Cricut Expression 2 Review In 2023

Cricut Expression series is quite a practical and easy-to-use series; among them, you must go through the Cricut Expression 2 review. The main advertising thing is no need for an external computer to command the machine about cutting segments.

Now, if you see the circuit expression two release date, you’ll find it is much older, and there comes the question of how this ancient technology-built cutting machine can provide us with the exquisite design we get from modern devices.

You are right, this machine can no longer compete with a digital cutting machine like Cricut explore air 2 and the circuit maker. However, the machine still has the ability to do some unique projects that are lacking in other Circuit models.

From the working rate, this machine is like an industry-level machine. So if you have any query on what software works with Cricut expression 2 or any other thing, just go through the cricut expression review here

Cricut Expression 2 Review

Before starting the complete overview of Circuit Expression two, knowing their specifications would help us to understand the machine. Let’s get started.


  • Cutting Capability – 12 x 24 inches
  • Tools – Blade, Stylus
  • Type of Tool Holder – Single 
  • Display – LCD
  • Computer – Compatible 
  • Storage and Upload Design – N/A
  • Software – Craft Room
  • Number of Pre-loaded Images – 800 
  • Number Of Cartridge Handbook – 2 
  • Number of Port Covers – 3
  • USB – Capable
  • Weight – 16.6 lbs
  • Dimensions– 23 x 9.4 x 11.3 inches

Design and Size of Circuit Expression 2

The size of Circuit Expression two is much more compact and smaller than Circuit expression. 

Moreover, this cutting machine has lightweight, and the lightweight ensures its portability. Easily placeable on your desk.

As you already know, Circuit Expression 2 has a significant difference from Circuit Expression. The main difference is in the operating method of this machine. Previously, Circuit used to use a finicky keypad layout on the top. Now, expression 2 has a nifty color display with an LCD touch screen, which helps us to select the design and edit them.

Expression 2 doesn’t require any connectivity through wired or wireless with any computer system because the machine has already gotten the built-in computer system.

LCD Screen

I am having already told you about the display. The LCD is entirely compatible with hand and pen touch, and it has its own built-in storage system. So, you cannot add any further design to the machine and watch it on the screen. The LCD screen provides an exquisite view of the placement of the images on the sheet/paper. So, there is no change in the overlapping of cutting images.

Also, the touch screen allows us to operate some additional features like controlling the cutting speed and many other things.


Cricut expression 2 cartridges are theme-based. It means no custom shapes are not allowed in this machine. But it is not a matter because all the cartridges have a different theme here, and each theme has almost 50 different shapes, and almost 800 hundred shapes are available in this machine. But there is a downside to these cartridges. They are costly, and even if you want to purchase a single cartridge, you must have to pay the full price.

Expression 2 has two built-in cartridges, which include fonts and images from the very beginning when you’ll start to run the machine. Circuit Expression 2 offers us to add two different shapes into one. Like You have a shame of man and a cap. You can add the cap on the man’s head and ultimately get the shape of a man who is wearing a cap.


Circuit Expression 2 doesn’t require any software to use as it doesn’t need any computer. But It doesn’t mean you can’t connect a computer to this machine with a wire. No need to get any further tension about it. Because this machine got all the convenient features from the previous model Circuit Expression connecting the device with a computer has some convenience.

Craft room software will allow you to operate the cutting machine without touching its LCD screen. But the Cricut expression 2 software download is the first task to doMoreover, the software requires an internet connection and an online account. After opening the account, just link up the cartridges with the online account. Also, the Craft Room software helps us buy the online version of cartridges we use to call digital cartridges. Up to 25000 shapes are available in digital cartridges.

Maintenance and Warranty 

After using your Cricut Expression 2 for months, suddenly, the blade will seem dull. So nothing to do here but replace the blade with a new one. You can increase the blade life by doing regular cleaning on the blade housing. Also, cutting mats can lose their stickiness. So, the mats need to clean regularly. There are various ways to clean these mats.

  • Adhesive remover.
  • Alcohol or baby wipes.
  • Soapy water using a scrubby material and then dry out the mats.

The Cricut Expression 2 comes up with a 1-year limited warranty. If you find any defects on the machine or don’t get the service you hoped for, just contact their service center, they replace the machine with a new one if you fulfill their legal criteria.

  • Possible to use without internet.
  • LCD screen is fast and convenient.
  • More than 800 preloaded shapes and for digital cartridges around 25000 shapes.
  • Independent image sizing and rotation of image is possible.
  • Creating a new shape isn’t possible.
  • To get the digital cartridge shapes, online registration is required.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • can I Connect Cricut Expression with Computer?

 In order to connect to the Cricut Expression first, you must download software called Cricut craft room on your computer or laptop. After downloading the software and installing it, connect the machine to your pc through a wire.

  • Is it possible to add custom shapes in cartages?

Adding custom shapes won’t be possible, but through online registration and after purchasing a digital cartridge, you will get up to 25000 shapes available.

Final Thought

From the Cricut Expression 2 review, you must understand why it is still so popular among us. The machine has simplicity in its operation. You will get all the familiar shapes in both physical and digital cartridges. But digital cartridge is a far better option compared to the cost of physical cartridges. Proper maintenance will ensure you an industry-level performance.

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