How To Extract Onion Juice 3 Most Easiest Ways Explained

If someone asks me to tell you the top 3 ingredients you regularly use in your kitchen, I believe onion will be on that list. Onion is an essential ingredient in cooking different types of food items.

Onion juice is the one ingredient that I frequently use in my meals. Onion juice increases the flavor and brings a fantastic taste to your recipe. As I love to use freshly extracted onion juice in my recipes, I started finding the easiest ways to do it.

But, the methods I found how to extract onion juice, not all of them were useful. So I tried multiple ways, but 3 of them were hassle-free and most straightforward.

Why Juicing An Onion?

When it comes to juicing, two things will pop into your mind: Fruits or vegetables. But why you need to make onion juice? or where to use it? Onion juice has various use in cooking and beauty purposes; Popular dishes like Steaks Marinated in Onion Juice, where onion juice is a must-have ingredient. Also, lamb with onion juice is another popular dish. Onion contains minerals like sulfur, phosphorus, magnesium. You can also find vitamin C, E, B6. and folic acid.

How To Extract Onion Juice 3 Most Easiest Ways Explained

In this article, I will discuss the 3 ways of extracting onion juice that is super simple.

1. Using The Blender:

Blender is a fantastic option to extract juice from onions. The working steps are so easy that anyone can try it and take a few minutes.

1. At first, you have to chop the onion in medium sizes. Not necessary to chop it very nicely. You can slice the onion into 4 to 6 pieces. Your blender can easily manage the rest.

2. Now, you have to put these chopped onion pieces into the blender. Then switch the blender and blend it at medium to high speed for almost one minute. It should be done within that time frame.

3. You know that all the blenders cannot perform in the same way. If there are notable pieces of onion in your blender, repeat the process twice. When the blending is appropriately done, take the blended onions into a strainer to extract the onion juice. It would be best if you strained it over a bowl.

4. If your strainer is smaller than the bowl’s mouth, you should hold the strainer with one hand. Now, wait for a while to drip the juice into the bowl through the strainer. You may put some pressure on a spoon that makes the work faster. If you use a cheesecloth piece inside the strainer before straining, you will get more fresh juice.


  • The main advantage of using a blender to extract juice from onion is that you get juice from all the onions. So, there is little wastage. It saves time.
  • There is very little pulp after extract juice.
  • The other benefit is that it is faster than any other method. The cleaning is also easy.


  • Blender makes some noise when you blend anything.
  • It needs more space in your kitchen.

2. Use A Grater

A grater is a kitchen appliance that we use in our kitchen on a regular basis. You might have used it to slice fruits and vegetables or maybe to make salads. This kitchen gadget can also be used to extract juice from onions. This method is a little bit harder than using a blender.

1. Firstly, peel the onion properly.

2. Then wash it with clean water and take them into a bowl. Then dry those onions with a paper towel because you need a proper grip.

3. Now, hold the one handle with your hand and set another handle on the bottom surface. You can use a clean wooden chopping board.

4. Take an onion and grate it with the fine side of the grater. All the grated onion will be on the surface. You can use cheesecloth to extract the onion juice and separate the onion pulp. You can also use a strainer.


  • There is no wastage of onion pieces when you use a grater to extract juice from the onion. Even you can use the small size onions.
  • The price of a grater is not so high also.
  • It doesn’t take much space in your kitchen.


  • Extracting juice from onion by using a grater is risky and time-consuming.
  • Onion juice could be irritating for your skin; also, there are chances to cut your hand.

3. Using A Juicer:

I think you can find this kitchen gadget in almost any kitchen. It’s mainly used for extracting juice from different types of fruit. But, You may also use it to extract juice from the onion.

Let’s see how to do that:

1. Peel the onion with a sharp knife carefully. An entire onion will be too large for some juicer. If the onion is large, You have to cut it in quarters or cut it half if the onion is small.

2. Then push the onion quarter through the feed chute.

3. An electric centrifugal juicer with a glass container will be a perfect option. If your extractor has no glass container, place a bowl under the spout.

4. After placing the glass container or a bowl, start juicing. The onion pulp will be collected automatically in the pulp container and juice collected in the glass jar or bowl.

5. There is no need for an additional strainer to strain the liquid when you use a juicer to extract juice from the onion.


  • The easiest way to extract juice from the onion.
  • Without using any strain, you will get fresh juice automatically.
  • In this way, your eyes will be safe from onion juice.


  • There will be a lot of wastage in this way.
  • Cleaning is not easy.
  • If you use a manual extractor; then it takes so much time.


Onion juice has a variety of use in our daily life. But, cutting an onion is a painful process but making onion juice is much easier. Here I have described the three easiest ways of making onion juice. Tools that I used can easily be availed of, or I believe they are already available in your kitchen.

Although different people use different kitchen tools and not every person uses them the same way. I think from this article, you will gather enough knowledge of how to extract onion juice.

All you need to do now is choose which option is best for you to extract the onion juice. Onion juice could be harmful to your eyes. So, you have also to be conscious of that. When you make onion juice, be careful about your hand because each method requires cutting the onion with a sharp knife.

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