8 Best Rowenta Iron Reviews In 2023

Everyone wants to dress up smartly in daily life. The best way that you can appear smart is by having your clothes ironed properly. But doing the ironing is not everyone’s favorite choice. No one suddenly loves to do the ironing. Whether you have the right iron with you, this job may be a bit interesting and funny. Most of us try to avoid this job due to the lack of proper iron. Perhaps a high-quality iron can make your task less tedious and make little bit faster.

Best Rowenta Iron Reviews Should You Buy In 2023?

On the other hand, a high-quality product needs much investment; if you intend to invest your hard-earned money in a quality product, then Rowenta is the right choice for you. Each iron of Rowenta offers consumers the most technologically advanced home use features. So here are the great pieces of the best rowenta iron to save you from the struggle.

Rowenta Everlast 1750

Rowenta Everlast 1750


For those who want to get a good quality power steam iron that is packed with features, then Rowenta DW7180 could be a great choice. This German-made iron is designed in a way that gave it a stunning look. It is not only charming but also a less costing product.

It has a user-friendly ergonomic design which is better for day-to-day home use. This model comes with an 8 feet cord, which is really convenient. The interface is intuitive, as well. There is a yellow light, which indicates when the soleplate is as hot as you need. The weight is about 4 pounds so not that heavy and you can easily use it for a long time. Also, Rowenta DW7180 Everlast is the champion when it comes to removing stubborn wrinkles from your cloth.


  • The precise reading of settings and the adjustable knob can accommodate the soleplate temperature.
  • The stainless steel soleplate, which has 400 micro-steam holes, can distribute the steam evenly and smoothly.
  • With its built-in limescale collector, it can capture up to 1 tsp of limescale from the tap water. The collector can easily be removed and empty.
  • The three-way auto shut-off button can work every eight minutes of inactivity on the heel.
  • It has a self-cleaning system.
  • It has a precise tip for difficult-to-reach areas, like skirt pleats, collars, and pockets.
  • It has 1750 watts of power, by which you can get the optimal output, and the 12 Oz water tank gives you 30 minutes of uninterrupted steaming of clothes.
  • It has an auto-steam mechanism The Rowenta has a self-clean mechanism The handle is very ergonomic The Rowenta 1750 has a high precision tip Auto shut-off feature
  • Sometimes there is a leaking issue occurs at the soleplate or the handle.

Rowenta DW8080

Rowenta DW8080


This professional-grade iron will not disappoint you with its features. If you are searching for a sturdy iron that exudes confidence, Rowenta DW8080 is a great option. This iron comes with a 7-foot cord that does not retract. This high piece is very inexpensive. The Rowenta is excellent in overall performance. The auto feature shut-off feature can power the iron down when needed.

The ready light indicates the iron as it is up to the temperature. The handle got an ergonomic design, so it is comfortable to use. The soleplate is scratch-resistant, so it assures that it will serve for a long time. Also, the soleplate is made with aluminum that heats up quickly and distributes the heat evenly.  To get a seamless forth and back ironing experience, they made the back end rounded. You can also easily adjust the steam output. 


  • The stainless steel soleplate can provide smooth gliding of different garments surface with 1700 watts of power.
  • The 400 steam holes provide a micro stream system, which provides excellent steam distribution with penetration.
  • The displayed water level lets you know when it’s time to refill the water tank.
  • The DW8080 is capable of cleaning itself by the powerful burst of the system, and at the same time, the built-in anty-calc system prevents limescale buildup, making the iron lasting for a long time.
  • The Rowenta has a three-way automatic shut-off system to prevent any accident, which is untouched for 8 min. vertically and 30 sec. Facedown.
  • Ability to work hard-to-reach areas of your clothes. You can use any water here directly from the sink. There are an easy fill hole and any drip lid of this model The water tank is extra large Comfortable grip handle Automatic shut-off system
  • The cord is short, and you cannot iron far from the port.

Rowenta Travel Iron DA1560

Rowenta Travel Iron DA1560


The Rowenta DA1560 is a highly rated iron that can press your cloth to free the fabric’s wrinkles and creases. This cost-effective steam iron is idle for traveling. The affordable price makes this product so desirable for all the customers. It will impress you with the collection of features and overall performance. It is effortless to move and easy to store around.

You don’t need to worry about the burning and singing of the cloth while using this iron. It can take care of your fabric no matter where you are.


