How Much Electricity Does A Tankless Water Heater Use

Nowadays, industrial people admire tankless water heaters with the feature of energy efficiency. When you use fuel, only then cut down the utility bills. The tankless water heater’s primary investment is significant, and it leads to upgrades of electrical panels.

The water heater warms up on demand and uses less energy than a traditional water heater. But in the beginning, this model requires new wiring of the home, which is quite expensive.

The total cost of the heater depends on the customer’s application. However, It runs for two hours or so. The common question about tankless water is “How Much Electricity Does A Tankless Water Heater Use.”

How Much Electricity Does A Tankless Water Heater Use

Most of the people who have a tankless water heater have this kind of question in their mind. If customers know the details of the use of electricity, this article is beneficial for them.

To Know the Use of Minimum Watts In The Tankless Water Heater

If you have a tankless water heater, you should know how much electricity and power your water heater needs. Moreover, the powers depend on many things, such as the size of a family, type of unit, and hot water use in different works.

tankless water heater

For getting the exact number on your heater, you must know the watts number for your unit and check the unit’s label to know the details. The label can find out on the side of the heater and is easy to spot.

When you replace the heating element, it will keep one side next to the panel. The label told about the wattage and the working voltage of the component. If electric tankless water heaters run on 120v of power, which needs 1,125 watts, it is a negative side for all applications.

On the other side, 240v units require around 4500 watts. The water heater has two elements that increase the wattage, but two elements are not working at the same time.

These labels and elements are telling you about 4,500 watts of power cost. The unit cost depends on the unit’s age and size, setting the water heater’s temperature during the day, and other factors that affect the wattage.

When your tankless water starts running, the electric bill will rise, necessary for the igniter. But it is not higher than other electric counterparts.

Some Essential Things Need To Remember For Keeping Low Bills

You need to follow some things to keep your bill at a cheap rate. For doing all this, what you need to know has given below:

 Keep Lowering The Thermostat.

Sometimes water heaters are setting 140 degrees unknowingly. 120 degrees is enough to heat water for household works and keep away the risk.

Don’t Take Too Much Time In The Shower.

When winter comes, nobody wants to take a cold shower at all. They want to enjoy the hot water shower. So limit your bath time and keep minimum water consumption.

If you soap up and wash your hair, you should be turned off the heater. After doing that, you can restore the flow.

Install The Tube Of Low Flow

If you set the lower flow tube, this tube can use less heat when you need to use more.

Reserve Your Tank

You can use a cheap blanket that keeps your water tank, it takes less energy for warming again.

Use a Suitable Tank For Your Family.

While using a water heater, you need to choose a large one. Because it can handle busy hours in your household work. But not to pick so big that wasting energy for heating water whatever you don’t want.

Choose An Upgraded Model.

Upgrading models can help you with saving the electric bill. It continually improves than old models. You can choose those models which promise among the people to consume less energy.

Keep Remembering Your Appliances

A vast amount of energy is consumed by the dishwasher and washing machine for heating the water. So you need to set low energy consumers for reducing the burden on the water heater.

What Are The Lacking Sides Of A Tankless Water Heater?

Setting a tankless water heater is more expensive than any other traditional water heater. It uses more electricity so that your electricity bills are increasing high.


  • Is a tankless water heater filling a tub?

Yes. A tankless water heater can fill a tub. If you have a small water heater, it can take more time to fill your large tub. So you need to install a large tankless water heater for your tub.

  • How to maintain the tankless water heater?

The tankless water heaters need not too much maintenance. It can be serviced as regular preventive maintenance.

  • Do I install my tankless water heater?

Yes. You can install your own tankless water heater. Many tankless water heaters are available such as propane, natural gas, and electric.


If you want to save your money, you can use a tankless energy saving calculator. You can also compare your water heater with others. To do that, you need to input the zip code and select your water heaters types, such as propane, gas, or electric, and the number of total units. This calculator is easy to use and also helpful.

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