How Long Does It Take To Drain The Water Heater?

A new consumer of a water heater thinks about how long does it take to drain the water heater? It takes a little time. But the timing usually depends on the condition and entire system of a water heater. If your water heater tank and the pipeline is clear, you can drain the water heater in the short term.

It depends on factors like sediments, minerals, leakage etc. Too many deposits can cause you failure in draining water, and then you have no choice except to change pipes. After every six months or a year, you should drain the water heater.

How Long Does It Take To Drain The Water Heater?

It increases water supply service and also adds life years to the water heater. Are you thinking about how long does it take to drain the water heater?

The answer depends on tank condition, plumber skills, and pipes. It usually takes short time if everything is good.

Solutions Of Draining Water Fast

Want to drain your water heater? There are some easy and quick tips to drain your water heater.

• Flush: Open your valves and let water flow. Creating water pressure may decrease sediments. Continue that process before you get a good water flow like in old times.

• Turning off water heater: Shut off the gas or power if you have a gas or electric water heater. Off the valve of cold water or central water supply valve to the house. Turn on the faucets to check hot water.

• Hose: Attaching a drain hose helps you to drain water quickly. Turn off the valve after attaching a hose. It would help if you released the vacuum in the tank for water speed. Removing one end of the hot water pipe let air come into the tank, and water begins to gush out of the drain.

• Empty tank: Sediments, dust, deposits, etc., can be found in the tank also. Draining the water heater allows you to flush your tank also. Disconnect hot water pipe and let water drain out. Repeating that process for a few minutes may result in good.

• Refilling water heater: Remove hose and turn off drain valve. Reconnect hot water pipe with water heater and tightened it well. Turn on a fixture to have hot water. Let the air out of the lines until you get water.

• Relighting water heater: Turn on the pilot or power. After draining the water heater, you may wait for an hour to get warm water.

 Checking drain valve: The valve may have leakage. So it is essential to check whether the drain valve is closed completely or not. You can use a cap to prevent leakage over the hose.

Significance Draining The Water Heater

Water Heater Running Time

It would be best if you drained your water heater. There are several reasons. Some of them given below:

• Maintenance: Regular maintenance is indeed to run your water heater smoothly. You can not maintain a water heater without draining water. In maintenance, you need to check out the water heater, tank, pipes, flow rate etc.

• Clearing hard water: Minerals, sands, wastes etc., get jammed at the bottom of the tank or in the pipes. These make water hard. By draining water out of tank or pipes, you may get relief from hard water.

• Sediments cleared: Sediment problem is common in pipes. Draining water gives pressure on pipes. It breaks sediments and clears the path for water to supply.

• Heating system: Draining water gives you smooth work of the heating function. It clears the way and storage of water. So water quickly get warmed

Things To Do If  Water Draining Is Not Working 

Sometimes water draining does not work correctly. If your water heater is draining slowly or not draining at all, then open the pressure-relief valve. It breaks the vacuum and helps to prevent water from escaping. Mainly, the draining system becomes isolated when too many sediments build up.

Breaking the residue can make your draining system back to normal. You can break deposits by flushing pipes, using vinegar and soda, regular maintenance etc.

Importance And Instructions On Replacing Your Water Heater Drain Valve

Unfortunately, sediments build up too much in the valve. It becomes hard to remove. So we replace it with a new one. You can have a new valve in hardware stores or online for just $8. ¾ inch size is the most conventional. A drain valve is found at the bottom of the tank.

While changing the valve, water may flood out on the floor. A floor drain nearby may save you from flooding on the floor. You can also get a helper to collect water on the bucket and dump it while changing the valve.

Try to do a partial drain by letting out water through faucets. Turn the hot water into the cold before changing the valve. The airlock is essential at that moment.

Shut off the cold water supply and do not touch any hot water appliances before replacement is done.


  • 01. How much time does a 50-gallon water heater need to drain? 

Ans. A 50-gallon water heater needs 5 minutes to drain. But it depends on the flow rate. If you have a flow rate of 10 GPM, you can empty the tank in 5 minutes. A slow flow rate may take more time to drain water.

  • 02. Why does it take so long to drain my water heater?

Ans. Too much sediment in the water heater may cause stopping or slowing the drain system. It affects the drain valve and creates clogs to prevent water draining. Remove deposits regularly from the water heater to continue the water draining process.

  • 03. By running hot water, can I drain my water heater?

Ans. Yes, you can drain a water heater by running hot water and opening the drain valve. Turn on a nearby tap to have water pressure. It helps water to drain from the tank and relieves the stress. This method cleans dirt in the pipe and breaks sediments.


If you never tried to drain the water heater, at least once you think about how long it takes to drain the water heater? It is a common question for a new user of the water heater. Big tank takes more time than small tanks to drain out water.

You can do it by yourself or also can get a plumber. A skilled plumber can drain out water quickly in a short time. You can also do it by arranging necessary elements together and act according to the water draining plan.

It costs you but not much. With a bit of work and cost, you will have a good supply of warm water for a long time. Hope this “How long does it take to drain the water heater” helps you.

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