  • This compact iron comes with 1000 watts so, you can easily and quickly iron your clothes.
  • The Rowenta travel iron DA1560 has different temperature settings to choose from the most delicate fabrics to the most little cloth.
  • It can work incredibly, nicely, and quietly and it allows you to iron your clothes in any manner you wish.
  • It has a 2-ounce transparent water tank and dual voltage switch.
  • You can see the adjustable temperature control system with the burst of a steam button.
  • It has a micro steel stainless steel soleplate, which is highly polished with 300 holes.
  • The steam is evenly distributing here. The soleplates can glide smoothly over the fabrics. Ideal for traveling The price range is very affordable. Easy to use and clean
  • Low watt power. It is a 1000W iron, which is lower than other standard models that are offering 1700W. The water tank is small. It only can hold 56ml, so frequent refilling may need.

Rowenta Focus Xcel

Rowenta Focus Xcel


Among so many different choices, it is a challenging task to find out the right iron. Once you are clear about the features, it will be easy for you to choose the perfect one. This Rowenta Focus Xcel’s modular look will undoubtedly stand out when you first look at this iron.

Compared with the other iron, it looks better than the different older types of iron. Because of 400 holes, you can get enough steam quickly and efficiently; and it will cover a wide area. So, it would be best if you ironed large clothes within a few minutes.


  • The tank capacity is 11oz, which means you need not worry about refilling it repeatedly.
  • Due to the water viewer window, you can see when the water is running out, so you can refill it in time. It will save you enough time.
  • The steam produces in this iron is 40 grams per minute. So you can get enough moisture to iron any clothes.
  • It will auto shut after 30 seconds on the soleplate and 8 mon on the vertical position. So, there are no accident-related issues that occur while you are ironing.
  • The steam can generate steam quickly due to the 1715 watts power rating.
  • Quickly work as a vertical steam iron. With the metal tip, this iron quickly reaches the narrow area. This model can save electricity. You can swiftly do your ironing. It has a high-density soleplate. This model has a burst steam mode.
  • The holding space needs to improve here, and sometimes there is a little delay in the steam action. The cord needs to be a bit more longer.

Rowenta Professional DW5280

Rowenta Professional DW5280


Rowenta DW3261

Rowenta DW3261


Start your morning with clear and wrinkle-free clothes. This Rowenta DW3261 can auto-adjust the heat for all kinds of fabrics without the manual dial setting. Temperature control is engineered to take the guesswork from your daily ironing while working with different clothes like-cotton, denim, wool, or linen.

No additional settings are needed here in this technologically rich unit. It can automatically set the temperature according to the fabrics and protect the clothes from burning.


  • The soleplate of Rowenta DW3261 is made with stainless steel and scratch-resistant. Also, there are 380 stem holes to distribute the steam evenly.
  • This powerful steam iron comes with a 1725 watts steam power output.
  • There are a few buttons and fixtures throughout this model, which makes it very easy to use.
  • The weight is about 3.69 pounds, which is light enough and makes it comfortable to use for a long time.
  • If you keep this Rowenta for about 8 minutes in a vertical position, it will shut down automatically.
  • The stainless steel soleplate gives smooth glides over any materials. It nicely works for your hanging garments and drapes. Excellent for vertical steaming of cloths. You can use it without getting fatigued. It provides consumers with a unique steam distribution. The Rowenta DW3261 has a three-way auto shut-off safety feature.
  • It takes time to get the maximum temperature as the heat is automatic. In some cases, I found, it splits a good amount of water on the fabric, which stays wet even after the ironing ends.

Rowenta DW9280 Digital Display Steam Iron

Rowenta DW9280 Digital Display Steam Iron


Due to the more advanced steam technology, the Rowenta DW9280 Digital Display Steam Iron gain popularity. It claims to have a strong steam output of 210 grams per minute. You can get a quick ironing result by using this unit.

It can push 30% more steam than the other Rowenta model and gives the right product. You can perfectly iron your clothes. You can also get the LED light, indicating when the soleplate will reach the desired temperature you need for different fabrics.


  • When the iron is not in use, the smart steam monitor sensor unit will turn off automatically to conserve the air and water.
  • This model will push 30 % more steam that deeper into your clothing to iron appropriately due to the pump injection technology.
  • It has built-in a self-clean and anti-counter system that flushes out the loose mineral deposits and dirt to get your iron’s optimal performance.
  • The Rowenta DW9280 is constructed in Germany so you can get a better product.
  • Under the handle, the thermostat dial can control the fabrics and the temperature system.
  • According to your needs, an LED light blinks when the temperature reaches the desired level. You can easily control the steam release button to hold the steam iron.
  • The iron window is transparent and frosted so that you can see the water level easily. The water tank can hold 10.8 ounces of water here.
  • Here you can get the 360 degrees pivotal corded electric wire, which is 7 feet in length.
  • You can save your money as well as electricity. The self-cleaning system can extend the life of your iron. The ironing cord is too long. The 400 holes soleplate can distribute the heat evenly. It has an automatic shut-off feature. Can smoothly grill over the cloth and no creases there With the sharp precision tip, you can reach the most challenging part of the fabric.
  • It’s tough for the consumer to see the water level due to the dark blue color. So accidentally overfilled the water tank, and water leakage occurred. The Rowenta DW2980 is bigger and heavier than the other steam iron, so it’s hard for the user to iron for a long time.

