Ecosmart Tankless Water Heater Not Heating

Nowadays, many people are using an eco-smart tankless water heater. But for some circumstances, they may face a little bit of difficulty. They begin to think or search for an “eco-smart tankless water heater not heating.” There are some reasons. For example, installation defects, installation defects, pipes problems, not caring enough, etc. The eco smart water heater is one of the most valuable inventions. Who does not want warm water?

Know The Details of Ecosmart Tankless Water Heater Not Heating

Eco Smart is a private company based in China. It is a manufacturer of green technology. In a short time, it gets our faith and love. It is now available in markets. Its water heater is a unique one. You don’t need extra space for a tank. Besides, it saves electricity more than other water heaters.

Ecosmart Tankless Water Heater

Despite good design and service, it has one defect. You may get a cold water sandwich problem. It needs a little time to warm water in the time of supplying water in multiple appliances. During that time-lapse, you may get cold water instead of warm for a short time.

Possible Reasons For Not Heating Water

  • Installation faults: installing a tankless water heater by yourself is difficult. Sometimes it may cause accidental problems with a firework. Because of installation problems, your water heater may not heat water properly.
  • Electronic connection: The supply of electricity is a must to run an eco-smart tankless water heater. Because of circuit or wire faults, the connection may remain loose and can not supply electricity well.
  • Damaged thermostat: If your thermostat is damaged, then you should not expect warm water. It heats the water. Without a thermostat, a water heater can not heat water.
  • Elements faults: The heating process has some elements to work. There are sometimes you may find lack in those elements. That may be a reason for not heating water.
  • Temperature control: Rising high in temperatures may cause the problem. Not controlling or maintaining temperature properly may damage its system.

Steps For Solving A Heating Problem

There are some easy and quick steps that you can follow. Follow these steps sequences to get a good result.

  • Multi-Clamp Meter: It is used to measure voltage. Eco smart has simple designs. So it is easy to measure with a multi-clamp meter.
  • Thermostat: The heating function won’t work if the thermostat is damaged. As a result, you won’t get warm water. By turning on breakers, you can test your thermostat. You may also need a voltmeter for that test. This test will clarify whether electrical power is supplied correctly or not.
  • Heating elements: A tankless water heater is a work-on-demand supply of water. When hot water is using, heating elements become active. It works in a process like heating water from the bottom to the top. These elements draw voltage. There are two red wires at the top. To test the heating function, you just need to on the tub or a shower and the sink.
  • Setting temperature: It has a digital temperature system. You don’t need to set the temperature at 120°-140° for a water heater with a tank. But it should not increase temperature much in tankless also. Get your desired temperature. It helps you to have earn water.


What is the reason for not heating water with a tankless water heater?

Ans. There are some reasons for not heating water. They can be like:

  • Damaged heat exchanger: heat exchanger may not work as it gets old.
  • Blocked vent: ventilation problem can be the cause of blocking the vent.
  • Gas supply issues: The supply of gas may be stopped for a reason. That also eliminates the water heating process.
  • Hard water: It permanently damages elements of heating water.

Why does my eco-smart tankless water heater go cold?

Ans. A problem with a tankless water heater is a cold water sandwich. It runs cold water into hot water. During that process, if you want some water, you may get cold water. Using multiple appliances at a time causes a cold water sandwich. A dirty filter can be the reason.

Does a tankless water heater has a reset button?

Ans. Yes, It has a reset button to prevent any accidents. It would help if you held the reset button down for the trigger.

What will happen if I don’t flush my tankless water heater?

Ans. It may prevent the heating process. Mineral deposits may be seen. Overheat the system. It decreases its efficiency. Should flush water heater regularly. It is suitable for its structure.

Why my eco-smart tankless water heater takes so long time to get hot?

Ans. Balancing flow between hot and cold water, and mixing valves creates issues. A tankless water heater may need 10-15 seconds to warm water. During the ignition process, heating water may be delayed.

Meta Lines For Ecosmart Tankless Water Heater Not Heating

Whenever you got a problem heating water, don’t think much about why my eco-smart tankless water heater not heating water. Just follow the manual book, receives a good plumber, or call customer care.


Nothing is perfect in this world. Even ecosmart water heaters also get defective sometimes. Then you get worried about why eco-smart water heaters not heating water. But there are easy and simple solutions available. By applying those tips, you can get warm water for a long time.

Eco smart water heaters are not so expensive. Even it saves money by reducing electricity bills. To make your life easy, get an eco-smart tankless water heater now and get relaxed. Hope this “Ecosmart tankless water heater not heating” post helps you.

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