mainly depends on the kayak size and weight. Generally, it would help if you gave more effort to run more substantial loads. But it is necessary to create 2 pounds thrust for 100 pounds of weight. I am using 12 volts of transom battery.

How long does a trolling motor last?

  • A battery can retain additional power if the rating will larger size. A 100-ampere battery can quickly provide 25 amperes for up to 4 hours.

Final Words

I hope now you have learned how to put a trolling motor on a kayak from this article. And I told you how trolling engine makes kayaking and fishing a lot easier, reduces the pressure, and saves storage space as well. I think you can go with a kayak trolling motor if you love kayaking or fishing regularly with your kayak.

But keep in mind to use a foot paddle kayak if you want to use it for exercise purposes. To follow this guide to homemade kayak trolling motor mount DIY, you can save the right amount of penny. If you have any questions, let me know to comment below.

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