Rowenta DW6080

Rowenta DW6080


The combination of the attractive and unique design made this Rowenta DW6080 most famous for consumers looking to get the most stress-free ironing experience. With a power of 1700 watts, it can remove all wrinkles easily. The eco-setting 3d soleplate design can help get the maximum steam setting output with less water and here 25% energy reused. You don’t need to wait for an extended period to start your ironing.


  • With the three different steam settings – dry, eco, and boost, you can decide how much steam you need for your fabrics.
  • You can get the stainless steel soleplate here, which makes smooth griddles over all types of clothes.
  • With the 400 micro holes, the steam distributes more than adequate. So, you can easily remove any wrinkles from the fabrics.
  • If you don’t touch the iron for up to 8 minutes, then it will shut automatically. So, no accident occurs due to overheating.
  • Due to the vertical steaming capability, you can remove the wrinkle from the hangers’ clothes and iron them properly.
  • Due to the anti-drip design, you don’t need to worry about the water spilling.
  • This iron is very economical. Quickly select the steam settings as the type of fabrics. The soleplate is very durable. Suitable for using a longer timespan Reduce the consumption of electricity The grip is excellent here. The ergonomic design helps to use for a more extended period.
  • The steam setting button is not sturdy enough. Provide very low steam because of the lower steam setting design

What To Look For In a Rowenta Iron?

No one likes to wear a wrinkled dress. Everybody loves wearing well-ironed neat, and clean clothes, as it gives an attractive look. But the dress will again gain wrinkle after the next wash if you do not have any high-quality iron. You may find hundreds of different iron brands in the market. All of them have various features with a diverse price range.

We are all familiar with dry irons that were very common in the old days, but Today, there are plenty of modern steam irons that are easier to use and release enough steam for better ironing. But which one is right for you? or what to look for in an Iron? You may easily get confused. That is why I came up with the guide that will help you to choose the right one. Always look for these qualities while purchasing an iron.


Soleplate is an essential part of any steam iron, and It is the only portion that touches the clothes and does the straitening work. It looks triangular and has a flat surface. When it heats up properly, it removes the wrinkles on the clothes as well.

It would be better to look for a soleplate that is easy to maneuver with the powerful steam function. Most people want to check this deciding factor before purchasing an iron. You need to maintain it properly to last the iron for a long time. Each of the soleplates has different features and characteristics.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel produces from the alloy of steel, which does not get oxidized easily. It is the most common among all types of soleplates. Being inoxidizable, it will give you high durability. This type of soleplate is easier to clean and can distribute heat properly throughout the plate. If you are looking for a budget steam iron, then stainless steel material will be a good consideration.


The ceramic soleplate is more conductors of heat than the stainless steel one. Ceramics is good at regulating heat, and It can regulate throughout the sole plates. That is why you can find irons with a ceramic coating over the metal or plastic soleplate. Now the question how, how the ceramic coating benefits ironing cloth.

  1. Protects from any scratches on the soleplate
  2. Spread the heat evenly
  3. Prevent the steam iron from sticking to the cloth, especially when it’s on high heat.


When a Rowenta iron is labeled non-stick, it indicates that the soleplate surface is coated with non-stick materials to avoid the cloths sticking on it. This coating helps to distribute the steam perfectly. Cleaning is easy. Also, the non-stick coating may help with the even heat. However, the coating might thin itself over time, which may reduce the lifespan of your iron.


The titanium soleplate is an alloy that is a combination of either aluminum or iron. It is a corrosion-resistant metal which means it is very durable and lasts for a long time. Cleaning is also hassle-free. The shiny surface of this achieves a considerable amount of heat that transfers to straighten the clothes wrinkles. The material is lighter than others, and you can choose this product if your priority is a portable iron.

Cast Iron

Cust iron soleplate was commonly used in old irons. They are not like modern technology and not as effective as the current products. This type of soleplate has several issues like unregulated heat and rust, so it is not recommended for modern ironing.

