Best Waterproof Rugs For Laminate Floors [2023]

Flooring decor with rugs has always added beauty to the house. But for the perfect beauty, it requires the right rug choice. For example, adding a regular rug to your watery flooring won’t be helpful. Instead, it will worsen the surfaces.

Therefore, it’s best to understand the type of flooring you can have in your home. That will help in choosing suitable rugs according to the flooring.

Why Choosing the Laminate Flooring?

If you were given the option to choose any flooring design for your home. What would you choose? You would probably choose hardwood flooring. Otherwise, you would have asked for design advice. And seemingly, most people would suggest the same. Because the real hardwood floor adds a sophisticated value to the house.

Such flooring designs even guarantee durability and beauty at the same time. Thus, it comes under a high estimated price range. So, have you ever thought of an alternative? The flooring expert suggests laminate flooring as the best alternative for hardwood floors.

 You can get the same beauty and durability options available at a budget-friendly price. Besides, the beautifully designed rugs smoothly combine with the flooring appearance. There are many kinds of rugs available to protect the laminate floors from any damage. Furthermore, nonslip-featured rugs, and rug pads ensure the flooring design remains in pristine shape. 

Protecting The Laminate Flooring with Rugs

Laminate flooring is easy to manage, yet you must consider some key points while choosing a rug. Important factors like the floor sheen, stain, and water resistance ability should be considered for the perfect rug selection. You can either choose a rug pad or a waterproof rug in this case.

 A laminate floor is sensitive to stain, and water spills damage. Hence, placing a waterproof rug on the laminate surface will protect the flooring better. And a rug pad under the rug protects the floor with its anti-slip feature. Such rug pads are equipped with a rubberized bottom and thin texture that forms the anti-slip characteristic.

Consider following the flooring consultation for the perfect rug use. All types of rugs are not suitable for laminate floors. Some of the laminate floor suits to rugs that have natural rugs bottom. You can also use a rug pad with the same specifications.

Anti-slip features are common on laminate flooring. They are typically constructed of thin rubber or rubber dots. Once you choose the right pad, you should cut it to approximately 2 inches smaller than the top of the rug. Keeping this in mind will help you narrow down the rug choices on your laminate floor.

Waterproof Laminate Flooring Vs Waterproof Rug

For water resistance ability, investing in laminate waterproof flooring isn’t the only option. You can also purchase a waterproof rug or rug pad as an alternative. It’s necessary to keep the laminate floor water-resistant from a high-moisture climate. In that case, you can either make the flooring water-resistant or place a waterproof rug on the surface.

Waterproof rugs include benefits like an anti-slip feature, stain and water resistance feature, thin texture, etc. These features protect the laminate floor from water damage and other moisture climate factors. And a waterproof laminate floor includes a top coating with silicone sealant for water damage. This is also a good option for rug care, but it requires a bit of a high budget.

Recommended Best Waterproof Rugs For Laminate Floors

Not all rugs are appropriate for water-resistant laminate floors. Each rug has its own features and specialty that ensures floor protection. Many people tend to get confused about choosing the right type of rugs for their laminating floor. Thus, we have recommended some of the best rug collections for water and spill-proof to save the floor from damage.

Mohawk Home Dual Surface Felt and Latex Rug Pad

Mohawk Home Dual Surface Felt and Latex Non-Slip Rug Pad


Before you start working on the laminate floor, make sure you first set this premium double surface rug pad! This pad is made out of synthetic and rubber materials to provide a softer feeling to your feet. Besides, the amazing rug pattern easily fits with any interior design.

These durable rug pads, essential for all types of floors, protect your floors from scratches without discoloration. This pad has a non-slip rubber backrest to maintain your floor and gives you the properties to withstand sound and shock. You may cut it easily to suit every area rug-sized and allow the floor to last longer in any busy household.


  • Only for indoor use
  • 100% made of Synthetic
  • Features Dual Surface 
  • Low Shedding Ability
  • Includes Non-Slip Grip
  • Water-Resistance
  • Extends Laminate Flooring Life
  • Includes Latex Backing
  • Includes Extra Cushion

iDesign Formbu Bamboo Floor Mat

iDesign Formbu Bamboo Floor Mat


The iDesignFombu Bamboo Floor has a great emphasis on clear and fresh laminate flooring design. Any space will profit from the new, traditional style of this natural bamboo rug. The rug has a non-skid underside to restrain it from sliding. This water-resistant rug is ideal for bathing or for vanity in front of the shower.

The kitchen sink, entrance, or hallway may also fit well. Wipe off with warm water and mild soap for cleaning purposes. The Mat Floor iDesign is 72″ x 24″ long, suitable for home use. You can live simply every day with this amazing water-resistant rug in your daily life.


  • 100% Made of Wood
  • Budget-Friendly Price Range
  • Low Shedding Ability
  • Includes Fabric Border
  • Includes Non-Skid Underside
  • Water-Resistance
  • Appropriate for High Traffic Area

RUGPADUSA, Cloud Comfort

RUGPADUSA, Cloud Comfort


Cloud Comfort, the highest possible coating for your floor and rug, offers the same memory comfort as any living room in mattress. The visco-elastic memory foam provides a backup isolation layer for wider area rugs. That doesn’t require any non-slip property for that.

Their own moisture barrier protects the floors by preventing spills, thus allowing steam to escape. It fits well with bigger rugs that prevail solo. And it has the highest sound absorption, convenience, and insulation on the market of any rug floor.


