How Long Will Hot Water Heater Stay Hot Without Power

Hot water consumers always think about “How long will hot water heater stay hot without power?” Well, the answer depends on the type, water status, tank size, etc. Usually, for 1 to 2 hours, you can expect the water to be hot. Due to load shedding or some other reason, the electricity power shuts off.

How Long Will Hot Water Heater Stay Hot Without Power

Without power, the water heater can not supply hot water continuously. But it can surely provide warm water for a limited time. Power supply off for a long time may cause you to use cold water. It is often happening in power shortage areas. As a result, people get frustrated and try to find a way to get hot water even without a power supply.

The Importance Of Water Heaters

Water heaters are becoming common home appliances. People expect hot water for household chores, showers, washing utensils, etc. But due to supply problems, malfunction in the heater, or power supply shortage, the heater stops giving hot water. As days are changing, we can see new water heaters in the market.

There are different water heaters like tankless or within a tank water heater fueled on gas or electricity. A new water heater with new technology heats water fast. Experts are trying to give smart water heaters. They ensure better service so far. People from cold areas can not tolerate cold water. Using cold water may cause sickness.

The importance of a water heater and hot water is understood. That’s why finding ways to get warm water instantly.

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Types Of Heaters And Services

You may see several water heaters in the market or online. Keeping water warm is dependable on the water heaters type.

Tankless Water Heater

The tankless water heater is the most recent and unique. It does not have a tank to store water. It is set in a small place as it does not have a tank, so it can not supply water when the power is off. Let alone warm water; it cannot even provide water without electricity.

Water Heater With The Tank

It is not the latest water heater but popular. It has a big tank and water is stored there. Water stays hot for a limited time though power is off. It needs space too. Keep that tank. It supplies warm water. Even for a little power-off period.

Water Heater Based On Gas

If your water heater runs on gas, you can have warm water all time long as it needs gas to heat the water, so electricity is not required. For the pilot, it needs electricity. It can store water in a tank. You can do work or take a shower of hot water at any time.

Water Heater Based On Electricity

Without electricity, it can not provide water. Electricity is a must as it runs on it. It gives you quickly warm water. But it stops working immediately when the power is off.

The Solution To Having Hot Water During A Power Outage

Are you trying to find a way for warm water during power is off? Some tips are helpful to keep your water hot for a certain period. They are described below:


  • Size: Having a larger tank may store more water. Hot water in storage may use for various work. It can remain warm during power off.
  • Consuming level: Hot water is replaced by cold water as you use water during power cut-off time. Consuming water much nay result in using cold water later. So use warm water wisely and try to save it.
  • Proper insulation: Water heater insulation is necessary for keeping water warmer without electricity. Sometimes we get some problems with insulation. It stops working. So do proper insulation to keep the water warmer.
  • Placement: Where is your water heater tank located? That’s an important question. A water heater placed in between two inner walls keeps the water warmer than set at the garage.
  • Age of water heater: The latest water heaters have got new elements. These are more useful to heat water for the extension period. If you have an old water heater, then you should replace it.


01. Can a water heater work without electricity?

Ans: No, it will not work without electricity. But you can have warm water reserved in the tank. A water heater that runs on electricity can not function without a power supply. On the opposite, a water heater that runs on gas can efficiently work without electricity because it does not need electricity.

02. How long a 40-gallon water heater tank remain hot?

Ans: 60-80 minutes is the average time for having warm water. Its recovery time is longer than gas-fueled water heaters. Moreover, about 2 hours of water stays hot in an 80-gallon tank.

03. How long my water heater tank will stay hot?

Ans: For a day or two, the water in the tank stays hot. It depends on the quality of the tank—a more considerable tank losses heat. Hot water in the tank also depends on insulation.


Sometimes, you may wonder “how long will hot water heater stay hot without power?” Don’t worry! By taking some precautions, you can quickly solve that problem. Hot water is demandable in our day-to-day life. A water heater that relies on electricity or not puts the main difference of warming water in power outage conditions.

If a power outage is often at your house, they should buy a gas conventional tank water heater. It can supply hot water without electricity and saves you from suffering. To install the water heater or its tank correctly, get a plumber. We need hot water constantly, even in power outage time.

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