Precision Tip

The soleplate of any iron is triangular. The pointed edge of the topmost part of the soleplate is known as the precision tip. It is an essential part of the ironing tool, and this portion can get some specific parts of the clothes. The precision part can reach the area around the zippers and the buttons. It also can reach the corner and edge of the jeans and tops that typically can not be flattened on the iron board.


The traditional ironing tool without any vertical feature is relatively heavy. It depends on the materials used and components that include inside the iron. Most of the time, they are heavy because it helps keep the cloth flat faster. Like the traditional iron, the Rowenta iron does not follow the same when it comes to weight.

A steam iron can steel do a better job with its lower weight cause the heated water is misted on the cloth, which quickens the ironing process even with the reduced weight iron. The physical weight of clothing iron is basically a personal choice. I will recommend purchasing a less heavy one cause you can use it for an extended amount of time. The havier one will tire your arms quickly.

The Capacity of The Water Tank

A water tank is very common in steam irons because this makes them different from the traditional tank. The water tank is a storage area of water to spray over the clothes or with a push-button automatically. You can rarely get the Rowenta without a water tank.

Some Rowenta has a bigger water tank, and some have a smaller water tank. Portable steam irons that are basically smaller ones come with a smaller water tank. But smaller tanks need frequent refills. On the other hand, irons with bigger tanks need less refill.

Ease of Refilling Water Tank

Sometimes you do not have any choice on water tank capacity, although it’s an essential feature. Suppose you compromised this feature for other more important features. In such case, the ease of refilling becomes some important. No matter what is the capacity of your micro steam iron’s water tank, the refilling process should be easier.


Wattage will determine how much a vertical iron can heat in a certain amount of time to produce effective steam. There is a limit to your vertical iron temperature can get to but how fast it can reach that maximum temperature depends on the wattage. The higher wattage may also mean how quickly your steam iron will heat up than the lower wattage. The standard limit of the wattage is 1500.

Ergonomic Handle

Sometimes we overlook the ergonomic design, which is a big part of a steam iron. While ironing, People touch the handle of the vertical steaming Rowenta iron. Generally, the soleplate is flat which straightens our dress. With the handle, we move the soleplate on the cloth. So, the handle needs to be comfortable to make the iron usable for a considerable amount of time.

The handle also ensures you are able to maximize the iron’s capacity and your own ability to lift or press down over clothes frequently. You need to check the comfortable grip while you see the steam iron handle to avoid a steam burst. Look at the shape of the handle, which is comfortable while you iron your clothes. You may feel natural when the handle is perfect for you.

Safety Features

Though steam iron is an electric unit, there could be some risks involved while using this. Generally, now most electrical devices are safer than before. But for safety measures, some extra electrical features are still better. All the features I mentioned below are not must-haves for iron, but these help increase the lifespan or prevent the accidents that occur due to your steam iron use.

Anti-Scale Feature

The anti-scale feature is necessary to maintain your iron. It would be best if you protected your iron from this so that it can last for a long time. While your iron uses tap water or distilled water and comes in contact with the soleplate with the burst of steam, the chemical of that water may stick with the material and gradually weaken your Rowenta iron’s performance and damage the ironing board.

Descaling is the only method to prevent it. In this process, the limescale is removed from the tap water. but if you want to skip the hassle, go for a steam iron that has an anti-scale feature.

Auto Shut-off Features

When you forgot to turn off your iron, then the auto shut-off feature is handy for you. Nowadays, it becomes an essential feature in modern electronic appliances. For Rowenta iron, the auto shut off feature can prevent potential fires and saves your clothes and ironing board from burning.

Power Cord Length

The power cord is another crucial thing to look for while purchasing a stem Iron, which is often overlooked. If the power cord length is small, then you need to do ironing beside the power plug. On the other hand, if there is a lake of space near the power plug, then setting up the ironing table will be troublesome.

In general, it is always better to have a longer power cord to continue ironing wherever is convenient. A standard cord length could be minimum of 6 feet long, but some can reach up to 12 feet.

Steam Holes Density

The steam holes of the Rowenta iron are usually positioned just near the underside or on the stainless steel soleplate. How much steam will come out depends on the number of holes, the size of the holes, and the distance between the holes. More steam will come if the steam hole is large, then your cloth will dampen too much. So, to iron appropriately, the perfect number of the steam hole, size, and distance will affect more.

Thermostat Knob Or Controlling

If you want to dictate the steam production temperature, the thermostat knob is responsible for the steam iron model. It should be placed near the handle area, so it becomes hard to change the steam production setting accidentally. Though, it should be easily reachable. Look for the one that just needs a little push or effort to control the steam production and prevent occurring any unwanted accidents.

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