  • Water and Sound Resistant
  • 100% made of Visco Elastic Memory Foam
  • Low Shedding
  • Durable and Long-Lasting
  • Best for Hand-Woven Rug
  • 10 Years Warranty Provided
  • Best for Low Traffic Areas

KMAT Kitchen Mat Cushioned Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat

KMAT Kitchen Mat


nuLOOM Courtney Braided

nuLOOM Courtney Braided


NuLoom industry produces stylish and versatile designed rugs with strong durability. This particular rug features an extraordinary option that you can use both indoor and outdoor. This is a water-resistant rug with an easy cleaning process. Therefore, it protects your laminating floor very well.

 You can also cut the rug according to your area size requirement. The thickness level is only around 0.15 inch that ensures better stability and griping to the floor. Every part of this rug stands up to the elements and offers your environment a touch of charm. 


  • Appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use
  • 100% made of Polypropylene
  • Budget-Friendly Price Range
  • Low Shedding Ability 
  • Easy Cleaning Facility
  • Includes Braided Design Texture
  • Water-Resistance
  • Appropriate for High Traffic Area
  • Neutral Color Variants are available

Things to Consider While Choosing Waterproof Rugs for Laminate Flooring

While decorating a home with flooring materials, people seem to get confused frequently. The products they want to use, especially on the laminate flooring, are hard to find. Besides, this flooring is sensitive to water, stain, and other damages, which adds some extra consideration points while choosing a rug.

Pattern with Color

Purchasing a rug without matching the flooring pattern will look very odd. Every interior designer suggests using home appliances according to the home decor. Even for the laminate floor rug, you can pick amazing color patterns to elevate the room decor more.

In terms of laminated flooring, the tonic is not as vivid as the colored wheel above, but it is a darker or lighter shade of one such floor color. If you choose a complimentary color, your rug will actually help to pop from the other room, which is especially useful if you’re looking for a budget rug.

Texture Style

With laminate flooring, you can build and create room decor according to your preferences. Since laminate provides a blank canvas, you can design it with more texture-styled rugs that will even provide a warm feeling to the surroundings. There are many soft-textured rugs available for every type of interior decor. So, be conscious of choosing the texture design wisely.

Easy Cleaning Ability

Easy cleaning is another major factor when choosing a rug for laminate flooring. If the rug is sensitive to wash, it would not be a wise choice for flooring. It will not work as a security to the laminate flooring. As these floors are sensitive to damage, rugs should be water-resistant and frequently cleaning friendly.

Allergy Concerns

Many family members might have allergenic problems with area rugs. Especially, those rugs that shed more cause such allergenic problems to the consumer. Therefore, be aware of learning about the rug you want to purchase. Try choosing low shedding and natural air filtration rug to elevate the home air quality. That’s how you can keep your family members safe from allergenic germs attacks.

Water Resistance

Water-resistant rugs are less prone to stains and spill marks. Besides, the included latex or non-slip back provides security to the laminate floor even better. And if we talk about the cleaning, as these rugs are waterproof, you can easily clean them professionally or at home. Thus, it will provide more effective security for the laminate flooring surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ section plays an important role in every webpage. In this section, people get answers to their expected questions about the article topic. Likewise, we have implied some frequently asked questions regarding the laminating flooring rug. 

  • Why is laminate flooring on the rise?

Laminate flooring is now available as an alternative for real hardwood. The easy installing process, strong durability, and affordable pricing have made it even more popular. 

  • Is laminate flooring waterproof?

Precisely, this is a total misconception that laminate flooring is waterproof. Basically, the vinyl flooring can be waterproof, not laminate flooring. People confuse these two different flooring categories mistakenly. Although, you can make the laminate floor waterproof. But it’s better to use appropriate waterproof rugs for such flooring types.

  • Are waterproof rugs a wise investment?

Indeed, waterproof rugs ensure security to the laminate flooring. As such, flooring is not made to be water-resistant, you need to maintain security while using the flooring for wet areas. If you think of using laminate flooring in the bathroom or kitchen, it must include a waterproof rug, or even better a rug pad, to save the flooring from water damage.

  • Are laminate floor rug rubber pads safe?

Rubber rug pads are not only safe, but it’s the best choice. These rug pads include rubberized or latex backing to restrain slipping accidents. Besides, that’s what keeps the flooring waterproof.

The thin texture of rubber rug pads helps prevent any stain or spills from harming the floor. However, it would be best to spot clean the pads as soon as any spill damage occurs.

  • Do you need a pad under an area rug on laminate floors?

Adding a pad under the rug is a better option for laminating floors. It ensures extra security and keeps the flooring always in better condition.

  • How would you avoid sliding rugs on the laminate floor?

Naturally, having to reposition the rug constantly is inconvenient, so the only way to prevent rugs from slipping on the laminate floor is to use an anti-slip rug underlay for carpets. This is a secure, non-slip, rubberized material that holds the rug within the rug’s pile.

  • Can I use a shelf liner as a rug pad?

They’re a good quality replacement for rug pads but may not be as effective. They’re great for small rugs made of lightweight materials. Only measure your rug’s length (or width) to cut several liner strips as size.

Final Note

A laminate floor concept is a new approach to home decor. It has gained much popularity for its unique design, quick installation process, and affordable price. Apart from all this, you can perfectly combine any carpet design with this laminate flooring for a better interior appearance. 

However, such flooring can be sensitive to high moisture climates because of the thin material and cold surface. Thus a waterproof rug on the equation helps to resolve this difficulty.

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